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7 Jan. 1964
The Song of Songs
An overly strict father takes the school, and Mr. Novak to task, when he finds the subject matter read aloud in class by his daughter to be highly erotic.
14 Jan. 1964
The Exile
Charlie Payne, who dropped out three years ago, now has nothing better to do than spend his time hanging around the school grounds.
21 Jan. 1964
Sparrow on the Wire
A member of Novak's debating club makes some anti-Semitic remarks during an intra-squad debate.
28 Jan. 1964
The Private Life of Douglas Morgan Jr.
Campus clown Doug Morgan decides he can attract attention - and get excused from compulsory ROTC classes - by claiming to be a conscientious objector.
4 Feb. 1964
The Death of a Teacher
The death of a teacher brings forth a variety of reactions and emotions from the students and faculty at Jefferson High.
11 Feb. 1964
I'm on the Outside
A student named Steve Acero tells Principal Vane that Mr. Novak is prejudiced against him because he is of Mexican extraction.
18 Feb. 1964
Chin Up, Mr. Novak
Novak's having problems with a literature class - until it's taken over by Margaret Mumsley, a 75-year old exchange teacher from England.
25 Feb. 1964
Fear Is a Handful of Dust
Novak tries to help shy, introverted Sue Johnson by encouraging her to develop her talent for caricature.
3 Mar. 1964
How Does Your Garden Grow?
An inexperienced and frightened substitute teacher has trouble with her first class at Jefferson High.
10 Mar. 1964
The Tower
After numerous complaints that an elderly geometry instructor is no longer an effective teacher, Vane is forced to retire her.
17 Mar. 1964
One Way to Say Goodbye
Novak finds himself attracted to Jenny Peterson, a former Jefferson High student.
24 Mar. 1964
Day in the Year
A girl in Novak's homeroom collapses from an overdose of narcotics.
31 Mar. 1964
Moment Without Armor
School grounds are quiet in the evening, and darkness was the accomplice of the unknown assailant who attacked assistant principal Jeanne Pagano.
7 Apr. 1964
Fare Thee Well
Miss Cathy Williams is going to become a mother, but she wants to graduate with her senior class and she doesn't want to tell her parents about her condition.
14 Apr. 1964
The Senior Prom
The senior prom at Jefferson High is going to be a flop this year - unless student chairman Gail Andrews starts taking interest in the preparations.
22 Sep. 1964
After Mr. Vane arranges for Mr. Novak to suddenly fly to Pennsylvania to visit his ailing father, the good, but completely broke son returns with a pile of hospital bills to be paid off, somehow.
22 Dec. 1964
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
It's discovered that a young girl who has just transferred to Jefferson High was tried and acquitted of killing her parents. The other students ostracize her and she becomes the subject of a whispering campaign, even among some of the teachers.

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