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2 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.33
Jack orders Rachel to not ever tell anyone about his connection to Allison. Hannah packs to leave town and tells Martin Peyton that she doesn't have a definite destination to go to. Elliot is against Rachel moving in with them, feeling that Connie sees as her as a replacement for Allison. Hannah assures to Betty that Steven's obsession with Peyton is greater than his love for her and advices her to always stand by Steven no matter what. Peyton tells Norman that he has to accept that his mother was a morally corrupt woman. Lee warns Rodney not to see Sandy anymore.
4 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.34
Hannah comes to Steven to say goodbye to him, but he takes this opportunity to find out if she were lying about having seen Lee killing Ann. Before leaving, she assures him that she wasn't lying and he admits that he wants to love her, but can't. Meanwhile, Rachel starts studying to one day work at the hospital. Peyton gives Mary and Thomas the night off to be alone at the mansion. Rita wants Peyton's help to assure Norman that he won't turn into his mother, but he responds that he can't help. Michael packs to go on vacation, visiting old friends. Elliot finally ...
9 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.35
Norman notices that Rachel is a very quick learner. Steven and Betty arrive at the Peyton mansion, noticing that it is on fire. Steven doesn't hesitate and goes in, saving Peyton's life. When Rachel hears the sirens, she gets extremely scared, confiding in Rodney that is because her parents died at a fire. In the hospital, it is revealed that Peyton is in critical condition. Betty confronts Steven with his obsession with Peyton.
10 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.36
While still in critical condition, Peyton asks Steven what he wants in return for saving his life. Rachel is reluctant to move into the Carson home, because she knows that Elliot isn't fond of her. Lee still is angry about Sandy's short lived affair with Rodney. Rodney tells Rachel that she is acting as a spoiled brat, because she is mad at Michael for going on vacation. Rachel tells him that she refuses to live with the Carsons, thinking that it is a charity act, but Rodney forces her to do otherwise. At the Peyton mansion, Steven announces that he wants to move in.
16 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.37
Rachel moves into the Carson home and adjusts to being Matthew's babysitter. Lee promises Sandy that he will make her want him back. She turns to Rodney, but he asks her to stay away from him. Lee tries to visit Martin Peyton, but is stopped by Steven, who tells him that he hates him.
17 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.38
The tension between Chris and Lee grows. Leslie tells Rodney that Steven having saved Martin could work against him and advices him to do anything to stop Steven from gaining power. Martin offers Betty to decorate the mansion, which is in repair. Rita thinks of arranging a date between Rod and Rachel. Chris secretly steals Ada's gun.
23 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.39
Chris is intending to use the gun to kill Lee. Lee announces he got a job at a fisher's boat. Before Chris is able to shoot him, Sandy comes in, which stops Chris. Meanwhile, Steven announces to Peyton that he will move in with him. The chemistry between Rod and Rachel grows while having dinner at Rita's. Lee and Norman get into a fight at Ada's tavern. Later outside, Chris again attempts to shoot Lee, but he is interrupted by Norman.
24 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.40
Norman misinterprets that Lee was going to attack Chris and takes Chris to his house. Rodney takes Rachel home and is spotted by Jack. Connie admits that she has accepted that Allison has left town. Rodney announces that he is moving out of the Peyton mansion. Jack calls Leslie's office, leaving a message that he is an old friend.
30 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.41
Rita advices Norman not to interfere with Chris and Lee. Rodney doesn't understand why Steven and Betty want to live with Martin Peyton. Ada finds out that her gun is missing. Peyton questions Steven if he should sue Hannah, but he responds that he doesn't care.
31 Jan. 1967
Episode #3.42
Steven thinks Lee has stolen Ada's gun, unaware that Chris did it. Jack tries to convince Rachel that Elliot and Connie only took her in the house to get more information about Allison. He later announces that he is moving to Peyton Place, and claims that he only has the best intentions for Rachel.
6 Feb. 1967
Episode #3.43
When Rodney announces that he is moving into a garage, Lee gives him a hard time, even vandalizing his place. Lee later attacks Chris, because he tried to stop him when he was harassing Sandy. Meanwhile, Rachel is receiving scary phone calls from Jack. When she admits this to Rodney, he kisses her, shortly before visiting Jack. When he demands that Jack leave Rachel alone, Jack doesn't take him seriously.
