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Still the best teacher show ever
schappe14 June 2002
This was the best "teacher" show ever on TV. It was intelligent, thoughtful presented real problems facing high school students and their teachers and concentrate don education and it's role in people's lives. Later shows tended to idealize the attitudes of students, showing them getting involved in political campaigns and the like. Here, as in reality, they are more concerned with their own lives.

James Franciscus was the first choice to play Dr. Kildare but had to bow out due to a scheduling conflict. this was his consolation prize. the show is basically Kildare in a high school instead of a hospital, with Dean Jagger playing principal Albert Vane, who mentors Novak the way Gillespie mentors Kildare. Franciscus, who looked enough like Richard Chamberlain to have been his older brother, is like Chamberlain, a thoughtful, restrained actor who is easy for the audience to identify with. Jagger's manor is totally different from the imperious Gillespie but he is just as impressive in his own way, as his surface nervousness resolves itself into a steely moral rectitude. Also impressive is Jeanne Bal, who plays a businesslike but knowing assistant principal. She is not only a talented actress but ask yourself if you have ever seen a more beautiful woman.

Like Kildare, Novak is a symbol of the earnest optimism of the early 60's and his handsomeness and youthful idealism suggest President Kennedy, at least as we chose to remember him. Kennedy was assassinated during the first year of this show and Mr. Novak did a show that was an obvious tribute to him, called "Death of a Teacher". A popular teacher dies suddenly at school and each character has to deal with sudden grief in their own way, as we were all having to do at that time. It's an especially touching episode of a special show.
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Positive and Upbeat Series of the Early Sixties
SurfCityGuy3 May 2012
It's hard to overstate how impressive this series was for those of us seeing it for the first time. As the first reviewer here noted, its positive theme was very impressive for the day, coming on the heels of dramas that were either saccharine or "tough" or of certain tried and true genres, such as the western, the medical or doctor story, and others of the day.

Franciscus was impressive for his acting skills, obvious from the first episode, and the entire cast was well-chosen, especially Dean Jagger, who had a chance in this series to get his career off to a new start, and did a good job of convincing us of his position and authority. A long gone actor of great skill; compare his performance as the town drunk in "Bad Day at Black Rock."

I highly recommend this series.
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