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11 Feb. 1965
That Time in Havana
An American wife arrives in Havana,Cuba to beg for the release of her "adventurer" husband who has been jailed on charges of espionage. He actually was in Cuba trying to recover $1,000,000 in Mafia money left behind after The 1958 Revolution. The Communist authorities want the money and the woman enlists a reporter to help her find it and clear her husband. Meanwhile, anti-Castro patriots lurk in the background.
18 Feb. 1965
Four into Zero
Four men with various motives plan to "make use of" printing plates recently made in Chicago for a South American country's currency.They will try to commit the crime while on the train from Chicago to Los Angeles from which the plates are being shipped. An unexpected injury could "derail" their attempt.
25 Feb. 1965
Streetcar, Do You Read Me?
A S.A.C. (Strategic Air Command) bomber on a routine patrol mission from March Air Force Base in the U.S. to Spain-and-back suffers an on-board fire.The co-pilot,who has dodged the responsibility of becoming a lead pilot,is suddenly thrust into command when the pilot is severely injured due to the fire.Can the co-pilot conquer his fears and master his inadequacies?
18 Mar. 1965
Won't It Ever Be Morning?
A famous jazz singer has to convince a wisecracking lawyer to defend her agent accused of murdering a young girl.
25 Mar. 1965
Nobody Will Ever Know
An industrial research scientist who "married the boss's daughter" feels pressured to gain a promotion so he can afford her. When the chance to make money by selling company secrets is offered he takes it. Later,to his regret,he finds the choice is no longer his-he will continue to provide information or his wife will die.
15 Apr. 1965
Rapture at Two-Forty
When Paul Bryan, a high-powered lawyer, is diagnosed with an incurable disease, he decides to spend his last days living the high life on the French Riviera.
29 Apr. 1965
Kill No More
A U.S. scientist obsessed with putting an end to war by creating the ultimate weapon, endangers his marriage by neglecting his much-younger wife. He's a perfectionist, which riles his military overseers, who keep pressuring the physicist for quick results, because they fear he'll be nabbed by enemy agents.
13 May 1965
The Easter Breach
A man plots to get his pregnant wife out of East Berlin by romancing her American lookalike.
20 May 1965
The Safe House
A nuclear scientist with a dark past is pursued by three different groups with very different agendas.
10 Jun. 1965
The Trains of Silence
A geologist from Vancouver,Canada comes to the U.S. to see his old college roommate who is now a reclusive Howard Hughes-ish multi-millionaire industrialist. He has a mining investment to propose but is not allowed to see his friend,is rudely treated by the man's staff and is almost murdered.After being "bought off", he persists and finds an unexpected result.
17 Jun. 1965
Kill Me on July 20th
A racer who blames himself for his brother's death contracts for his own murder and then changes his mind.
24 Jun. 1965
The Rise and Fall of Eddie Carew
When a senile VIP is accidentally locked into an "impenatrable" safe, a "reformed" safe cracker is recruited from State Prison to rescue him. The "Human Can Opener" is not enthusiastic about the offer and, despite his loyal girlfriend, hatches a rescue plan with a twist.

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