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I think I get why some people enjoy this
jerome_horwitz1 January 2008
Human Duplicators stars Richard Kiel as Dr. Kolos, an alien sent to prepare the Earth for invasion. His mission is to contact Prof. Vaughn Dornheimer, Earth's leading scientist in regards to cloning, and use Dornheimer to aid in creating a colony of clones (androids) on Earth.

It doesn't take long for Kolos to locate Dornheimer and start producing clones. However, not everything goes as intended, and an investigation by an agency into investigating stolen parts and the death of a scientist related to Dornheimer's research. Also Dr. Dornheimer's lovely but pesky niece weighs more and more heavily on Kolos as the story develops.

Now on to why I think many people enjoy this film. Personally I find it reminds me of the original Star Trek series. As fan a fan of Star Trek TOS, I'm not blind to stiff acting, mediocre sets, and goofy special effects. But it's part of the charm of Star Trek, these things are less important than the story telling and dreams that TOS represented. This film, although not related to Star Trek, manages to capture a bit of the same charm for the same reasons.
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Never duplicated, thank goodness....
Mister-630 September 1999
A movie where aliens try to take over the world. Been there, seen that....

Wait, this one stars "Jaws" from the James Bond films, Beaver Cleaver's dad and some actress who name is actually credited as "Bambi".

Unique pedigree, at least.

Okay, here's the situation: "The Human Duplicators" is a film where an alien (Kiel) must destroy humanity and replace them with extremely fragile androids so his people may conquer Earth. If it were me, I would have just destroyed the world population outright but these guys look like they're waiting for some parts to come in.

Naturally, it's up to stalwart citizens like Nader and Faith to save the day and the planet, with a hefty assist from Beaumont (I expected Barbara Billingsley to come around the corner any second and tell him, "Now just hang loose, blood...."). The whole thing is a product of the early to mid-'60s, sure enough, and is the perfect movie to watch if you want a good, wholesome night of derisive laughter at other peoples' expense.

The movie ends on a semi-tragic note but you'll be crying already at the tragedy that you spent time out of your life to watch this mess. That is, if you go in expecting greatness.

Five stars for good intentions, plus one star more for seeing Kiel without the metal teeth for once. Oh, the "Human"ity!
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They don't make them like this anymore.
kathcongdrb120 January 2006
How can anyone not love this movie it is so awful! The girl running around the house in chiffon, the alien who obviously never attended The Actor's Studio, the secret agent who keeps pronouncing the professor's (of course there has to be a professor, this is a science fiction movie)full name as if it were his LAST name, the nurses in white in the lab acting like nothing was out of the ordinary - and above all the lead is Ralph Nader, his girl Friday is Barbara Nichols, wisecracking her way through her scenes and the boss is good ole Hugh Beaumont of "Leave It To Beaver." (Maybe he needed some extra cash.)This even has a version on MST 3000, but can stand by itself. Everyone should have a copy.
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A movie that just cannot be duplicated!
Aaron137530 December 2016
I saw this film as an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and it is a movie that had potential, but just executed in a rather lame manner. However, considering this film was done in 1965, they probably did as good as they could with a low budget. Richard Kiel also gets to actually be on screen and not be in a costume like he was in, "The Phantom Planet", which is funny seeing as how during one portion of the film they actually played music from, "The Phantom Planet"! Another problem with the film is that it does not seem to know what it is as it is kind of all over the place. The film plays out like a spy movie, a science fiction film and there is a dash of horror too! They try action sequences, a bit of romance and other genres pop up and the story just never seems to know what it wants to do.

The story has an alien dude getting his final instructions from his superiors as they instruct him to take over the earth and that if he fails that he will be destroyed. His first task on the planet is to go to this scientist that lives in an isolated mansion complete with a dungeon, to get help in his plans. The next thing we see is a man going to what looks like a motel, but is being played off as some sort of research facility and he steals some vital components from the place. The man is shot point blank, but with no effect! A mediocre agent starts investigating along with an annoying blond agent and he soon will learn that there is something strange going on at the mansion! Turns out the alien is manufacturing duplicates of humans and they are how he is going to take over the world!

This made for a funny episode of MST3K as with a film of this type is going to have a lot of stuff to riff; however, that being said, the film's run time is listed at 100 minutes. That means a good deal was cut to fit the time constraints for the show as the movie's run time is actually longer than the show! That means it is really kind of hard to judge how much of the confusion comes from the film and how much comes from the fact that a lot of the film was left out. I mentioned earlier that the story did not really seem to know where it was going, but it could be clearer if I were to watch an unedited version. Still, it would not change the fact that the blond was annoying, the androids could take bullets, but their heads shattered like glass and Richard Kiel wore some rather corny outfits!

