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2 Oct. 1963
An Obelisk for Benny
A freshman who is better at partying and flirting with trouble takes a job to help a wheelchair bound paraplegic. It's a definite mismatch as he is sullen and diffident. The two over time learn from each other.
23 Oct. 1963
Dragon in the Den
A Channing alumnus, running for State's Attorney on a "throw the rascals out" platform, discover his campaign manager is using dirty tricks to get him elected.
4 Dec. 1963
A Doll's House with Pompoms and Trophies
One of Channing's oldest students is Don Burroughs, who's nearly thirty and never graduates. He and his wife and child live on her salary as the Dean's secretary, but he can't keep a job either. He seems like a charming eternal boy, always forgiven, but deep inside, he resents it.
26 Feb. 1964
A Claim to Immortality
Professor Paul Atherton surprises almost all when he turns down the chance to head the Institute of Foreign Policy. Howe is curious as to why and finds out the man is keeping something hidden from his past.
11 Mar. 1964
The Trouble with Girls
Larry Franklin is a shy freshman while roommate Mark Selby is more worldly. They both fall under the the spell of attractive Lynn Walton. But only Mark knows how to handle her devious ways as Larry heads for a nervous breakdown.
1 Apr. 1964
Christmas Day Is Breaking Wan
Dean Baker takes in a homeless man for Christmas, a decision which has life changing consequences for both men.

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