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Season 2

14 Sep. 1965
Episode #2.1
Doris announces to the people at her dinner party Joe is dead. Rita informs Norman as well and is afraid the police will find out Joe has fought with Norman and so Norman will be a suspect. When he confronts Rita with thinking he killed Joe, Rita denies and tells him she believes him. Ada interrupts them, being mad at Rita for sneaking out. Sgt. Goddard visits the Chernak home, questioning them about Joe. However, Mrs. Chernak is still in shock. Stella suggests him to investigate Rodney, because he came over a few hours before Joe's death, asking about him.
16 Sep. 1965
Episode #2.2
Betty visits Rod on a late hour because of his phone call. Rodney states he didn't kill him, that it was an accident. She suggests him to call the police and tells him she wants to help. Rod later admits what happened to Norman. Norman tells him to run away and offers to take the blame for him. Sgt. Goddard interrupts them. Betty leaves and runs into Steven outside. He is mad for her being at the Harringtons on a late hour. They notice Rod stepping with Sgt. Goddard in his police car. Steven informs Mr. Dowell with Rod being at the police station. Meanwhile, Elliot ...
17 Sep. 1965
Episode #2.3
Rodney turns to the police to make a statement about Joe's death. He is assisted by his attorney Theodore Dowell and attorney John Fowler. He admits he didn't call the police immediately because he panicked. Dr. Rossi reveals to Gus his son has died. Mr. Dowell urges Rodney not to sign the statement, stating it could be used against him. Allison visits Rodney at the police station. Elliot talks to John Fowler, the son of the judge who convicted Elliot 18 years ago. Stella is mad at her mother for her not wanting to realize her son wasn't a good kid. She herself blames...
21 Sep. 1965
Episode #2.4
Rod confronts Norman with him still thinking Rod killed Joe. Ada suggests Rita not to get involved with the murder case. Sgt. Goddard visits the Anderson home to question Betty about Joe's death. Betty tells Rod said to her it was an accident. Theodore surprises Steven when he informs him Rod has signed a statement. Steven mentions Fowler might have an axe to grind.
23 Sep. 1965
Episode #2.5
Rodney brings his condolences to the Chernak family. Stella tells him he shouldn't be there and tells him she will never forgive him. Elliot tells Norman his father called him because he is worried about Norman. Mr. Dowell suggests Rod not to talk to anyone about the murder case. Rita admits she saw Joe a few hours before his death and that he forced himself up to her. Allison visits the Schuster home and tells David she thinks Kim witnessed the death of Joe. David confronts Kim, but she is terrified and seeks comfort with her mom. Allison questions Kim, who admits ...
24 Sep. 1965
Episode #2.6
Allison apologizes to David and Doris for making Kim talk about Joe's death. David tells he must tell the police about what Kim said. Doris however doesn't want to tell the police, stating the police will question Kim a lot. Meanwhile, Gus blames Rodney for Joe's death. Stella is mad everybody sympathizes for Joe now that he is dead, saying they never cared about him when he was alive. Gus assures his daughter Rod will pay for what he has done. Sgt. Goddard and John Fowler interrupt them, wanting information about Joe. Stella states Rod hated Joe and said he was going...
28 Sep. 1965
Episode #2.7
Rod is in trial. John Fowler wants his bail to be denied. Theodore Dowell tries to defend him without success. Leslie, back from Europe, interrupts them in court. Allison admits she thought for a moment Rod was guilty. Connie responds with saying she doubted Elliot when he was charged with murder. Meanwhile, Stella removes all the stuff that reminds her of Joe. Dr. Rossi offers her to be his assistant. Steven asks Betty if she still loves Rodney, but Betty tells him she doesn't think she is. Leslie asks Judge Webber why he denied Rod's bail.
30 Sep. 1965
Episode #2.8
Mr. Dowell suggests Leslie to keep a low profile. Norman wants to introduce Rita to his father, but Rita suggests him to wait. Dr. Rossi wants to buy a research laboratory with Kenneth's money. Steven tells Mr. Dowell he wants to help him help Rodney. Gus asks Stella to stay in Peyton Place for good.
1 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.9
Rodney is in jail. Norman tells Steven Joe was mad at him for dating Rita. Connie tells Elliot he can't afford to have personal feeling when he wants to be a newspaper editor. Elliot visits Rodney in jail to give him advice to survive in jail.
