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Season 4

11 Sep. 1967
Episode #4.1
Eddie tells Leslie about Adrienne's past as a party girl and announces he wants to be his business partner. Leslie thinks Adrienne will inherit all of Peyton's money. Betty admits to Rodney she fears losing Steven to Adrienne.
14 Sep. 1967
Episode #4.2
Rod confronts Steven with having kissed Adrienne, but he denies the whole thing. Rod later advises Betty to leave Steven. Meanwhile, Rita decides she wants to meet her father again, but Eddie ends up trying to set her against her mother. Steven still acts cold against Adrienne, and orders her to stay away from him, aware that he can't stop kissing her.
18 Sep. 1967
Episode #4.3
Norman demands that Eddie leave Rita alone. Michael reveals that shortly before Philip allegedly committed suicide, he told a doctor he was looking forward to life. Peyton attempts to encourage Betty to be suspicious of her husband's loyalty. Eddie offers to leave town, but manipulates Rita into making him stay.
21 Sep. 1967
Episode #4.4
Steven secretly meets Adrienne in Boston. Rodney refuses to interfere with Betty's life. Peyton accuses Lee of having told Rodney about Steven's affair. Ada tries to convince Elliot to drive Eddie out of town. Betty has followed Steven to Boston and spots him with Adrienne.
25 Sep. 1967
Episode #4.5
To reconcile with her daughter, Ada reluctantly hires Eddie as a bartender. Adrienne tells Peyton she was aware that she was being watched in Boston by Betty. Eddie confirms that Leslie and Chandler have met in the past, but refuses to answer any of Elliot's further questions.
28 Sep. 1967
Episode #4.6
Rodney tries to discourage Betty from suspecting her husband of cheating. Adrienne is disgusted that Peyton wants to stick to their original plan, despite risking a scandal. Betty confronts her husband with his adultery. He initially denies the accusation, but eventually admits to everything.
2 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.7
Betty walks out on her marriage and leaves the Peyton mansion. Eddie wonders why Elliot is suddenly suspicious of him. Forced by Steven, Adrienne comes to tell Betty nothing has happened between Steven and her, but soon admits to the truth.
5 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.8
Betty refuses to speak Steven and announces to Peyton that there will be no reconciliation. She later announces to Rod she is going to see a lawyer regarding her marriage. Meanwhile, Elliot notices a mysterious meeting between Eddie and Leslie.
9 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.9
Elliot thinks there is a connection between Eddie and Chandler. Michael tells Connie he's visited Rachel and that she's improving. Steven blames Peyton for Adrienne's presence being part of a scheme and claims his affair with Adrienne was a part of ruining his marriage. Rita confronts Ada with her jealous behavior.
12 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.10
Betty returns from Boston. Peyton tells Rita she's always welcome at the Peyton house. Michael thinks Eddie isn't putting his daughter in the first place. Rita thinks Norman thinks badly of Eddie because he still hasn't accepted her past. After failing to seduce him, Adrienne tells Steven she told Betty that they were lovers.
16 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.11
Eddie blames Ada of bad parenting, which she blames on his absence. She tells him about Rita and Joe Chernak. Leslie wants Eddie to reveal information on Adrienne's wild past, so Peyton will break off the engagement. Adrienne schemes Peyton into promising to marry her as a formality of financial support.
19 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.12
When Steven accuses him of knowing of Peyton's use of Adrienne to break up him and Betty, Rodney hits him. The next day, Eddie tells Steven about Adrienne's past. Rodney takes Betty to the woods and kisses her.
23 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.13
Betty is startled by Rod's kiss, unwilling to be involved with him again. She is next visited by Steven, and tells him she doesn't believe him any longer. Rod tells Rita she shouldn't push Norman into returning to college. Peyton thinks Eddie returned to Peyton Place to swindle him. He next advises Betty to change the grounds for divorce from adultery to mental cruelty, explaining it will hurry the process.
26 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.14
Norman blames Eddie for having returned to Peyton Place to profit from his daughter's marriage into a wealthy family and Eddie eventually hits him. Peyton thinks Eddie will turn Norman and Rita against him and offers Norman to pay for Rita's medical bills in order to prevent this from happening. Steven oversees Rodney and Betty driving off.
