Lord of the Flies (1963) Poster

James Aubrey: Ralph



  • Ralph : Someone has to stay behind. Piggy...

    Jack : [interrupts]  Sure, protect Piggy like you always do.

    Ralph : Don't be stupid. What can he do with just one eye?

  • Piggy : What's your name?

    Ralph : Ralph.

    Piggy : I don't care what they call me, as long as they don't call me what they did in school.

    Ralph : What's that?

    Piggy : They used to call me Piggy.

    Ralph : [laughs]  Piggy!

    Piggy : As long as you don't tell the others.

  • Ralph : You're a beast, and a swine, and a bloody, bloody thief!

  • Ralph : [thinking about Simon's death]  Piggy?

    Piggy : Huh?

    Ralph : Piggy, that was murder.

    Piggy : You stop it! What good are you doing talking like that? It was dark. There was that bloody dance. There was thunder and lightning and rain. We were scared. It wasn't what you said.

    Ralph : [sobs]  Oh, Piggy!

    Piggy : [comforts him]  It was an accident. He was batty. He asked for it. It was an accident.

    Ralph : Oh, God, I want to go home!

  • Piggy : I've got the conch!

    [the boys jeer and taunt him from above the cliff] 

    Piggy : [shouts]  Which is it better to be, a pack of painted savages like you are, or sensible like Ralph is? Which is better, to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?

    [Roger goes angry and pushes a huge boulder, which heads right to Piggy] 

    Piggy : AAH!

    Ralph : Piggy!

    [the boys go silently still as they see Piggy's body wash away in the sea] 

  • Piggy : [as the boys are talking about the beast]  I don't believe in no ghosts, ever.

    Jack : Who cares what YOU believe, Fatty!

    [the boys laugh] 

    Simon : [looking disturbed]  Maybe there IS a beast.

    [the boys laugh again] 

    Ralph : Hear him! He's got the conch.

    Simon : What I mean is... maybe, it's only us.

    Piggy : Nuts!

  • Ralph : His name's not Fatty. It's Piggy.

  • Ralph : You let the fire go out.

    Jack : We needed meat.

  • Ralph : [while swimming in the ocean]  Aren't you coming in?

    Piggy : Oh, it's hot. No, my auntie wouldn't let me, count of my asthma.

    Ralph : Sucks to your asthma!

    Piggy : You can't half swim well.

  • Ralph : The rules, you're breaking the rules!

    Jack : Who cares!

    Ralph : Because the rules are the only thing we've got!

    Jack : Bollocks to the rules! We're strong, we hunt. If there's a beast, we'll hunt it down and beat and beat!

  • Ralph : Are there ghosts, Piggy, or beasts?

    Piggy : Of course there aren't.

    Ralph : Why not?

    Piggy : Because things wouldn't make sense. Houses and streets... and TV - they wouldn't work.

    Ralph : But suppose they wouldn't make sense, not here on this island... Supposing things are watching us, and waiting.

  • Ralph : Sam and Eric! Hey, Sam and Eric! It's me, Ralph!

    [Sam and Eric, now painted warriors, approach him] 

    Ralph : When then find me, what are they going to do?

    Eric : Roger's sharpened a stick at both ends. They're going to hurt you tomorrow.

    Sam : We've got to give signals, like this...


    Sam : ...only louder, of course. You've got the go now, Ralph!

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