5 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.10
Leslie wants to make up with Elliot, but Elliot doesn't want to bury the past. Doris tries to teach Kim how to talk normally. David tells Doris Mr. Fowler wants Kim to come to the station for a statement, but Doris doesn't want her to. Allison visits Rodney in jail.
7 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.11
Gus tells Julie Leslie is responsible for him losing his job. Norman welcomes his father, who is apologizing to him for all the trouble he caused. Steven asks Ada about all the people who came in the night Joe Chernak was murdered. Mike has been granted the money for his research project. He offers Stella a job in the hospital, but she hasn't decided whether she is going to stay or not. A phone call from John Fowler interrupts them, demanding for Stella to come to the police station for an official statement.
8 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.12
Stella gives her official statement and tells Rod was boiling when he was looking for Joe. Rita tells Norman her mother is thinking of leaving Peyton Place for a while, because she is scared of the Joe Chernak case. Norman tells her it's probably the right thing and she should go as well. Julie makes clear to Leslie it was a bad thing from him returning to Peyton Place. While having a conversation with Dr. Morton, Dr. Rossi is interrupted with an emergency. It turns out Allison has been hit by a car.
12 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.13
Allison is in treatment for her car accident. Connie is informed and doesn't take it well. Mr. Dowell calls Steven to inform him Peyton blames him for Leslie returning. Sgt. Goddard tells Elliot he doesn't know who hit Allison. Ada announces she and Rita will leave tomorrow, but Rita refuses to go. Ada becomes mad and orders her not to stay for a Harrington boy, but Rita responds by reminding her mother she has never been there for her before. They are interrupted by a phone call from John Fowler, who tells her he is coming over tomorrow to ask some questions. ...
14 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.14
Allison is under an oxygen tent in intensive care. John comes to Ada's tavern to ask Rita some questions about her past with Joe. He is surprised when Rita tells him Elliot was present at the night. After the conversation, John is able to predict what happened that night and thinks Rod is responsible. Leslie is afraid Rod will be sent to jail only because he is his son. When he is informed Allison is in jail, he prohibits everyone from telling Rod, fearing he won't think of himself anymore. Meanwhile, Norman walks in on Elliot mentioning Allison was hit by a car. He ...
15 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.15
Leslie tells Rod he is thinking of relocating the trial to somewhere outside Peyton Place, so they will have a fair trial. Theodore Dowell discourages the idea, stating it will only work in their negative. Rod finally decides he wants the trial in Peyton Place. Meanwhile, John Fowler is questioning Kim about the death of Joe Chernak. She tells him she saw Rod making Joe fall. Rita tells Steven she thinks she made Rod look bad when she talked to Fowler. Betty visits Rod in jail and tells him about Allison's situation.
19 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.16
Betty tells Stella Joe's death was an accident, but she refuses to believe her. Kim demands on seeing Allison, but Doris and David are afraid of telling her about her situation. In the pharmacy, Norman questions Kim about the night Joe was murdered, but David becomes angry at him for asking. Rod is mad at his father for not telling him about the car accident. Dr. Rossi informs Elliot Allison's chances of survival are big, but she will probably be in a coma for a long time.
21 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.17
Leslie approaches Gus to tell him Rodney didn't kill Joe, but Gus threatens to kill him if he will be anywhere near him. When Leslie is back at home, Gus breaks in and pushes Leslie against the wall. Meanwhile, Elliot demands to know who hit Allison. Betty feels guilty about telling Rodney about the car accident. Stella starts her first day at the hospital as Dr. Rossi's assistant and impresses him. Norman stops at Steven's office. He tells Steven that though he won't lie to Fowler, he will try to avoid telling him the whole truth. Steven has Norman sit down and asks ...
22 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.18
Steven visits Rod in jail as his attorney and questions him about what really happened the night Joe died. Gus is about to get drunk in Ada's Tavern, but Stella stops him. Connie is afraid Allison will die. Elliot visits Timothy Banks, the man who discovered Allison's body after she had been hit. He suspects him of being the one who hit Allison and questions him what he was doing there.
26 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.19
Leslie travels to Boston to see Mr. Peyton, asking to help him with getting Rodney out of jail. Mr. Peyton responds with saying he detests Leslie and should have never let his daughter marry him, before he sends him away. Meanwhile, David tells Doris he is thinking of reorganizing the Peyton Mill. He says he requested something at Theodore Dowell and if he rejects him, the Schuster family will be leaving Peyton Place. John Fowler's wife Marian is seen with her car severely damaged, hinting she was the one who hit Allison.
