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24 Sep. 1963
First Year, First Day
A brilliant student with a good business - an auto body shop - wants to quit school. He challenges Novak to give him a good reason for continuing his education.
1 Oct. 1963
To Lodge and Dislodge
Julie Dean, a blind student at Jefferson High, develops a crush on Mr. Novak.
8 Oct. 1963
I Don't Even Live Here
When Mr. Otis was conducting the English class, all the students were raking in As - but Novak can't seem to get the same caliber of work out of them.
15 Oct. 1963
X Is the Unknown Factor
Mike Daniels is being considered for an important science scholarship, but he's having problems in Novak's literature class. Dr. Frank Baxter, TV educator, appears as Dr. Gagan.
22 Oct. 1963
A Single Isolated Incident
A black student, Marcy Desmond, is violently accosted by a gang of youths who let her know that she's not welcome at Jefferson High.
29 Oct. 1963
The Risk
Novak helps a former teacher and mentor obtain a position at the school. The instructor is a recovering alcoholic, while his much-younger wife is still afflicted with the disease.
5 Nov. 1963
Hello, Miss Phipps
Maude Phipps, a teacher for some 40 years, is sharply outspoken and is the object of various complaints -- including those of irate parents who don't like the idea of her teaching social hygiene to their children.
12 Nov. 1963
To Break a Camel's Back
Novak clashes with Holly Metcalfe, a rebellious senior who doesn't like to follow rules.
19 Nov. 1963
A Feeling for Friday
It's a hectic Friday and Novak is very pleased to get an invitation to spend the weekend at his former sweetheart's family estate.
26 Nov. 1963
Pay the Two Dollars
A father holds Novak responsible for roughing up his son. It all happened when Novak broke up some student horseplay.
3 Dec. 1963
Love in the Wrong Season
Novak, who's dating a teacher, has some competition from one of her students.
10 Dec. 1963
The Boy Without a Country
Novak and Vane prepare a hero's welcome for a new student, a Russian defector, who's quick to show that he's not easy to get along with.
17 Dec. 1963
A Thousand Voices
Novak defends the members of an off-campus car club, who have run into trouble.
24 Dec. 1963
My Name Is Not Legion
Novak is interested in Arnold Frazer, a new student who shows signs of brilliance and trouble adjusting to school life.
31 Dec. 1963
He Who Can Does
Novak invites a famous novelist to address the school's Literary Club - despite protests of Miss Pagano who feels that the writer's unorthodox views will be a bad influence.

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