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4 Jan. 1967
School Days
Oliver spends a lot of time in the principal's office when Lisa enrolls at Hooterville High. In school primarily for a cooking course, she also disrupts history class with her own version of Hungary's past, destroys the women's showers and explodes a chemistry lab.
11 Jan. 1967
His Honor
Oliver misunderstands when the Hooterville bigwigs ask him to be a judge. He thinks he's being appointed an appellate judge, but they just want him to judge apples at the county fair. The Douglases travel to New York so Oliver can get some judging advice while Lisa shops for a robe and wig for His Honor.
18 Jan. 1967
It's So Peaceful in the Country
Oliver's mother needs bed rest so she heads to her son's farm in Hooterville. All she has to do is ignore Alf and Ralph's drilling, Haney's tour group, a crowd of dancing Sioux Indians, and their chief who think's she's a looker.
25 Jan. 1967
Exodus to Bleedswell
The residents of Hooterville flock to nearby Bleedswell for jobs at the new defense plant. To keep people from leaving, Hooterville reopens its old airplane factory to fulfill its contract with the Army--signed during WWI.
1 Feb. 1967
It's Human to Be Humane
Bored and looking for a project, Lisa becomes the head of the "Hooterville Human Humane Committee." She takes her cause to the extreme, declaring everything from duck hunting to selling chicken eggs off limits. Soon, the Douglas' house is a zoo and the locals are ready to run Lisa out of town.
8 Feb. 1967
Never Take Your Wife to a Convention
The only thing Oliver learns at a farming convention is how to get a hangover. He and Lisa meet up with Charlie, a former gangster-turned-farmer, and Wanda, his floozy dancer wife. The more Charlie talks about his farm, the more Oliver's convinced that his criminal days are not in the past.
15 Feb. 1967
The Computer Age
A desperate Ralph Monroe joins a computer dating service to meet a husband. Oliver thinks it's a great idea since computers are always right. Lisa thinks they can't possibly take the place of romance, so she challenges Oliver to test their match-up on the electric brain.
22 Feb. 1967
Never Start Talking Unless Your Voice Comes Out
Oliver has to choose between being a farmer or lawyer when he gets an offer to practice in Washington, D. C. The official-looking letter, however, has the locals convinced that Oliver is hiding an juicy secret from them. After ruling out tax cheat and counterfeiter, that leaves only one choice: CIA agent.
1 Mar. 1967
The Beverly Hillbillies
When the cast takes ill, the Douglases become stars in a charity production of "The Beverly Hillbillies." After Eb "punches up" a script from the series, Hank Kimball plays Jed Clampett, Oliver appears as Jethro, and Lisa portrays Granny with a combination Hungarian/southern accent.
8 Mar. 1967
Lisa's Vegetable Garden
According to Oliver, every farm wife should be growing her own vegetables so Lisa starts a garden. Armed with useless pamphlets from Mr. Kimball and a flask of perfume, Lisa begins work. It's hardly a money-saving proposition after she buys a tractor, farm supplies, and hires Alf and Ralph as her housekeepers.
15 Mar. 1967
The Saucer Season
Once Eb's wild story about meeting space aliens hits the press, tourists descend on the Douglas farm to meet the new celebrity. Oliver's more concerned about the crowd trampling his crops, but the Air Force takes his claim seriously. At least at first.
22 Mar. 1967
Getting Even with Haney
Tired of Doris' nagging about having to beat their laundry on a rock in the creek, Fred buys a Grabwell washing machine from Mr. Haney. The boat motor in a barrel goes berserk, spraying water and clothes everywhere before chasing the Ziffels out their front door. Oliver is more than happy to take their case and stick it to Haney in the courtroom.
29 Mar. 1967
Kimball Gets Fired
Ralph Monroe is distraught when her beloved "Hankie" Kimball is fired as the county agricultural agent. His replacement is so rude and insulting that even Oliver is plotting to get Kimball rehired. His scheme is to scare the new guy away by fixing him up with Ralph.
12 Apr. 1967
The Vulgar Ring Story
Lisa says that women in her family must marry an American every fourth generation to keep the huge ring she now wears. She regales Hooterville with the story of her great, great grandmother, the Queen of the Gypsies, and her courtship of an American artist, Cornelius. Much stealing and dancing is involved.
19 Apr. 1967
Who's Lisa?
While fixing the roof, Oliver accidentally drops a hammer on Lisa's head, giving her amnesia. Initially, he's upset because she doesn't even recognize him. On the up side, the "new" Lisa can actually cook a decent meal. Oliver begins to suspect she's faking just so he'll take her to New York for the opening of opera season.
26 Apr. 1967
Music to Milk By
Eb becomes obsessed over winning a contest on a Pixley radio station. To win, he has to listen around the clock and identify all the groovy tunes. That becomes even harder after Eleanor the cow swallows the radio Oliver had just bought him for his birthday.
6 Sep. 1967
The Man for the Job
The state committee to nominate a new senator considers Oliver as their candidate. Upon hearing about his credentials (he can read and write), they send representatives to Hooterville to meet the man and learn what his neighbors think of him.