30 Oct. 1967
Episode #4.15
Steven sues Peyton for incompetency. He forces Betty to attend the hearing. Peyton tells his lawyer Kennerly that Adrienne will never become his wife. At the stand, Adrienne denies having been hired to break up Steven and Betty's marriage. Judge Chester dismisses the case.
2 Nov. 1967
Episode #4.16
Leslie offers Eddie money to leave him alone. Adrienne feels ashamed that her past is now public information and blames Peyton for it. Connie and Elliot return from visiting Rachel. Eddie swindles Leslie into giving him $50,000 and making him his business partner. Leslie orders him to kill Peyton.
6 Nov. 1967
Episode #4.17
Steven is again successfully seduced by Adrienne. Eddie prepares himself for killing Peyton. Leslie tells Eddie to try to get information from Lee, as Peyton tells Lee to do the same with Eddie. Norman visits Dr. Rossi about his cracked ribs caused by Eddie. Betty starts to doubt Adrienne's claims on Steven.
9 Nov. 1967
Episode #4.18
Eli tells Rita she has to choose between Norman and Eddie. Adrienne tells Steven she loves him and they kiss. Betty gives in to Rodney and they kiss. Lee reports to Peyton that he sees through Eddie's attempts to turn him against Peyton. Later, Peyton almost falls down the stairs and Steven does nothing to help him.
13 Nov. 1967
Episode #4.19
Steven admits to Adrienne he considered pushing Peyton off the stairs. Lee continues pretending not to know what Eddie is up to. Dr. Rossi tells Peyton his body is deteriorating. Leslie puts pressure on Eddie to kill Peyton.
20 Nov. 1967
Episode #4.20
Steven tells Adrienne it will never work out between them. Peyton threatens to break off the engagement if Adrienne keeps seeing Steven. Norman realizes he wants to have a baby. Eddie tells Leslie he can convince Lee to kill Peyton. Adrienne breaks into Peyton's personal files, but she is caught by Peyton.
23 Nov. 1967
Episode #4.21
Peyton reveals to Adrienne that Dr. Van Leyden killed himself because she made him lose his dignity. The next day, Peyton is almost hit by a motorcycle driver. Lee saves him, but he is fired moments later on insistence of Adrienne. Adrienne wonders why she drove her husband to suicide.
30 Nov. 1967
Episode #4.22
Eddie realizes he must kill Peyton before he marries Adrienne the next day. Adrienne notices everyone disapproves of her marriage to Peyton and she begs Connie to attend the wedding. Betty visits the Peyton mansion to sign a property settlement arranged by Kennerly. Leslie notices Kennerly and fears he has come back to change Peyton's will.
4 Dec. 1967
Episode #4.23
Eddie pretends to be sick to provide himself an alibi on the night he is supposed to kill Peyton. Peyton tells Adrienne he plans on moving to the apartment where Philip killed himself. Adrienne is fed up with Lee's presence. Betty wants Rod to leave her alone.
7 Dec. 1967
Episode #4.24
Rita notices that Eddie has left the apartment at night. Peyton tells Lee he intends on ruining Adrienne. Adrienne tells Betty nothing happened between she and Steven. Following a confrontation, Adrienne attempts to hit Betty but accidentally plunges to death. Outside, Eddie sees Betty running away from the mansion.
11 Dec. 1967
Episode #4.25
Martin and Lee catch Eddie standing over Adrienne's body and suspect him of having killed her. Rita is worried about Eddie and breaks down. While in jail as a suspect for murder, Eddie tells Steven that he saw his wife leaving the mansion. Dr. Rossi fears the condition of Rita's baby.
14 Dec. 1967
Episode #4.26
Rita is hospitalized. Dr. Rossi tells Norman she can't find out about Eddie's situation. Peyton tells Lee he thinks Eddie came to the mansion to kill Peyton by contract, not Adrienne. Betty tells Steven she was just wandering around at the time Adrienne died and doesn't tell him she was at Peyton's house.
