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Melvyn Douglas: Homer Bannon



  • Homer Bannon : Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire. You're just going to have to make up your own mind one day about what's right and wrong.

  • Homer Bannon : That's your solution for getting out of a tight? To pass bad beef on to my neighbors who wouldn't know what they was getting? Or maybe risk starting an epidemic in the entire country?

    Hud Bannon : This country is run on epidemics, where you been? Price fixing, crooked TV shows, inflated expense accounts. How many honest men you know? Why you separate the saints from the sinners, you're lucky to wind up with Abraham Lincoln. Now I want out of this spread what I put into it, and I say let us dip our bread into some of that gravy while it is still hot.

    Homer Bannon : You're an unprincipled man Hud.

    Hud Bannon : Don't let that worry you none. You got enough for both of us.

  • Homer Bannon : You don't care about people Hud. You don't give a damn about 'em. Oh, you got all that charm goin' for ya. And it makes the youngsters want to be like ya. That's the shame of it because you don't value anything. You don't respect nothing. You keep no check on your appetites at all. You live just for yourself. And that makes you not fit to live with.

  • [Hud has grabbed a rifle and shot at the buzzards] 

    Homer Bannon : Don't do that, Hud; they help keep the country clean. Besides, it's against the law.

    Hud Bannon : Well, I've always thought the law was meant to be interpreted in a lenient manner. Sometimes I lean one way and sometimes I lean the other.

  • Hud Bannon : [about selling oil leases for his land]  My daddy thinks oil is something you stick in your salad dressing.

    Homer Bannon : If there's oil down there, you can get it sucked up after I'm under there with it. There'll be no holes punched in this land while I'm here. They ain't gonna come in and grade no roads so the wind can blow me away. What's oil to me? What can I do with a bunch of oil wells? I can't ride out every day and prowl amongst 'em like I can my cattle. I can't breed 'em or tend 'em or rope 'em or chase 'em or nothing. I can't feel a smidgen of pride in 'em 'cause they ain't none of my doing.

    Hud Bannon : There's money in it.

    Homer Bannon : I don't want that kind of money. I want mine to come from something that keeps a man doing for himself.

  • Homer Bannon : [Referring to his prize longhorns]  I'll kill them two myself... seein' as how I raised them... Lord, I've chased them longhorns for many a mile.

  • Homer Bannon : It don't take long to kill things, not like it takes to grow.

  • Homer Bannon : Hud, how'd a man like you come to be a son to me?

  • Lonnie Bannon : [Referring to the slaughtr of the cattle]  It didn't take long.

    Homer Bannon : It don't take long to kill things, not like it does to grow.

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