7 Feb. 1967
Episode #3.44
Sandy realizes that she can't be with her husband any longer and tries to convince Chris to leave town with her. He promises he will leave with her, but insists on stopping at home alone first. Meanwhile, Peyton admits to Betty that he wouldn't have allowed Steven to move into his mansion if it weren't for her. Chris finds Ada's gun and sets a trap for Lee, unaware that Lee has already found the gun. Ada tells Steven that she is certain that Chris took her gun. Lee phones Steven and lies that Chris is threatening to kill himself.
13 Feb. 1967
Episode #3.45
Chris, thinking it is Lee coming in the house, attempts to shoot Steven. When the police arrive, Steven lies that the gun went off by accident. Meanwhile, Connie wants Michael to return to Peyton Place. Norman is annoyed by Rita's attempts to force him to study and admits that he doesn't know what he wants with his future. Chris tells Steven that he isn't sorry for attempting to kill Lee. He is about to leave Peyton Place and invites Sandy, but she refuses, explaining that she isn't afraid of Lee anymore. Steven assures Lee that he will make him pay for killing Ann. ...
14 Feb. 1967
Episode #3.46
Mike returns from vacation. Sandy files for divorce. Steven and Betty move into the Peyton mansion and deal with Leslie's confrontation against Peyton. Mike admits that he doesn't ever intend on leaving Peyton Place. Rodney and Rachel are out on a date. Mike has bought Rachel a dog. Rodney confronts Michael with being jealous about Rachel's affection to him.
20 Feb. 1967
Episode #3.47
Jack advices Rodney not to hurry his relationship with Rachel. When Rita collapses in front of Norman, she admits that she has had these attacks several times. Steven assures Betty that he feels comfortable in the Peyton mansion. Leslie identifies Jack as Jack Forrest, an old acquaintance who has information about Elizabeth Carson. Jack blackmails him for a job. Meanwhile, Sandy moves in Ada's place. Lee forces himself into her house and assures Sandy that he will change her mind about the divorce. Michael tries to make clear to Rachel that they can never become more ...
21 Feb. 1967
Episode #3.48
Rachel feels upset over Michael's outburst. Rita is diagnosed with rheumatic fever, but Dr. Rossi suspects she might have a more serious disease: mitral stenosis. Peyton hires Betty as Hannah's replacement. Jack tells Ada about Eddie, her husband who walked out on her. Elliot admits to Eli that he doesn't trust Rachel. Sandy tells Rodney that she is staying in Peyton Place for him. Rodney pushes her away, assuring her that he isn't ready to commit himself. Sandy, however, isn't scared by that, but promises not to bother him anymore.
27 Feb. 1967
Episode #3.49
Rachel thinks her relationship with Rodney is going too fast, but he thinks he isn't able to slow down. Peyton announces that Thomas will be replaced and wants a portrait of Betty to hang in the mansion. Elliot finds out that Rachel is lying about talking to Chandler. Rodney stops by Sandy and kisses her.
7 Mar. 1967
Episode #3.50
Norman wonders why Ada never told him she knows Chandler. Lee notices an advertisement in the paper to be Peyton's chauffeur. Rachel admits to Rita that she found Allison's bracelet in Chandler's car and plans on leaving Peyton Place for holding the information from the Carsons. Sandy promises Rodney that there won't be any strings on their relationship. Connie is mad at Elliot for scaring Rachel away.
13 Mar. 1967
Episode #3.51
Rachel moves into Norman and Rita's apartment and is determined to find out what happened to Allison. Leslie tries to dig into Jack Chandler's past. Steven thinks Peyton is using Betty. Lee applies for a job as Peyton's chauffeur.
14 Mar. 1967
Episode #3.52
Lee is hired as Peyton's chauffeur. Connie is mad at Elliot for scaring away Rachel. Norman isn't pleased with having over Rachel. Peyton tells Steven he hired Lee as his chauffeur to make him pay for killing Ann. Eli confronts Elliot with his compassionless behavior against Rachel.