So, I would actually be willing to watch this one without MST3K to see if some of my complaints with the plot would be cleared up in an uncut version. Besides, I like watching Richard Kiel being able to actually act rather than being covered up in a bulky monster costume or being dubbed and his real voice covered up. He was a pretty good actor and an all around nice guy from what I have heard so it is nice they let him actually perform here. There was also potential with the plot as it is a bit of a take on, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", I actually think this one could have been a lot better had they actually added more horror to it. So not all bad, it had potential, but a lot of the time it played out rather lame. It almost seemed at times as if the agent in this film was in other films and that this just one in a series of films he had been featured in.
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ward cleaver meets jaws
vampi19602 July 2006
the human duplicators was one of those b-movies that is so bad its good, i remember watching it as Elvira's Mistress of the dark movie of the week.and later on mst2k.a n alien ship that looks like a swag lamp beams down an alien(Richard Kiel)that forces scientist(George mac ready) to duplicate people.then he falls for the scientists pretty blind niece. the budget is low but this is an entertaining move nevertheless.George Nader(not Ralph)plays a g-agent is sent by his boss(Hugh Beaumont of leave it to beaver)to investigate the goings on.androids go amok. I'm giving this little screen gem 5 out of 10.kudos to Elvira for showing this on her program.Trekkie's take note Kiel beams down from his ship to earth,sound familiar???
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Imaginative premise, unimaginative presentation
gridoon20193 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Human Duplicators" has an imaginative premise, and some ideas that are ahead of their time (cyborgs / androids), but they receive a low-budget, earthbound treatment. The story is presented as a mystery for a while, even though a look at the title tells you what's going on, and Richard Kiel's line delivery explains why he only had one line to deliver in his two James Bond films (it's better when his towering frame does the talking for him). Still, this is by no means a 2.7/10 movie as it is currently rated on IMDb - it's more like a 5/10.
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Poor effects and Richard Kiel as a valley boy alien
drgibson9 April 2000
The funniest thing about this film is star Richard Kiel's attempt to have an emotionless, alien voice. He sounds like a bored Valley Boy. Also, the fxs are awful. The duplicated humans break into little pieces like broken glass. Definitely fun to watch and laugh at.
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Richard Kiel's best film
Hollywoodshack16 December 2010
Richard Kiel, best known as iron-toothed tall 'jaws' from James Bond 007, has a star turn as Dr. Kolos, an alien sent to earth to replace human beings with robots, the first targets scientists and military leaders that will be used to commit sabotage for the aliens to take control of the planet. It's fun to watch a transporter at work five years before Star Trek was ever filmed and to see Kiel romance his weakness (Dolores Faith) who persuades him to abandon his mission. George Nader (Not Ralph, like one reviewer said) plays the top agent assigned to investigate Kolo's diabolical scheme. Hugh Beaumont plays his boss in a rather humorous Leave it to Beaver style, and a character actress plays his whiny blonde gal friend, the voice familiar in dozens of films. But they don't subtract from the excitement generated by Kiel at the scientist's mansion.
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From the man who brought us "The Phantom Planet"
redbeard_nv30 December 2001
Hugo Grimaldi's directorial work will not win him any awards from mainstream Hollywood, but he has made his niche on the world of B-Movies.

This effort was a step up in some ways from his classic, "The Phantom Planet", where he teamed up with production designer and associate producer Robert Kinoshita (the designer of "Forbidden Planet"'s Robbie the Robot and the B9 bot from "Lost In Space"). For openers, this movie was filmed in color, a small process that could have perhaps helped lift "Phantom Planet" out of it's near obscurity today.

However, for all his efforts, "The Human Duplicators" was saddled with the same problems that sank it's predecessor: poor scripting, cheap sets and effects, borrowed soundtrack music and audio effects, even using "Phantom Planet" veteran bad guy, Richard Kiel (Jaws of "Moonraker" and "The Spy Who Loved Me")as an android with a heart, as well as other questionable casting, such as Hugh Beaumont ("Leave It To Beaver"), which hindered the credibility of the characters, ergo so went the plot and any chance of suspense (This debate still rages when you ask the question "What if Hitchcock knew that Ted Knight would be forever associated with the egotistical, clueless TV anchorman Ted Baxter? Would he have removed him from the closing scenes of "Psycho"?).
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Not that terrible
ericstevenson9 July 2016
This movie actually came off as better to me than most people here think. It might be because there is this one line that's actually really clever. A character says, "Say something" and the guy literally says, "Something". It was nice to have a recognizable actor, Richard Kiel here. The film is still for the most part bad. The bad special effects are particularly noticeable. It really is funny to see these androids lose their body parts and see their faces literally fall apart. It managed to entertain me like that.

