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3 Jan. 1964
War of Nerves
An American grapples with an assassin for the OAS (Secret Army Organization) in Paris during the Algerian conflict. The story explores terrorism, its motivations, and the moral issues it raises.
24 Jan. 1964
The Seven Little Foys
After the young wife of vaudevillian Eddie Foy passes away, he incorporates their seven children into the act and takes it on the road.
13 Mar. 1964
White Snow, Red Ice
An American skier is approached by a beautiful girl while shooting movie scenes in Yugoslavia-she wants to defect.At the same time, he's met by an oily KGB agent there to make a trade, a kidnapped U.S. scientist for a military-use chemical formula. But it soon becomes apparent he's more interested in the girl.
29 May 1964
The Sojourner
John Ferris has found success and fame as a foreign correspondent. But his career has left him with a number of failed relationships and he reflects on what has led him to be alone.
6 Nov. 1964
Out on the Outskirts of Town
A woman, her mother, and her daughter check into a run-down resort to hide from her abusive husband, a washed-up professional baseball player. Her mother urges her to save her marriage while her daughter combats her own emotional needs.
4 Dec. 1964
Mr. Biddle's Crime Wave
A chemist engages in pure research, but some of his research is dangerous. And he's a bit of a klutz. And he's a little socially inept, too. All things combined make him a danger to himself and others.

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