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  • During the filming of They Came to Cordura (1959) in 1959, Dick York suffered an excruciating back injury. This later led to a dependency on painkillers and to York missing a handful of Bewitched episodes in seasons 3 and 4. In January 1969 during season 5, he underwent a seizure on the set of Bewitched and resigned from the show while talking to producer William Asher in the hospital. In January 1969, Dick Sargent was announced to be taking over the role of Darrin. The rest of the fifth season still airing on ABC was mixed with episodes York filmed prior to leaving and several non-Darrin episodes filmed afterwards. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Even though Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha's identical twin cousin, Pandora Spocks is credited as playing Serena starting in season 6 as an inside joke by Ms. Montgomery and her husband WIlliam Asher. The term is a corruption of Pandora's Box. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Two supporting actress Emmys were won by Alice Pearce as Gladys Kravitz and Marion Lorne as Aunt Clara. Both actresses won their awards posthumously. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Irene Vernon left the show and Kasey Rogers replaced her as Louise Tate in season three. Alice Pearce passed away and was replaced by Sandra Gould as Gladys Kravitz that same season. Dick York left due to serious back pain and was replaced by Dick Sargent as Darrin in season six. Darrin's father, Frank Stephens, was initially played by Robert F. Simon, but was replaced by Roy Roberts in seasons four through six (Simon made one final return at the end of season seven). There were also several Tabithas until Erin Murphy solely took over the role in season five. Similarly there were multiple babies who played Adam. Marion Lorne as Aunt Clara merely disappeared from the series after she passed away, although Alice Ghostley as Esmeralda was introduced in season six as a somewhat similar character. Edit (Coming Soon)

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