20 Mar. 1967
Episode #3.53
Steven feels Betty is defending Peyton too much. Rachel tells Rita she is determined to find out if Jack killed Allison. Norman has asked for a study finance loan, but he isn't qualified to receive money because he is wealthy Leslie's son. Rachel leaves Peyton Place for Hastings Valley. Chandler notices her and follows her to the old home where they once lived. She goes in and finds a belt with the initials "JF", when she is suddenly startled by Chandler.
21 Mar. 1967
Episode #3.54
Rachel tries to run away from Chandler, but he refuses to let her go. She struggles and finally hit him in the head with a candle stick and is driven back to Peyton Place by Mr. Burrows. Meanwhile, Elliot has come to the farmhouse as well to look for Rachel. Rachel announces to Michael that she will leave Peyton Place and lies about her motives. Rodney takes Sandy out on a date.
27 Mar. 1967
Episode #3.55
Elliot invites Rachel back home. She initially refuses to, but accepts his offer when he apologizes. He later asks Leslie for Chandler's personnel file. Rita tries to convince Rachel to tell Elliot about having run into Chandler at the farmhouse.
28 Mar. 1967
Episode #3.56
Rachel realizes Chandler is still alive, when he walks by the bookstore in Peyton Place. Steven isn't glad with Lee serving as Peyton's chauffeur. Leslie tries to fire Chandler, but Chandler blackmails him with an illegal deal they made twenty years ago.
3 Apr. 1967
Episode #3.57
Peyton meets with his Boston attorney Kennerly to change his will. Lee is upset to see Rodney and Sandy out on a date. Norman refuses a loan from Leslie. Chandler claims that he loves Rachel and that she misunderstood about his intentions.
4 Apr. 1967
Episode #3.58
Chandler steals Rachel's puppy. Elliot thinks Chandler has an obsession for Rachel. Rodney feels that Peyton is trying to point out that Steven is now, in his eyes, the better grandson. Lee harasses Sandy for dating Rodney, but Rodney saves her by knocking down Lee. Even though their date didn't go as planned, Rodney and Sandy kiss each other at the end of the night.
10 Apr. 1967
Episode #3.59
Lee finds Rachel's puppy, who has been dumped in Peyton's limousine by Chandler. Leslie wants to teach Rodney how to run business. Even though Rita is ordered by the doctor to take it easy, she agrees to babysit Matthew. Elliot convinces Eli to help him find out more on Chandler's past. Leslie finds out Kennerly has made a brief visit to Peyton. Upon returning the puppy to Rachel, Lee tries to make Rodney jealous by asking her out. When she refuses, he forces himself up to her. She is able to run away when Betty suddenly walks in.
11 Apr. 1967
Episode #3.60
Betty warns Rachel about Lee. When Lee blackmails Chandler into arranging him a date with Rachel, Chandler demands him to stay away from her. Elliot finds the buckle with the initials "JF" and when questioned about it, Rachel lies about finding it. Leslie thinks Peyton has disinherited his sons.
17 Apr. 1967
Episode #3.61
Rachel asks Chandler for an explanation for his cruel behavior. He tries to apologize, but she feels that she doesn't trust him and leaves. Meanwhile, Norman thinks Rachel is playing a game with the whole town and doesn't want Rita to hang out with her. Michael helps Rachel enroll in school and admits that he would like to know her real age, so they could possibly be in a relationship. Lee asks Elliot for permission to ask out Rachel, but he tells him he isn't good enough for her. Leslie blackmails Betty into breaking into Peyton's safe to find out if he changed his ...
18 Apr. 1967
Episode #3.62
Even though the report on her New York days are false, Betty considers doing as Leslie urged her to. She isn't able to go forward with it and considers telling Steven the truth, but she doesn't have the courage. Meanwhile, Rita fears she is going to die, but Dr. Rossi tries to reassure her that she can be cured if she takes a lot of rest.