28 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.20
Marian Fowler deliberately rams her car into a garage post to cover up the damage done when she hit Allison. Leslie admits to Rod he went to Mr. Peyton to ask for help. Betty and Stella make clear they dislike each other. Marian comes to the hospital to nurse and is asked by Dr. Morton to keep Constance company. She introduces Connie to the physical therapist Dr. Russ Gehring. Mr. Peyton calls Steven to inform him he is donating him money for the case of Rodney.
29 Oct. 1965
Episode #2.21
Marian and John bring their damaged car to the garage. Leslie and Rita meet for the first time and immediately like each other. Rodney is bailed out of jail and immediately goes to the hospital. Stella takes her personnel file folder out to the Information Desk.
1 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.22
Rodney visits Allison in the hospital. Russ demands on talking to Marian, but she avoids him. Theodore suggests Rodney not to testify in court, but Rodney wants to tell the truth. Russ suspects Marian of having hit Allison with her car. He confronts her and she admits the truth. She tells him she was speeding from his house and accidentally hit her. He asks her if she has told her husband, but she responds she couldn't, stating she could never explain what she was doing there.
2 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.23
Rodney heads to court. Marian wonders if John ever feels guilty about sending people to jail. Stella begs for Gus not to come to court. Dr. Rossi informs Dr. Morton Allison has developed paralysis in her left side of the head and is afraid of telling the Carsons. Elliot is still frustrated with not knowing who hit Allison.
4 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.24
The Rodney Harrington murder hearing begins. David is granted to proceed his plans at the Peyton Mill. Martin announces he is going to spend some time with the family. Norman is interrogated at the hearing. Gus is at the hearing as well and suggests for Stella to be interrogated, despite Stella's efforts to shut him up.
8 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.25
Kim is asked to the stand. She tells John Fowler Rodney and Joe were fighting and Rod made him fall by throwing a hook at him. Rodney's attorney Steven Cord tries to convince the judge Kim's memories of the night are vague. He tries to prove Rodney was actually throwing the hook away, and not at Joe. Kim admits she doesn't know what they were saying. Meanwhile, Dr. Rossi informs Dr. Gehring he is thinking of setting up a therapy program. After the interrogation of Kim, Stella is called to the stand.
9 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.26
Stella tells in court Rodney told her he was going to kill Joe. Rodney is shocked, stating she is lying. Steven proves there were no witnesses who could hear their conversation. Judge Webber announces after the hearing Rodney will be sent to a superior court. Kim has lost her sense because of court. Doris doesn't know what to do with her and suggests she should be brought back to the New York Institute.
11 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.27
Mike is mad at Stella for what she said in court. Steven brings Rodney to the crime scene, where Rod tells him in details what happened. Ada fears her daughter will be called to stand in trial, but Rita refuses to flee. Steven fears for Rodney's trial, because he left out some important facts in his statement.
15 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.28
Martin Peyton is unsatisfied with Rodney's trial, blaming Steven he wasn't prepared enough and demanding him to destroy Stella. Elliot is struggling with writing a news article about Rodney's trial. Later at home, Connie reveals she is pregnant.
16 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.29
Elliot thinks reading to Allison will make her wake up. John asks Connie about Norman and Rita's relationship. Martin tells Leslie he wants Mr. Dowell off the case, being replaced by Steven. Theodore resigns as Rodney's attorney, explaining he isn't good enough for this kind of trial. Steven questions Ada about Stella.
18 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.30
Rod decides to confront Stella, but walks away when he sees her. Theodore announces to Leslie he resigned as Rodney's attorney. Steven tells Michael he thinks it's odd Stella didn't came to him when Rodney supposedly threatened to kill her brother. When Stella leaves the hospital, Rodney follows her.
22 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.31
Rod demands an explanation for Stella's lying. She refuses to talk to him and he tells her he never meant to hurt Joe. Steven wants to replace Mr. Dowell, but Leslie has his doubts because of his lack of experience. Rod comes in and admits he confronted Stella. Steven is shocked, stating it was a stupid thing to do. Leslie observes him giving Rod advice and allows Steven to be Rod's lawyer. Meanwhile, Allison moves her arm after being read to by Elliot, but he doesn't notice it. Steven thinks Stella feels guilty for Joe's death.