18 Dec. 1967
Episode #4.27
In jail, Eddie admits to Peyton he was ordered by Lelsie to kill him. Betty insists to Elliot that Eddie is innocent. Rita finds out her father is in jail for murder suspicion. Norman threatens Eddie he will get hurt if something happens to Rita or the baby.
21 Dec. 1967
Episode #4.28
Norman asks his father to bail out Eddie. Eddie is arraigned. He lies to Rita that he went to the Peyton mansion to talk to Peyton about Rita's condition. Peyton tells Betty he is aware she was in the home when Adrienne died, but recognizes her death as an accident and advises Betty to deny everything when blamed.
25 Dec. 1967
Episode #4.29
Adrienne is buried. Peyton gives Eddie $50,000 for Norman and Rita. He later discusses their mutual hatred with Steven. Leslie threatens to withdraw bail.
28 Dec. 1967
Episode #4.30
Peyton is in possession of the note which proves that Leslie ordered Eddie to kill him. He announces to Leslie he is leaving Peyton Place and lures him to his office by offering him the mill. Rod finds out a dark-haired girl visited Adrienne shortly before her death. Peyton orders Lee to kill Leslie.
1 Jan. 1968
Episode #4.31
Eddie is thrown out of his apartment due to the murder accusation and moves in with Ada. Peyton calls Leslie and warns him Lee is coming over to kill him and attempts to blackmail him into killing Lee. Betty tells Steven about the night of Adrienne's death. Lee attempts to kill Leslie, and Leslie shoots him in defense.
4 Jan. 1968
Episode #4.32
A severely injured Lee leaves the mill. Steven announces he has found out Eddie isn't responsible for Adrienne's death. Lee arrives at the Peyton mansion and threatens to shoot Peyton, but Steven defends Peyton and Lee is eventually accidentally shot to death.
11 Jan. 1968
Episode #4.33
Peyton blames Steven for having shot Lee. Leslie demands that Eddie give him the note proving he ordered him to kill Peyton. Elliot wonders why Connie is so upset with Adrienne's death.
15 Jan. 1968
Episode #4.34
A lost baby has been found on a bus in Peyton Place. Steven tells Betty she will be investigated, unless she poses as his loving wife. Leslie denies having hired Eddie to kill Peyton. Peyton leaves town due to health reasons and assigns Leslie to run the mill and leaves the mansion to Steven. Jill arrives at the hospital and identifies herself as the lost baby's mother.
18 Jan. 1968
Episode #4.35
Dr. Rossi at first doesn't believe the baby's mother is the young, unwed Jill. She admits she stole the baby from an adoption agency. Steven questions Michael about Peyton's condition. Betty admits she needs Rod. Connie mistakes Jill for Allison.
22 Jan. 1968
Episode #4.36
Mrs. Hewitt refuses to sublet Jill a room because she is an unwed mother, but Eli persuades her to change her mind. Sandy, visiting Peyton Place to attend Lee's funeral, stops to talk to Steven. Norman assures Rita she can't trust Eddie, but agrees on accepting him. Rod and Betty share a romantic night at a ski lodge.
25 Jan. 1968
Episode #4.37
Dr. Rossi is still reluctant to release the baby to Jill. Jill later asks Rodney and after-wards Eli for a job. Steven tells Betty that Adrienne's official cause of death is an accident. Jill tells Connie she ran away from home when she found out she was pregnant. Connie is surprised to hear Jill knows something about Allison.
1 Feb. 1968
Episode #4.38
Connie thinks Allison has an illegitimate baby. Jill fears her baby will be taken away from her. Norman tells Eddie he wishes he would go away forever. Steven is upset that Betty is now dating Rodney and he forces himself up to her. When she shows no reaction, he hits her. Eddie tells Rita he is leaving town, causing her to go into distress.
5 Feb. 1968
Episode #4.39
Following the news of her father, Rita collapses. Dr. Rossi thinks she needs heart surgery. Following Steven's assault, Betty's face is covered with wounds. When Rod finds out, he goes to the mansion to beat up Steven. Jill makes more mysterious mentions about the Carson family.