24 Apr. 1967
Episode #3.63
Betty tells Peyton about her doubts concerning if she is suited for a high class life. Eli finds out an unknown person has been living with Chandler at his farmhouse. Steven finds out Betty has been meeting Leslie. Connie confronts Elliot with trying to justify everything he does wrong by mentioning Allison. Betty steals the will and is caught by Lee.
25 Apr. 1967
Episode #3.64
Betty reads in Peyton's will that his entire estate will go to her after his death, but only if she marries Rodney. When Leslie finds out about this, he tries to convince Betty to marry Rod. Meanwhile, Elliot searches Rachel's room for the buckle belt she found. Sandy is jealous of Rodney's interest in Rachel. Chandler tries to persuade Rachel to move with him to Mexico. She pretends to be interested to find out more about him.
1 May 1967
Episode #3.65
Lee tells Steven that Betty has stolen Peyton's will. When warned by Rita, Michael barges himself into Chandler's apartment and is shocked to see that Rachel is seemingly enjoying staying at his place. Meanwhile, Rita collapses in Rodney's garage. Elliot finds out Rachel's buckle belt was made in a Texas prison in 1956, where a man named Jack Forrest was spending time for criminal assault. Michael brings home Rachel and is questioned by Connie if he wants to be in a relationship with Rachel.
2 May 1967
Episode #3.66
Steven questions Betty about her whereabouts around the time she stole the will and she lies about it. Rita is in the hospital getting an EKG. It is revealed that Lee told Steven about his wife's actions in order of Peyton, who knew about the theft. Ada tries to prevent Elliot from doing something to Chandler he will regret.
8 May 1967
Episode #3.67
Rachel admits to Elliot that she found Allison's bracelet in Chandler's car and that she lied about everything out of fear of Chandler. Dr. Rossi tells Norman that he can't make love with Rita anymore because of her condition. Chandler blackmails Leslie into giving him money so he can leave town, and reveals what Leslie hired him to do twenty years ago. Peyton reveals to Betty that he knows she has his will. He isn't mad, but makes clear that he agrees with Leslie about her marrying Rodney. Meanwhile, Elliot finds Chandler at the wharf and they get into a physical ...
9 May 1967
Episode #3.68
Elliot hits Chandler unconscious. Later, Chandler charges him with assault. Betty announces to Peyton that she will battle him to change back his will. Steven tells Elliot that if proven guilty, Elliot could be sent to jail for 1 to 12 years.
15 May 1967
Episode #3.69
Rachel feels that it is her fault if Elliot goes to prison. Elliot tells Eli he doesn't regret beating up Chandler. Lee tries to convince Sandy to go back to him and kisses her. Rachel visits Chandler in the hospital and suggests him to leave the country. He threatens to destroy the Carsons.
16 May 1967
Episode #3.70
Rachel tells Connie that Chandler will eventually destroy everyone and that he must be stopped. Chandler threatens to talk about Dr. Rossi and Rachel's so-called relationship if he works against him. Ada confirms to Leslie that Chandler's real name is Jack Forrest. Rodney asks Peyton for financial support for Norman, so he can pay Rita's medical care.
22 May 1967
Episode #3.71
Rodney feels Betty is becoming Peyton's pet. Chandler reminds Leslie that he hired him 20 years ago to kill his wife. Michael suggests Elliot to send Rachel to a boarding school. Peyton asks Leslie to help him break up Steven and Betty's marriage and convince Betty to remarry Rod.
23 May 1967
Episode #3.72
Norman refuses Rodney's money. Chandler has backed off from the charges, but Elliot wants to press the case. Leslie pretends not to know anything about Chandler. Michael suggests Rachel to leave town for a while, which makes her think she is unwanted. Lee encourages Chandler to beat up Michael.
29 May 1967
Episode #3.73
Steven receives a confidential letter and immediately leaves for New York. During an argument, Rachel tells Michael she loves him and she kisses him after wards. Eli warns Elliot that Chandler is about to leave town. Steven was supposed to file a warrant against Chandler, but much to Elliot's anger, he hasn't.
30 May 1967
Episode #3.74
Michael tells Rachel they can never have a relationship. Rachel is mad at Michael for him treating her as if she was any other girl. Elliot is upset that Chandler has been released from prison. Martin is throwing a party for Steven's 28th birthday and notices Betty isn't present. As a present to Steven, Betty's painting is revealed.