23 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.32
Marian admits to John she has had an affair. John is outraged, throws her out of his house and announces he is going to file for a divorce. Elliot is still determined to locate the person who hit Allison. Dr. Rossi notices there is movement in Allison's eyes, giving Connie hope she will eventually awake.
25 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.33
Dr. Gehring tells Dr. Rossi and Elliot Allison's hand moved. Doris and Kim leave town for the New York Institute. Elliot tells Rodney he ought to control himself. Gus demands Stella to tell Fowler Rodney was bothering her, but she refuses to. Gus threatens to go himself, so Stella gives in and promises him she will see Fowler. Rita feels emotional after Steven asks her several personal questions about her and Joe. Betty secretly goes through Mrs. Choate's file office to find information that could help Rodney.
29 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.34
Betty steels some files from Nurse Choate's office and is almost caught. Allison opens her eyes, but only sees a blur. Betty brings Rodney and Steven her personnel folders on Stella and Steven makes copies of it.
30 Nov. 1965
Episode #2.35
Nurse Choate's file is aware Stella's file is missing. Elliot doesn't want Dr. Gehring treating Allison anymore. Nurse Choate catches Betty replacing Stella's files. Despite saying she has to inform Dr. Rossi, she shows her sympathy for the first time. Meanwhile, Russ asks John where Marian is. He responds she is visiting her sister Phyllis Sloan in Boston. John decides to call her, but Phyllis tells him she isn't staying with her.
2 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.36
Dr. Rossi offers Betty to resign for stealing Stella's case and not put the incident into her records. Betty responds he may accept her resignation and walks away while crying. Theodore suggests Steven to help Betty find another job. Stella tells Mr. Fowler Rodney wasn't waiting for or threatening her.
6 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.37
Martin and Hannah arrive in Peyton Place. They run into Rodney and Norman, but ignore them. Allison is talking for the first time since being hit by a car. John questions Elliot about what really happened with Rodney and Stella at the parking lot, but he tells he didn't really see anything. Martin tells David he is planning on taking over the former Harrington and now Schuster house.
7 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.38
David moves out of his house into the Inn, selling the house to Martin Peyton. Steven visits his mother and Martin and is being treated badly by him. David admits to Julie he is afraid Martin will take over the Peyton Mill as well. Steven suggests Rodney to behave nicely to Martin, explaining he can be very powerful in the murder case.
9 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.39
Steven digs in Stella's past to find out if there's any dirt in it. Rita confronts Stella with her never being there for her brother. She later announces she is going to tell Steven she didn't see Joe the day he died. Betty tells her mother she hates to be a nurse and they fight. Connie and Allison talk for the first time. Connie tells Allison she has been in a coma for three weeks. Allison says she doesn't remember anything anymore. Connie notices she can't remember everything that happened the last year.
13 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.40
Elliot is upset Allison doesn't recognize him as her father. Rodney visits Martin, but they can't get along. Mike tries to figure out how big Allison's memory loss is.
14 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.41
Martin accuses Rodney of never visiting his mother's grave. Leslie tells Norman he loved Catherine, but they were never on the same level. Dr. Gehring tries to help Allison recover, but she is still very weak. Rodney visits Allison an realizes she doesn't remember anything about their relationship and the murder case. John and Phyllis try to figure out where Marian is. He thinks Russ has something to do with it.
16 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.42
Rita tells Steven she is going to have to testify. Allison is too weak to walk and is pushed around in a wheelchair. Steven picks Betty up to meet his mother. Connie explains to Russ about Elliot's past. Dr. Rossi confirms Allison doesn't have brain damage, but suggests them to meet psychiatrist Dr. Quist.
20 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.43
Betty meets Martin and Hannah. Martin thanks Betty for helping Rodney by stealing Stella's file, but is shocked by her outspokenness. Meanwhile, Mike and Stella get to know each other better. Stella later accuses Steven of sending Betty to steal her records.
21 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.44
Allison doesn't remember having dated Rod and thinks she is still very close with Norman, which results into Rita being jealous. Dr. Rossi thinks Allison will be confuses too much if Elliot keeps on visiting her and discourages him from seeing her. Julie doesn't want Betty to go and work for Martin Peyton. Steven is ready for the trial, but Hannah warns him he shouldn't be arrogant. Meanwhile, Rod is very nervous for the trial.