13 Sep. 1967
Lisa's Jam Session
Drucker's store doesn't sell jam since all the Hooterville women make their own. Oliver encourages the reluctant Lisa to learn how to make preserves from Doris Ziffel since her's are the best in the valley. Lisa submits, citing the Hungarian Parliament's "Big Dumb Law of 1924" which stated, "All Hungarian women had to do whatever their husbands wanted them to do, no matter how dumb it was." With Doris' help, Lisa easily makes dozens of jars of "homemade" jam. Oliver is impressed, until he learns Mrs. Ziffel's secret.
20 Sep. 1967
Love Comes to Arnold Ziffel
Fred Ziffel objects to Arnold's love affair with shifty Mr. Haney's basset hound Cynthia. Realizing that their relationship can never work, Arnold breaks off their relationship. When Cynthia performs miserably at the county field trials, Haney wants to sue over his heartbroken hound.
27 Sep. 1967
Oliver vs. the Phone Company
Oliver is finally fed up with the lousy service of the Hooterville Phone Company. He petitions the state "futilities commercial" (as Lisa calls it) for improvements, but they can't help; Hooterville needs at least forty-two customers to be covered by the law. Tired of hearing Oliver boast about how he could run the company better, the owner hands him the keys to the place.
4 Oct. 1967
Oliver Takes Over the Phone Company
Oliver's without an operator on his first day as president of the Hooterville Phone Company. As he wrestles with an exploding switchboard, the locals gossip about how he stole the company from Roy Trendell in a rigged card game. Lisa figures out how to put calls through, but had rather flirt with the president than work the switchboard all night.
11 Oct. 1967
A Kind Word for the President
Irritated by complaints and about how much money he's losing, Oliver raises the rates at the Hooterville Phone Company. His top priority, however, is getting the Monroe brothers to connect his own phone inside the house. In the kitchen, Lisa discovers the magic of Dee Dee's Dehydrated Dinners. Just drop a bag into boiling water and out comes a full meal and a bottle of wine.
18 Oct. 1967
Don't Count Your Tomatoes Before They're Picked
Oliver's reign as "El Presidente" of the phone company crashes and burns when he hires a farm worker to be his operator. He pays Haney to take the nightmare off his hands, but soon Hooterville is up in arms over the price-gouging Haney Phone Company.
25 Oct. 1967
Eb Elopes
The Douglases find a note from Eb saying he's eloped. While he's on his honeymoon, his cousin Walter will cover his duties. Unfortunately, Walter's experience is limited to bartending at the old Stankwell Falls Lounge. This leads to more destruction than usual on the farm and everyone thinking Oliver's opening a cocktail lounge.
1 Nov. 1967
The Thing
Oliver is tired of paying storage for something neither he or Lisa can recall, so he has it shipped to Hooterville. Inside a giant crate is a genuine Stavinski birdbath that Lisa had bought years earlier for Oliver's birthday. The hideous collection of pipes and faucets leads Oliver to plot "the thing's" demise
8 Nov. 1967
Das Lumpen
Lisa tells another version of how she and Oliver met during World War II. As a member of the Hungarian underground, she saved him from Nazis by hiding him in a barn and got him a Purple Heart by poking him in the rump with a pitchfork. They saw each other again after the war when Lisa was a professional cello player.
15 Nov. 1967
Won't You Come Home, Arnold Ziffel?
With Doris out of town, Fred looks after Arnold by himself. When Arnold sees an advertisement for free movies and ice cream, he goes to Pixley. Lisa is convinced he's been pig-napped, so they all go on a search that leads them to a packing house.
22 Nov. 1967
Jealousy, English Style
Over Lisa's objections, Oliver plans on attending a farm symposium alone. To watch over her, he hires a charming young British man as a temporary farm hand. Determined to go along, Lisa plots to make Oliver so jealous of the handsome hired help that he wouldn't dare leave her behind.
29 Nov. 1967
Haney's New Image
Oliver gets the usual runaround from Haney when he complains about the ancient tractor he'd bought. But suddenly, it's a new, honest Haney who offers to buy back the tractor and the "dump" of a farm he sold Oliver. Coincidentally, Haney heard that the Douglas farm is in the path of a proposed new highway. Oliver's soon onto his scheme and decides to make the charlatan squirm.
13 Dec. 1967
Alf and Ralph Break Up
Alf and Ralph announce that they are finally going to finish the Douglas' bedroom, but the project stalls when the "brothers" have a fight. Lisa hires Ralph as their maid and Oliver can't bring himself to fire her when he discovers she's a good cook.
20 Dec. 1967
No Trespassing
Oliver's crabby attitude leads everyone think he's about to snap from overwork. To help him relax, Lisa takes him on a picnic by the lake. That's where he runs into gun-totin' Ira Hatch, who hassles him about trespassing on his property. When he tells the locals about the old coot, they declare Haney the winner of the "Oliver Douglas crack-up pool" because Ira died 20 years earlier.
27 Dec. 1967
Eb Returns
Eb is embarrassed to tell the Douglases that he was stood up at the altar and took his honeymoon trip alone. He begs an old girlfriend, Cynthia, to pose as his new bride just long enough to meet his "parents". She agrees if it won't take long since she has a big date to get ready for.

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