Everyone acts like a robot in this. It ends up making more sense than most examples. It's still fairly poorly acted, particularly with how ALL the characters/actors do that. It probably could have been shorter too. When there's not much plot going on, it always drags on. This movie is about an alien who tries to replace people on Earth. There's not much motivation, so it's still skippable. *1/2
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"Well, I didn't think they piled HUMAN stuff that high..."
lemon_magic11 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When a film's best special effect is the casting of a 7 foot tall giant (with a thick, inexpressive voice) as the main villain, the film is in trouble. And when the film's best actor is Hugh Beaumont, and it wastes him in a small supporting role, it has no choice but a destiny for eternal "B" movie status.

Still "Human Duplicators" isn't really a "bad" movie. It's just kind of under-powered and under-budgeted. And compared to toxic wastes of film like "Pod People", "Beast Of Yucca Flats" or "Cave Dwellers", "Human Duplicators" is like spending an afternoon at the Louvre. It's typical of many of the movies that "Mystery Science Theater 3000" riffed on in Season 5 and 6 - mediocre, cheesy, 2nd rate, but presentable and at least mildly entertaining.

Give the film creators credit for trying to put a novel spin on the old "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"/"Colossus" themes by incorporating Cold War paranoia with the concept of a 'fifth column' of android impersonators. They took Kiel's stiff, inexpressive persona and tried to work with it by framing him as an cold, impassive alien and having all the actors playing the "android replacements" act the same way. (It's high school level theater technique of course, but at least it's a deliberate choice). They set most of the proceedings in and on the grounds of an elaborate old mansion (complete with secret passage and a dungeon) and loaded the sets with all the elaborate bric-a-brac, flocked wallpaper and ornate furniture they could stuff in it to keep the settings visually interesting. They tried to work in some 007 style suaveness and romance with a smug,smarmy hero (who actually seems to have some brains) and his Girl Friday type. There's even a fairly hot "blind" brunette running around the mansion and she's pleasant to look at (once you get past her clown outfits).

The trouble is, of course, that none of this is enough. You can't pull off romantic scenes and witty war-between-the-sexes by-play when the Girl Friday has a nasal Jersey voice that hits the viewer like nails on a chalkboard. Kiel tries hard, but he doesn't have any charisma to back up his startling size and his lines sound like they've been wrung out of a wash cloth. The way the scenes are shot inside the mansion are dull and interesting - as Joel remarks in the MST coverage, "it's like a slow motion British bedroom farce" only without the humor, or the sex, or the comic timing. Most of the special effects are silly and unconvincing , especially in the "climactic" battle at the end of the movie where Kiel does battle with a bunch of android duplicates while the hero shines a "pulse lah-zer" on them to screw up their mechanical brains. The deus-ex-machina, er, sorry, "pulse lah-zer" looks like a Klieg light on can tell that they just didn't have room in the budget or time in the schedule to make something credible looking or stage its use in a compelling way.

Still, it's more professional looking and less cheesy than anything from the Corman factory or from Ed Wood, Larry Buchanan or Herschel Gordon Lewis. You could put this on during a 'science fiction' themed evening of movie watching and get a nostalgic chuckle out of it before you went on to the "hard stuff" with Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney. In spite of my complaints, no one involved with "Human Duplicators" has anything to be overly ashamed of. (As far as I know!)

4 stars out of 10
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Despite its many flaws, I found it oddly entertaining
bensonmum210 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Even though The Human Duplicators isn't a very good movie (it registers far too high on the boredom scale) there's something oddly entertaining about the whole thing that keep me from rating it a bomb as so many others. It's a crazy mix of 60s sci-fi and spy movies. The plot involves an alien named Kolos (Richard Kiel) who comes to earth to prepare the planet for a takeover. His plan involves kidnapping the Earth's most learned scientists and replacing them with duplicates under his control. Agent Glenn Martin (George Nader) is sent in to investigate the disappearance of the scientists and get to the bottom of things. Complicating matters is a blind girl (Dolores Faith) who Kolos finds himself strangely attracted to.

