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7 Jan. 1964
Home Is the Hunted
Dr. Kimble returns to his hometown where he reunites with his father John, and his loving sister Donna, who absolutely believe in his innocence, but Kimble's brother Ray has serious doubts about him.
14 Jan. 1964
The Garden House
Dr. Kimble is in Connecticut working for a man who is conspiring with his mistress to murder his wife, and blame it on him.
21 Jan. 1964
Come Watch Me Die
Kimble is deputized to transport a suspected killer of a man and his wife, to the county seat, along with witnesses who want to lynch the prisoner.
28 Jan. 1964
Where the Action Is
Kimble works as lifeguard for a hotel casino owner whose wild, sexy adult daughter makes unwanted advances toward him to get back at her father.
4 Feb. 1964
Search in a Windy City
Dr. Kimble spots the murderer of his wife in Chicago, but is unaware that the newspaper man helping him is under pressure by his editor to turn Kimble into the police, if they fail to catch him.
11 Feb. 1964
Dr. Kimble wants to expose a defect in the bloodline of a kennel owner's dog, but the son and daughter-in-law threaten to stop him.
18 Feb. 1964
Rat in a Corner
A wounded robber is suspected of murder and forces Kimble to treat him, but Kimble doesn't believe he killed anyone.
25 Feb. 1964
Angels Travel on Lonely Roads: Part 1
After escaping a police dragnet in Lincoln City, Nevada, Kimble comes upon Sister Veronica and her broken-down truck on a road in the desert hills. She convinces him to accompany her on her trip to Sacramento, despite his protests that he's heading in another direction.
3 Mar. 1964
Angels Travel on Lonely Roads: Part 2
Kimble and Sister Veronica continue their journey, not realizing that each of them is hiding a secret. In Sister Veronica's case, she plans to renounce her vows when they reach their destination.
10 Mar. 1964
Flight from the Final Demon
A man helps Kimble escapes from a Sheriff and is wounded. As he nurses him, he discovers the man is tortured by a very guilty conscience in connection with a murder rap he was acquitted of months before.
17 Mar. 1964
Taps for a Dead War
Richard Kimble meets an old army buddy who saved his life during an explosion in the Korean War, and got badly disfigured in the process. Filled with bitterness, this ex army person plots to either disfigure Kimble, or kill him.
24 Mar. 1964
Somebody to Remember
Kimble's current boss, A warehouse owner with a terminal disease, wants to help Dr. Kimble by impersonating him, leading Lt. Gerald to the Country of Greece, and dying at sea.
31 Mar. 1964
Never Stop Running
A couple tricks Dr. Kimble into helping an injured young boy who is a hemophiliac (a bleeder), and whom they have kidnapped for a $200,000 ransom.
7 Apr. 1964
The Homecoming
Dr. Kimble tries to protect a young woman from her evil stepmother who may be be trying to force her to have a second nervous breakdown over the dog mauling death a young boy a year before.
14 Apr. 1964
Storm Center
An attractive woman, along with her swindler boyfriend, recognizes Dr. Kimble and forces him to ferry them to an island in the Florida Keys during a hurricane.
21 Apr. 1964
The End Game
A dragnet traps Dr. Kimble to within a few city blocks while hides out in a house owned by two men. One of the men believes Kimble is innocent and the other does not, and wants to turn him over to the police.
15 Sep. 1964
Man in a Chariot
An elderly law professor claims he could get Kimble off with a new trial, and has his students set up a mocked, televised trial to try and prove it.
22 Sep. 1964
World's End
A private detective hired by Dr. Kimble's defense attorney has found the one-armed man. The attorney's daughter meets Kimble to help him but ultimately hopes to run off with him and start a new life together.
29 Sep. 1964
Man on a String
Kimble helps Lucey when her car won't start. The next morning, she's accused of murdering a man at the exact time that she was with Kimble. Kimble wants to help but knows it's too dangerous to stay and testify on her behalf at the inquest.
6 Oct. 1964
When the Bough Breaks
An emotionally fragile young woman steals another woman's baby, and Kimble (whom she believes to be the baby's father) may be the only one who can help them all.
13 Oct. 1964
Kimble escapes from a sheriff by stealing his station wagon, unaware that Lt. Gerard's son is hiding in the back seat.
20 Oct. 1964
Tiger Left, Tiger Right
The Cheyney's, bitter over Harold being hit by one of Pryor's trucks without receiving proper compensation, plans to kidnap Pryor for ransom but instead kidnaps Kimble working as Pryor's gardener thinking Kimble is Pryor.
27 Oct. 1964
Tug of War
A wily old former country sheriff recognizes Kimble from a Post Office poster and sets off in a mountain pursuit to redeem himself of the guilt of losing a prisoner from years in the past.
10 Nov. 1964
Dark Corner
A beautiful blind woman becomes very dangerous as she shields Kimble from the police and tries to seduce her sister's fiancée.
17 Nov. 1964
Escape into Black
When Kimble suffers temporary amnesia from an explosion, he finds himself caught between a social worker who wants to help and a psychiatrist who doesn't.
24 Nov. 1964
The Cage
When someone develops symptoms of the plague Kimble is forced into a difficult position: should he report it and risk getting caught or ensure his safety by leaving town and ignoring a potential epidemic.
1 Dec. 1964
Cry Uncle
When robbers shoot two policemen, Kimble's nearby, so he hides in orphanage's station wagon to get away from the dragnet. Two orphans he met beforehand promise they'll alibi him, but Sean Dubose, another state ward, plans to use Kimble in his own escape - fearing he'll be shipped to an Illinois juvenile prison soon. Sean's embittered from being abandoned by his alcoholic uncle, after Sean's parents' deaths. Kimble is torn between an immediate, but risky daylight escape, or helping the troublesome boy.
8 Dec. 1964
Detour on a Road Going Nowhere
Kimble, on the run again, finds himself stranded on a broken down bus on a remote mountain road. The passengers discover Kimble's true identity and one of them, armed with a gun, is determined to turn him in to the police.
15 Dec. 1964
The Iron Maiden
Kimble is photographed with a Congresswoman during her inspection of a military construction project. After they are trapped underground, Lt. Gerard arrives on the scene, confident that he has finally caught Kimble.
22 Dec. 1964
Devil's Carnival
Kimble is riding with a man named Hanes who is driving back to his hometown. When Hanes starts a fight, the sheriff arrests them both, as he recognizes Kimble as a wanted man. A troubled youth named Tad plans to help Kimble escape.
29 Dec. 1964
Ballad for a Ghost
A singer (Janis Paige), who bears a strong resemblance to Kimble's (David Janssen) dead wife, arrives at a club he works at and offends everyone with her boorish behavior. He eventually discovers her rudeness is due to a personal and tragic secret.

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