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Season 1

17 Sep. 1963
Fear in a Desert City
After being on the run for 6 months, Richard Kimble falls in love with a beautiful woman who has a young son. She also has a physically abusive, estranged husband, that wants Kimble out of town, or dead.
24 Sep. 1963
The Witch
A habitually lying little girl falsely accuses Kimble of chasing her through the woods, and it puts his life in greater danger.
1 Oct. 1963
The Other Side of the Mountain
A friendly country girl has a crush on Kimble and wants to help him escape on the condition she can go with him, as the Sheriff and Lt. Gerard close in on them.
8 Oct. 1963
Never Wave Goodbye: Part 1
Kimble flees Los Angeles with a woman who loves him after checking out a lead on some one-armed man, but Lt. Gerard is right on their trail.
15 Oct. 1963
Never Wave Goodbye: Part 2
Dr. Kimble still fleeing with the woman he loves, decides to fake their deaths at sea, hoping it will fool Lt. Gerard forever.
22 Oct. 1963
Decision in the Ring
Richard Kimble helps a black boxer realize that he may have a brain injury that will kill him if he continues to box. Meanwhile, an undercover police Sgt. closes in on Kimble.
29 Oct. 1963
Smoke Screen
Kimble and a group of farm workers are surrounded in the hills by a huge fire and he must reveal that he's a doctor in order to save the life of a pregnant, illegal immigrant.
5 Nov. 1963
See Hollywood and Die
Kimble and a young woman are kidnapped by deadly robbers, so he pretends to be a crook to try and save her and himself.
12 Nov. 1963
Ticket to Alaska
Sailing from Seattle to Alaska, Dr. Kimble finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery. To prove his own innocence, he must play detective to figure out who the real killer is.
19 Nov. 1963
Kimble breaks jail with a friendly, slightly retarded young man, and finds out the man may have been falsely blamed for a crime he did not commit years ago.
26 Nov. 1963
Nightmare at Northoak
After saving a busload of kids in an accident, Kimble is knocked unconscious and later identified as a fugitive. Gerard comes to this Massachusetts town to extradite him back to Indiana, much to the dismay of the town's grateful residents.
3 Dec. 1963
Glass Tightrope
Kimble risks his own freedom and life to help an elderly transient who is wrongly accused of murder when he's caught stealing a dead man's wallet.
17 Dec. 1963
Terror at High Point
Working at a remote construction site, Dr. Kimble tries protect a coworker with a low I.Q. from being lynched when the caring married woman who's been teaching him to read, is assaulted by an unknown attacker.
24 Dec. 1963
The Girl from Little Egypt
A beautiful airline stewardess badly injuries Kimble in a traffic accident and in his delirium he admits who he is and she helps him. In turn, Kimble helps her realize the married man she's dating is not right for her.
7 Jan. 1964
Home Is the Hunted
Dr. Kimble returns to his hometown where he reunites with his father John, and his loving sister Donna, who absolutely believe in his innocence, but Kimble's brother Ray has serious doubts about him.
14 Jan. 1964
The Garden House
Dr. Kimble is in Connecticut working for a man who is conspiring with his mistress to murder his wife, and blame it on him.
21 Jan. 1964
Come Watch Me Die
Kimble is deputized to transport a suspected killer of a man and his wife, to the county seat, along with witnesses who want to lynch the prisoner.
28 Jan. 1964
Where the Action Is
Kimble works as lifeguard for a hotel casino owner whose wild, sexy adult daughter makes unwanted advances toward him to get back at her father.
4 Feb. 1964
Search in a Windy City
Dr. Kimble spots the murderer of his wife in Chicago, but is unaware that the newspaper man helping him is under pressure by his editor to turn Kimble into the police, if they fail to catch him.
11 Feb. 1964
Dr. Kimble wants to expose a defect in the bloodline of a kennel owner's dog, but the son and daughter-in-law threaten to stop him.
18 Feb. 1964
Rat in a Corner
A wounded robber is suspected of murder and forces Kimble to treat him, but Kimble doesn't believe he killed anyone.
25 Feb. 1964
Angels Travel on Lonely Roads: Part 1
After escaping a police dragnet in Lincoln City, Nevada, Kimble comes upon Sister Veronica and her broken-down truck on a road in the desert hills. She convinces him to accompany her on her trip to Sacramento, despite his protests that he's heading in another direction.
3 Mar. 1964
Angels Travel on Lonely Roads: Part 2
Kimble and Sister Veronica continue their journey, not realizing that each of them is hiding a secret. In Sister Veronica's case, she plans to renounce her vows when they reach their destination.
10 Mar. 1964
Flight from the Final Demon
A man helps Kimble escapes from a Sheriff and is wounded. As he nurses him, he discovers the man is tortured by a very guilty conscience in connection with a murder rap he was acquitted of months before.
17 Mar. 1964
Taps for a Dead War
Richard Kimble meets an old army buddy who saved his life during an explosion in the Korean War, and got badly disfigured in the process. Filled with bitterness, this ex army person plots to either disfigure Kimble, or kill him.
24 Mar. 1964
Somebody to Remember
Kimble's current boss, A warehouse owner with a terminal disease, wants to help Dr. Kimble by impersonating him, leading Lt. Gerald to the Country of Greece, and dying at sea.
31 Mar. 1964
Never Stop Running
A couple tricks Dr. Kimble into helping an injured young boy who is a hemophiliac (a bleeder), and whom they have kidnapped for a $200,000 ransom.
7 Apr. 1964
The Homecoming
Dr. Kimble tries to protect a young woman from her evil stepmother who may be be trying to force her to have a second nervous breakdown over the dog mauling death a young boy a year before.
14 Apr. 1964
Storm Center
An attractive woman, along with her swindler boyfriend, recognizes Dr. Kimble and forces him to ferry them to an island in the Florida Keys during a hurricane.
21 Apr. 1964
The End Game
A dragnet traps Dr. Kimble to within a few city blocks while hides out in a house owned by two men. One of the men believes Kimble is innocent and the other does not, and wants to turn him over to the police.

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