5 Jun. 1967
Episode #3.75
Steven demands to find out who has written a blame report to him about Betty's theft and turns the letter to the newspaper. This much to Rodney's disgust, who advises Betty to leave Steven. Steven later confronts Betty with her past in New York.
12 Jun. 1967
Episode #3.76
Betty admits to having stolen Peyton's will and explains to Steven that she has to divorce him and marry Rodney if she wants to inherit Peyton's money. Later, Steven tries to prevent Elliot from printing the Blaine report. Meanwhile, Rita confronts Mike with having kissed Rachel. Rodney finds out about Peyton's will conditions.
13 Jun. 1967
Episode #3.77
Rodney is furious at Peyton and tries to avoid him. Elliot and Connie arrange a police offer to protect Rachel from Chandler. Rodney admits to Rachel he wishes Michael would stay away from her. Betty attempts to reconcile with Steven. Steven announces that he is planning on destroying Peyton by trying to prove he is incompetent.
19 Jun. 1967
Episode #3.78
Steven claims Peyton announced he wants to move Catherine's grave. Lee lies to the police about not knowing where Chandler is. Despite her claim she is in love with him, Rodney breaks off his relationship with Sandy. Lee suggests Chandler to flee town.
20 Jun. 1967
Episode #3.79
Peyton offers Sandy $2,000 to leave town the same night, but she angrily rejects his offer. Rodney confronts Michael with his over-protectiveness of Rachel. Steven wants to include Norman in his plan to destroy Peyton. Sandy announces she is leaving town for California and reveals to Steven and Betty it is because of Peyton. Outside Peyton High, Chandler kidnaps Rachel.
26 Jun. 1967
Episode #3.80
Rodney discourages Norman from siding with Steven. Lee blames Peyton for scaring Sandy away. Rachel unsuccessfully attempts to run away from Chandler. After knocking him in the head, Rachel is taken captive at her old farm.
27 Jun. 1967
Episode #3.81
Chandler claims that Rachel set the house on fire, killing her parents, but Rachel insists it was an accident. He furthermore reveals that Allison told him she saw Rachel killing her aunt Lucy. Rachel admits to having hated Lucy, but again insists it was an accident. Meanwhile, Peyton confronts Betty with having tried to manipulate him about his daughter's grave. Rachel pretends to willingly go with Chandler and then escapes to return home. Lee denies having taken in Chandler. Back home, Rachel gives a false statement about how she escaped from Chandler.
3 Jul. 1967
Episode #3.82
Aware that Chandler is still on the loose, the Carson house remains restless. Rachel considers telling Connie about her information on Allison, but is too afraid. Meanwhile, Betty thinks Peyton is buying her expensive jewelry and rejects it, but Peyton tells her it's for another "lovely young lady".
4 Jul. 1967
Episode #3.83
Chandler attempts to check into a motel, but is recognized by the manager and reported to the police. Elliot and Connie find out Rachel gave them a false statement. Rodney orders Steven to let him and Norman alone concerning Peyton's will. Leslie tries to keep the Chandler case out of the press. Connie confronts Rachel with withholding information about Chandler.
10 Jul. 1967
Episode #3.84
Because the Carsons have lost their trust in Rachel, Michael is being contacted to talk to her, but he isn't able to get through her. When Peyton announces he is leaving for Boston, Steven decides to follow him. Rachel, distressed by being denounced, takes Matthew and runs away.
11 Jul. 1967
Episode #3.85
Elliot thinks Chandler and Rachel both kidnapped Matthew. Betty cheats on her husband by kissing Rodney. Steven reveals he has seen Peyton secretly meeting a young woman. Rachel calls the Carson home and lies about being abducted.
17 Jul. 1967
Episode #3.86
Rachel leaves Matthew at the hospital, leaving a letter in which she lies that Chandler, while holding her captive, allowed her to drop off Matthew. Chandler is arrested by the police. Elliot thinks Rachel is fully responsible for Matthew's disappearance. Eli thinks that Rachel took Matthew only to return him and receive gratitude.