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4 Jan. 1967
Code Name: Heraclitus - Part 2
While being operated on, a man dies but is brought back to life. However, he has no memory of his life prior to the operation. A government agent hears about it and decides that someone like him would be invaluable as an undercover agent.
11 Jan. 1967
A Time to Love
A burned-out doctor finds that his young protégé is helping to renew his spirit and dedication to medicine. Meanwhile, his wife has found a way to renew her own spirit.
1 Feb. 1967
The Lady Is My Wife
After the Civil War ends, a rich horse rancher out West hires the Bannisters, a married Southern couple who lost everything in the war, to help run his ranch. What the Banisters don't know is that their new boss has more on his mind than breeding horses, and his plans include the pretty Mrs. Bannister.
1 Mar. 1967
A Song Called Revenge
A pop singer finds himself caught up in the middle of a romantic triangle.
8 Mar. 1967
The Reason Nobody Hardly Ever Seen a Fat Outlaw in the Old West Is as Follows
A somewhat timid sheriff finds himself going up against the notorious Swine Gang and Curly the Kid.
22 Mar. 1967
Free of Charge
Harrybell, an unconventional young Los Angeles composer, is sent to an institution for "psychiatric evaluation", because the authorities think his somewhat unusual outlook on life means he's crazy. He walks out of the facility with two other "crazies" to look for an inspiration for a musical tribute to L.A.
29 Mar. 1967
Verdict for Terror
A law student invites the local District Attorney to appear at "The Griddle", a question-and-answer session that the law-school fraternity hosts. What the D.A. doesn't know is that the student is the brother of a man the D.A. sent to the gas chamber, and his real goal is to prove his brother's innocence and show up the D.A. for the corrupt, ambitious politician he believes him to be. Law student Darryl Cooper invites an ambitious D.A. to meet his fraternity brothers in 'the griddle,' a political question and answer session. The D.A. accepts, but soon wishes he hadn't,...
5 Apr. 1967
Dead Wrong
A monk living in isolation in a mountain cabin finds his life turned around when an escaped convict, his brother and a girl who they both love break into his cabin trying to escape the law.
19 Apr. 1967
Don't Wait for Tomorrow
A newspaperman investigating the whereabouts of a notorious international criminal follows his leads to a lavish estate on a secluded Greek island. He's convinced that he's on to something when he's beaten up by thugs who warn him to get off the island.
26 Apr. 1967
A surfer strikes up a friendship with a fading movie star, but his main goal is to get ahold of her jewelry collection, which is worth millions.
10 May 1967
To Sleep, Perchance to Scream
Private detective Adam Steels looks into the death of a friend who worked for a millionaire Hollywood businessman. His investigation leads him to believe that his friend's former boss is somehow linked to the murder.
17 May 1967
A woman walks into a police station with a pistol and a vial of nitroglycerin. It turns out that she is the widow of an infamous criminal shot and killed by a detective. She notifies the police that she is waiting for the detective who shot her husband and intends to kill him in front of his fellow officers.

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