Like I said, The Human Duplicators is not a good movie. It's actually quite bad. In all reality, the 2.3 IMDb rating is probably much more accurate than the 4/10 I've rated it. But I was entertained despite the movie's many problems. It might have been a case of "so bad it's good" (God, do I hate that expression). A secret agent with a blond floozy of an assistant, a giant alien in love with a petite blind girl, human replicants that shatter like terra cotta, a Medieval looking dungeon in Southern California, a roadside motel that doubles for a secret military establishment – it's all so bizarre!
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A B-Movie. Say No More
gwerq9 July 1999
This silly and incredibly cheap b-movie finds Richard Kiel as a giant alien intent on turning the population of America into ceramic figurines. Watch late at night in a state of alcoholic excess. Fun but stupid.
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Incredibly dumb at best. *One or two small spoilers*
quamp13 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Man, Richard Kiel sure did have a couple of stinkers under his belt before becoming Jaws in the James Bond films. Eegah, Phantom Planet, and this one are some pretty good examples. In this film, Kiel actually speaks, and he sounds like a drunken and drugged up Kermit the Frog. Anyway, this film is about an alien (Kiel) who comes to Earth and tries to replace people with robotic duplicates so he can take over. The duplicates themselves seem real until pushed or hit hard, then they turn into terra cotta for some unknown reason. Silly plotline and some pretty bad acting shoot this one down. In the scene where Kiel frees himself from the wall, look in the upper right corner of the screen, under the arches. You'll see a cameraman and camera come into view briefly.
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This movie should not be duplicated
InzyWimzy9 September 2003
Richard Kiel really has to stop his testosterone injections. His mega bass voice still can't hide his acting skills or lack thereof.

This one definitely falls into scifi B movie genre, but comes off really really cheap. I guess that gives it its charm. C'mon, someone hooked them up with a lot of dummy mannequins! Also, if you think Kolos frog voice is bad, George Nader's floozy's accent will haunt you in your sleep. She seems really far from Brooklyn. George Nader plays your typical hero with one liners always ready. Whenever he gets hurt in the film, I hope you cheer as loud as I did. Lisa (RAWRRR!) is one of the hottest blind babes in B movie history; well except for Mrs. Ellis (What a fiend you are!) in "Tormented". Hugh sure was cranky during this one; I'm guessing 'Beaver' was ending and he used that for motivation.

"Ah, Beaver. How's Beaver? What about HUGH? No one EVER asks how Hugh is!!"

Watch this movie several times and is it just me, or is this one weird mamajama of a film? Also, Best Brains listed this as episode #420. 420, HMMMMMM????
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A fun film to watch for it's cheesiness.
oscar-3531 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoiler/plot- The Human Duplicators, 1965. An all-knowing outer space alien is dispatched from another galaxy to take over the Earth by "duplicating" humans. He wants to create a race of zombie people that really resemble animated pottery. The new formative "duplicates" are cooked up in the lab in individual coffins and things that look like Star Trek transporter pads. The alien master's heart is softened by the persevering kindness of a beautiful blind woman he meets. This deeply conflicts with his motives as the film plods to its "climactic" confrontation between the humans and their counterfeit duplicates.

*Special Stars- Richard Kiel, Barbara Nichols, George Macready, Hugh Beaumnont.

*Theme- Replacing the human race is impossible.

*Trivia/location/goofs- Color. Film was shot in 14 days. Final film of Hugh Beaumont.

*Emotion- A fun film to watch for it's cheesiness. Enjoy the opening and closing shots of the alien spacecraft resembling a Christmas tree ornament traveling through space. All of the faces of the "duplicated" humans shatter like 'a cheap vase when thrown to the floor'. The semi-robotic plot makes this film worth your time, if you like robots.

*Based on- Outer space alien landing on Earth fears.
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Dumb, but it makes a good MST3K
ofpsmith19 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this film on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 format. It was quite funny. Well this is the plot. An emotionless alien comes down to Earth to do...I really don't know. It doesn't explain. Any way it is in a human robotic Terminator like form. Well it can make other forms of other people and when ever you shoot them they shatter like clay. Well there's this cop guy who investigates the whole thing while meeting with this professor and his blind daughter. While that is going on we see that the professor has been kidnapped, in his own home apparently and there is a clay terminator copy of him who is now running the show. Well there is eventually a giant fight to the death like there is in every other movie of this genre, and humanity wins. Well I haven't really been all that specific on this movie because there's nothing to be specific about. Well that and I saw it MST3K style. You don't get the plot of the original film on MST3K. You get humor. Therefore I suggest that you only watch the MST3K of this film. But if you are really curious than watch the original footage.
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