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Season 4

13 Sep. 1966
The Last Oasis
After Dr. Kimble recovers at an Indian reservation from a gunshot wound, a local deputy pursues him through the desert to make amends for a past mistake.
20 Sep. 1966
Death Is the Door Prize
Kimble flees a hotel security guard who needs him as witness to testify he shot an unarmed burglar because he made a threatening move.
27 Sep. 1966
A Clean and Quiet Town
In search of the one-armed man, Dr. Kimble finds himself in Clark City, a town controlled by violent policemen and a mysterious businessman who runs an illegal gambling operation.
4 Oct. 1966
The Sharp Edge of Chivalry
Employed as a building super, Dr. Kimble befriends a troubled youth in the building who steals a key from him to attack a woman in her apartment.
11 Oct. 1966
Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver
Dr. Kimble is working as a hired hand on a failing ranch while the local sheriff is looking for a recently escaped murderer. Meanwhile, back in Stafford, a national newspaper publisher offers a $10,000 reward for Kimble's capture.
18 Oct. 1966
Joshua's Kingdom
While working for a small town veterinarian, Dr. Kimble comes across the sick baby of an unwed mother whose religious father doesn't believe in medicine. As Kimble secretly treats the baby, a jealous dismissed deputy discovers his true identity.
25 Oct. 1966
Second Sight
Kimble is blinded in a fire after fighting with the one-armed man, and has to depend on a young blackmailing photographer to help him.
1 Nov. 1966
Wine Is a Traitor
While driving through vineyards, Dr. Kimble and two passengers are shot by a sniper killing one who was a union organizer. Kimble can identify the sniper but the police and powerful owners of the town winery conspire to keep him quiet.
15 Nov. 1966
Approach with Care
Working at a carnival, Dr. Kimble befriends a childlike, mentally disabled, man who is wanted by the sheriff when he fled before he could be sent to an institution.
22 Nov. 1966
Nobody Loses All the Time
While working as a bartender, Dr. Kimble sees the one-armed man in a live news broadcast. After arriving on the scene Kimble chases the man which causes a woman to be hit by a car. While treating her at a hospital, he discovers she has had a relationship with the one-armed man and might be able to tell Kimble where he is.
29 Nov. 1966
Right in the Middle of the Season
Dr. Kimble is arrested after a fight breaks out when the fishing boat he works on returns to a heated dockworkers' strike.
6 Dec. 1966
The Devil's Disciples
As a posse of sheriff deputies pursue Dr. Kimble on foot in the desert, he is rescued by outlaw bikers who want to use him to settle a score with local law enforcement.
20 Dec. 1966
The Blessings of Liberty
The police are looking for a young fugitive who was dating the daughter of a Hungarian family that Dr. Kimble is staying with. As the police stake out their residence, Dr. Kimble discovers her father is also running from a crime he was accused of.
27 Dec. 1966
The Evil Men Do
Kimble's saves his boss' life, garnering the ranch owner's powerful protection but Kimble doesn't want his favors, because the owner's a hit-man gone legit. With Lt. Gerard closing in, the wealthy retired assassin sends the detective in the opposite direction from the fugitive, into a trap where Gerard will be taken off the hunt for good.
3 Jan. 1967
Run the Man Down
While fleeing the police through a forest, Dr. Kimble finds an armed criminal with a bullet wound. The criminal guides him to a cabin owned by a woman who is suspicious of their stories.
10 Jan. 1967
The Other Side of the Coin
Police drag in Kimble when a co-worker robs the liquor store the fugitive's clerking in. Some police suspect Kimble's involved, but their chief knows he's not - because his alienated son is the stick-up man. To repair their relationship the desperate father needs to get his son off. Will he feed Kimble to his wolves to do so ?
17 Jan. 1967
The One That Got Away
While working as a deck hand on a charter boat, a company believes the skipper left the country after embezzling cash and securities. The police decide to use an agent as the boat's replacement skipper since the next passenger is the embezzler's wife who intends to meet up with him in Mexico. The police also decide to investigate the mysterious deckhand since he has no background.
24 Jan. 1967
Concrete Evidence
A hated construction company owner, with a heart condition, recognizes Kimble and forces him to be his office assistant because of his doctor skills.
31 Jan. 1967
The Breaking of the Habit
After being shot, Kimble is reunited with Sister Veronica, whose help he needs to track down a lead about the one-armed man.
7 Feb. 1967
There Goes the Ball Game
While attending a baseball game, a woman Dr. Kimble is sitting next to is told that she has a phone call and is kidnapped. As Kimble is the only one who saw the kidnapper, her rich father coerces him into helping find his daughter.
21 Feb. 1967
The Ivy Maze
Dr. Kimble meets with a fraternity brother who is now a professor of sleep research at a university and has seen the one-armed man working there. The professor has an elaborate plan to extract proof from the man that he killed Kimble's wife.
28 Feb. 1967
Goodbye My Love
A beautiful woman seduces Kimble as part of a plan to have her lover kill him, and his rich invalid wife, so they can get married.
7 Mar. 1967
Passage to Helena
While waiting to leave a small town in Montana, Dr. Kimble is spotted by the authorities and arrested. He is cleared for having stolen a truck but the sheriff decides to jail him for having resisted arrest and suspects he's not who he says he is. While Kimble is held in jail, another prisoner determines his true identity.
14 Mar. 1967
The Savage Street
An immigrant cigar maker's son is accosted by neighborhood bullies and calls the police to put a stop to the harassment. The only witness to the incident is Dr. Kimble whose face seems oddly familiar to the officers.
21 Mar. 1967
Death of a Very Small Killer
Kimble is blackmailed into slaving for a physician obsessed with curing a deadly strain of meningitis prevalent in a remote Mexican province. The fugitive put ashore in Mexico, after fleeing U.S. police, and swapping places with a departing sailor. The expatriate Dr. Howell will stop at nothing to wipe out his "tiny enemy," but Richard Kimble contests the ethics of Howell's fanatical methods, as a wily local police sergeant closes in on the convicted killer.
28 Mar. 1967
Dossier on a Diplomat
A diplomat's slip lands Kimble in the only place he can't be re-captured: a Washington, D.C. embassy. Dr. Kimble ministers to the ambassador from a newly democratized African nation, when the emissary is almost flattened by a D.C. cab. Everything looks cozy for the fugitive, who's in town to court an appeal specialist - especially bunking down the hall from the legation's man-eater secretary.
4 Apr. 1967
The Walls of Night
Kimble and a beautiful trucking dispatcher fall in love, but she's afraid to tell him about legal restrictions against her.
11 Apr. 1967
The Shattered Silence
A lovely woman helps Kimble escape, but he's shot by police and taken in by a reclusive old mountain man, who wants him to live with him.
22 Aug. 1967
The Judgment: Part I
The one-armed man is arrested in Los Angeles for fighting and police want the story highlighted in the newspaper to try and lure Kimble into capture.
29 Aug. 1967
The Judgment: Part II
Lt. Gerard agrees to work with Kimble for 24 hours to prove his innocence, because someone who may have been there when his wife was killed, posted bail for the one-armed man.

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