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Season 3

14 Sep. 1965
Wings of an Angel
After being stabbed while rescuing a woman from her attacker, Kimble is taken to the nearest infirmary, located inside a prison. One of the inmates threatens to expose Kimble if he doesn't help in a drug smuggling operation.
21 Sep. 1965
Middle of a Heat Wave
A woman with whom Kimble was dining becomes angry when he tells her he must leave town. She disappears and is found roughed up but alive. Kimble knows she must tell police he did not abduct her in order to save him from being arrested.
28 Sep. 1965
Crack in a Crystal Ball
After being snubbed by local police, a small-time mentalist sees his big break in his crystal ball when he spies Dr. Kimble toiling at a gas station. Instead of just turning in the escapee, Sal Mitchell plans to boost his career by having his beautiful, blonde wife Joan Mitchell lure the physician 200 miles away to Lincoln, Illinois, after predicting where Kimble will be. Joan entices Kimble by claiming that, en route from Chicago to Southern Illinois, she noticed a cruel-looking one-armed man working near a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Kimble gets an urge for going, ...
5 Oct. 1965
Trial by Fire
A man comes forward and admits to having seen the one-armed man running from the house the night of Helen Kimble's murder. This gives Richard Kimble hope of another trial which could clear his name. Will this man be willing to testify; and will his testimony be enough?
12 Oct. 1965
Conspiracy of Silence
A military test is conducted in the remote desert and headquartered in the resort where Kimble is working. He learns of the top-secret operation and this knowledge puts him in great danger.
19 Oct. 1965
Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue
A favorite son, now a huge success, comes back to his hometown to start a new operation. At first everyone seems to be happy he's back, but simmering jealousies come to the front when someone threatens to kill him.
26 Oct. 1965
All the Scared Rabbits
A woman hires Kimble to drive her daughter and herself to California. The young girl has a rabbit with her that had been a test subject in a research study and is infected with meningitis.
2 Nov. 1965
An Apple a Day
After injuring his ankle while running from the police Kimble winds up in the care of a natural medicine practitioner. Kimble believes another patient of his is seriously ill but is unsure how to save her.
16 Nov. 1965
Landscape with Running Figures: Part 1
Kimble's joined on the run by Lt. Gerard's wife, who's had it with being no. 2 to a phantom. Kimble stumbles, signing his own name on a time-sheet, which sets off a manhunt, while residents battle a flood. Gerard (Barry Morse) drags his wife off of their vacation to join the hounds. With many roads out of the Midwest city under water, Marie Gerard (Barbara Rush) and Kimble (David Janssen) end up on the same Eastbound bus.
23 Nov. 1965
Landscape with Running Figures: Part 2
Stranded in an abandoned town and awaiting help, the blind Mrs. Gerard (Barbara Rush) realizes she is with Kimble (David Janssen). With her husband on the way, she delays Kimble's departure, hoping his capture will end her husband's obsession and save her marriage.
30 Nov. 1965
Set Fire to a Straw Man
The owner of a warehouse distributorship threatens to report Kimble to the police if he doesn't stay away from his sister. He has no interest in her but when she kidnaps a small boy he must choose between saving the boy or himself.
7 Dec. 1965
Stranger in the Mirror
After three police officers are murdered Kimble (David Janssen), the new stranger in town, becomes the obvious suspect. His situation is complicated by his boss (William Shatner), a former cop who suffers from a mysterious psychiatric problem.
14 Dec. 1965
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
Kimble is arrested in a play arrest, which soon turns real at an annual town celebration in which Marshal Judd tries to hide him from Lt. Gerard, with the aid of his much put off fiancée Laura, to collect a suspected reward for Kimball's capture.
21 Dec. 1965
End of the Line
While running from the police, Kimble "borrows" another man's wallet to pay for a train ticket. He goes to great lengths to return the wallet and money but in so doing he sees the man murdered and becomes the chief suspect in his death.
28 Dec. 1965
When the Wind Blows
At an off-season motel a woman turns to Kimble for help with her son, who is an unusually bright but troubled child. Kimble helps the boy so much that when he has to run from the local sheriff, the boy follows after, imperiling them both.
4 Jan. 1966
Not with a Whimper
Kimble's (David Janssen) anti-smog crusading friend (Laurence Naismith) has him deliver a package secretly containing a bomb to a polluting factory, unaware that children are there.
11 Jan. 1966
Wife Killer
Kimble and a female reporter (Janice Rule) capture the critically-injured one-armed Fred Johnson, and try to get him to confess to the murder of Kimble's wife.
18 Jan. 1966
This'll Kill You
Kimble works as a laundryman for an amiable fellow named Charlie, who knows too much about the wrong people who are out to kill him. He has arranged for his girlfriend to come join him, not realizing she may bring the Mob with her.
25 Jan. 1966
Echo of a Nightmare
After being mugged by four hoodlums Kimble is reluctant to deal with the police. But while leaving town, he ends up getting handcuffed to a policewoman. When she breaks her ankle Kimble has to help her while evading the police manhunt.
1 Feb. 1966
Stroke of Genius
A young man accidentally kills the driver of a Jeep Kimble is riding in. Kimble gets away, but is later captured by Gerard in a remote cabin. But the real danger is from the boy's father who is determined to protect his son, no matter what.
8 Feb. 1966
Shadow of the Swan
Kimble is befriended by a troubled woman who gets him a job working in a veterinary clinic. Her involvement with a no-good carny worker brings him trouble and the attention of her stepfather, a former cop, who thinks he recognizes Kimble.
22 Feb. 1966
Running Scared
When Kimble reads of his father's death he goes back home to meet his sister. Gerard is expecting this and the D.A. who convicted Kimble hopes his capture will make him Governor. But Kimble has an unexpected ally helping him.
1 Mar. 1966
The Chinese Sunset
Playing a kind of Prof. Higgins to his Eliza Doolittle, Kimble schools an uneducated woman while her boyfriend works his next big score. An undercover policeman, originally shadowing the gangster boyfriend, takes an interest in Kimble.
8 Mar. 1966
Ill Wind
Kimble is captured by Lt. Gerard while traveling with a group of migrant workers. During a violent wind storm, Gerard is badly injured and Kimble has to convince the others to help him save Gerard's life.
15 Mar. 1966
With Strings Attached
A young concert violinist virtuoso begins to buckle under both the strain of performing and the demands of his authoritative manager Max, himself a former violinist. Kimble suspects he might resort to a desperate act to rid himself of Max.
22 Mar. 1966
The White Knight
While working as a delivery driver, Kimble rescues a man and a woman from the wreckage of a small airplane. All three have a problem: the man is a politician, the woman is not his wife, and Kimble doesn't want publicity as the rescuer.
29 Mar. 1966
The 2130
A computer scientist, appalled to discover that his chauffeur was actually Dr. Kimble, uses his new state-of-the-art computer to assist Gerard and predict Kimble's movements from city to city.
12 Apr. 1966
A Taste of Tomorrow
While fleeing authorities, Dr. Kimble discovers a man who is deathly ill and is also being pursued by the law.
19 Apr. 1966
In a Plain Paper Wrapper
The 12 year old nephew of Dr. Kimble's girlfriend arrives to live with her and recognizes him. He hatches a plan with his neighborhood friends to catch him by purchasing a mail-order rifle.
26 Apr. 1966
A death on a diving barge that Dr. Kimble works on makes the owner want to get rid of Kimble so he can't testify to what happened.

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