23 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.45
Gus confronts Martin with what has family has done to him, but he ignores him. Steven wants Elliot to help him with Rodney's trial, but he doesn't want to help out. David tells Martin the Peyton Mill needs to be modernized, but Martin refuses to give permission. Meanwhile, Allison is angry at Dr. Rossi for assigning her to psychiatrist Dr. Quist and tells him she will never trust him again. Connie tries to calm her down, but Dr. Rossi tells her she should be treated roughly if they don't want to lose control over her.
27 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.46
Steven suggests for Martin not to go to trial. Betty visits Peyton's house for Martin's job offer. She and Hannah fight, before Martin arrives and tells her she has the job. Julie and David get into a fight as well, but soon make up. Meanwhile, Allison isn't mad at Dr. Rossi anymore. She meets Stella, who shocks her with the information Joe is dead. Leslie, Rodney and Steven meet Judge Jessup, the judge at Rodney's trial.
28 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.47
Martin arranges a meeting with Steven and Leslie. Rodney's trial brings up memories for Elliot about his own trial. Allison is troubled with frightening nightmares about her car accident. Martin wants to make peace with Leslie, because Rodney has a bigger chance in being released from jail if they work together.
30 Dec. 1965
Episode #2.48
Betty decides to not visit Rodney's trial, because she doesn't want to remind people about his history with her. She spends her time with Peyton, who isn't at the trial for the exact same reason. He tells her the odds are strongly against Rodney. They are interrupted by a visit from Dr. Rossi. Martin tries to convince him Stella lied about Rodney, but Mike refuses to take a side. Meanwhile, Eli offers Rita to work for him. At trial, three of the jurors are excused for being prejudiced or acquainted with Rodney, including Nurse Choate.
3 Jan. 1966
Episode #2.49
As the trial progresses, more jurors are excused. Norman tells Rita Steven is trying to get more women on the jury, because women are more suspicious of other women, so they will be suspicious of Stella. Fowler, meanwhile, is trying to get more men on the jury for the opposite reason. Stella thinks she is going to get fired and starts an outburst at Dr. Rossi, after which he assures her she won't get fired. Connie starts to think she should tell Allison the truth about Rodney's trial, but Mike convinces her to wait a few days. At the trial, Rodney fears one of the ...
4 Jan. 1966
Episode #2.50
Peyton and Hannah prepare for dinner with Norman. Hannah doesn't hide the fact she dislikes Norman and tells Peyton she thinks he was spoiled and disrespectful as a child. Leslie visits Julie and they almost kiss. As Norman arrives at the Peyton mansion, Martin is very impressed with him. He talks trash about Leslie, but Norman stands up for him. Meanwhile, Allison calls Dr. Gehring at night because she wants company. He is too busy, however, and reminds her she is acting as a spoiled child. Sgt. Goddard brings Mr. Fowler a visit to tell him about Dr. Gehring's ...
6 Jan. 1966
Episode #2.51
Rodney visits Allison and she tells him about her nightmares, which are about him. Mike and Stella go out on a date and they are spotted by Betty and Steven. Steven suggests her to forget Mike, but she tells him she can't. Back at his cottage, she tries to kiss him, but he rejects her, saying they could never be together.
10 Jan. 1966
Episode #2.52
Juror Clarence Healy is called to the stand. He performed autopsy on Joe Chernak after he died. Connie makes her first suggestions to Allison she and Elliot are a couple. Stella offers Mike for her to resign, to avoid social difficulties. Betty admits to Mike she doesn't think they are friends anymore and confronts him with his date with Stella. Meanwhile, Sgt. Goddard is called to stand and tells Rodney was accompanied by Betty and Norman at the night of the murder. The next one called to stand is Betty.
11 Jan. 1966
Episode #2.53
Betty testifies in court. After the hearing, Julie worries Elliot will print articles in the newspaper which portray her in a negative way, but Connie assures her that will not happen. Allison is making her treatment with Dr. Gehring as hard as possible for him. After she leaves, he is visited by John Fowler. John asks him if he knows where Marian is, after which Russ confronts him with the affair. He tells him Marian needed a real man and then offers John to hit him, but he leaves.
13 Jan. 1966
Episode #2.54
Rita has trouble when she starts to collect memories from Joe. She is nervous for having to testify in court the next day. Steven is mad at Betty for saying the wrong things in court. Betty later goes to the pharmacy, where she has a quarrel with Stella. Meanwhile, Norman is trying to locate Rita, who can't be find anywhere. When he finds her, she is afraid she will hurt her relationship with him because of the trial. He tries to assure her they won't change and they eventually kiss.