13 Feb. 1968
Episode #4.40
Rita is diagnosed with pulmonary edema and undergoes open heart surgery. Norman fears losing her and the baby. Ada reconciles with Eddie for Rita's best interest. Connie scolds Jill for her frequent self-comparison with Allison.
15 Feb. 1968
Episode #4.41
Jill tells Steven that Kelly is Allison's baby. She tells him that she met Allison four months ago in Kansas. Meanwhile, Dr. Rossi announces that Rita is fine. Rita's condition suddenly worsens and she is again taken into surgery.
19 Feb. 1968
Episode #4.42
Following the surgery, Rita suffers a miscarriage. Connie doesn't believe Kelly is Allison's baby. Ada catches Eddie running out on the family again. Eddie admits he returned to Peyton Place to con Rita out of her husband's money, but started loving her in the process. Rita tells Norman she doesn't want to get pregnant again.
22 Feb. 1968
Episode #4.43
Rod tries to cheer up Norman. Connie and Elliot interrogate Jill and Dr. Rossi later tells them he is sure Jill is Kelly's mother. Outside Peyton Place, Steven meets a man and offers him a ride to town. It turns out he is Michael's younger brother Joe.
26 Feb. 1968
Episode #4.44
Joe tells Michael he could no longer stand living with his sister and therefore traveled to Peyton Place. Connie thinks Allison could have been capable of giving up her child to a stranger, but Elliot refuses to believe Jill. Betty criticizes Norman for feeling sorry for himself.
4 Mar. 1968
Episode #4.45
Jill recognizes Joe and nervously visits Steven, urging him to arrange a birth certificate for Kelly. Elliot is mad at Rodney, thinking he might have impregnated Allison once. Ada is mad at Eddie for using his con acts to cheer up Rita. Joe startles Jill and thinks Kelly is their baby.
7 Mar. 1968
Episode #4.46
Rodney denies having known that Allison has a baby. Having received a telegram conforming Kelly is Allison's baby, Connie apologizes to Jill. Rodney, thinking he is the father, demands to have the baby, but Jill has already promised it to the Carsons.
11 Mar. 1968
Episode #4.47
Rodney wants to claim the baby, but Betty doesn't want to have anything to do with it. Eli wonders why Allison trusted Jill. Rod demands a blood test. Joe tells Michael that Kelly is his and Jill's baby.
14 Mar. 1968
Episode #4.48
Joe is upset to find out that Jill gave the baby to the Carsons. Ada suggests Rita to put the miscarriage in the past and move on. Elliot is still reluctant to take in Kelly.
18 Mar. 1968
Episode #4.49
Rodney wants to be a part of Kelly's life. Michael tells Joe that Dom is looking for him due to a debt. Jill fears Rodney will sue for custody. Betty tells Rodney she will accept Kelly, but not love her. Joe reminds Rita of Joe Chernak.
21 Mar. 1968
Episode #4.50
Norman suggests Joe not to try to be like his brother. Connie tells Betty she won't allow her and Rod to adopt Kelly if Betty feels so negatively about the baby. Eddie questions Rod about Joe Chernak, but Rita tells him why Rod's not the one to ask about it. Norman and Joe are involved in a car accident.
28 Mar. 1968
Episode #4.51
Norman is helped out of the car wreck by Rev. Tom Winter. A severely injured Joe is rushed to the hospital. Rita suffers from traumas of Joe. Steven hints to Rodney he will have to choose between Betty and Kelly. Joe has personal difficulty being treated by his big brother.
1 Apr. 1968
Episode #4.52
Rodney feels Kelly would be better off with him than with the Carsons. Michael recommends that Norman allow Rev. Winter to help Rita recover. Joe is surprised Jill actually gave up the baby. Tom is informed that his wife is in bad shape.
11 Apr. 1968
Episode #4.53
Eddie tries to find out more on Joe Chernak, but he is advised not to dig into the past. Michael orders Jill to stay away from Kelly. Joe confronts Rita with her fear of him.
15 Apr. 1968
Episode #4.54
Eddie insists on forcing Joe to leave town so Rita can recover. Betty tells Rodney she wants to move to a barn nearby. Rita tells Norman she did not want to talk to Rev. Winter. Joe confronts Michael with Susan's late night visit to him.