In Search of the Castaways (1962) Poster

Hayley Mills: Mary Grant



  • Mary Grant : [singing]  Castaway, castaway: trust in your star. You know I will find you wherever you are. Though all your dreams may be tossed by the tide, cling to your hopes: never cast them aside. Castaway, castaway, though you may be lost in the wilderness, over the sea: I will discover your castaway shore, and you'll be a castaway no more. Oh, you'll be a castaway no more.

  • John Glenarvan : Now just a minute! Don't forget that it was me who arranged -

    [Mary's kiss instantly silences him] 

    Mary Grant : Thank you!

  • Mary Grant : Just think: If he hadn't put the note in the bottle, and if Monsieur Paganel hadn't caught that shark...

    John Glenarvan : And if you hadn't tried to slapped my face that morning on the way to Plymouth, I wouldn't have talked my father into making this trip.

    Mary Grant : Funny how things work out, isn't it?

  • Mary Grant : Here we are, all of us together.

    John Glenarvan : All of us. Did you ever see so many stars?

    Mary Grant : Once, on top of a mountain.

    John Glenarvan : Did you know that down there out of the light, you can see the Southern Cross?

    Mary Grant : Southern Cross?

    [they stroll off, alone] 

  • John Glenarvan : When we first met, I had a different impression. Most girls can be rather silly. Do you know what I mean?

    Mary Grant : No, I don't.

    John Glenarvan : Well... you're different.

    Mary Grant : How different?

    John Glenarvan : I don't know how to say it. I had it all worked out last night. Sounds rather silly now, though.

    Mary Grant : What does?

    John Glenarvan : Well, you don't expect things of a girl, certain things like climbing mountains, going through floods, making the most of it. You know what I mean?

    Mary Grant : Don't think I do.

    John Glenarvan : Well, I want to say that... I think you've been just *fine*... for a girl. Well, what I really mean is that - if we get out of here alive, and when we're old enough...

    Mary Grant : John?

    John Glenarvan : Mary.

    Mary Grant : There's the log you've needed for your raft.

  • Mary Grant : Robert! Hold on!

    Robert Grant : I don't have to! She won't let go!

    Jacques Paganel : This is true. She will not let go until she reaches her nest.

    Mary Grant : Reaches her nest?

    Jacques Paganel : Yes. High in the mountains. No doubt she has little ones that must...

    Mary Grant : Oh!

    [Paganel abruptly stops talking] 

    Mary Grant : Oh!

  • Jacques Paganel : [sung]  Why cry about bad weather? Enjoy it! Each moment is a treasure. Enjoy it! We're travelers on life's highway, enjoy the trip. Each lovely twist and byway, each bump and dip. If there's a complication, enjoy it! You've got imagination, employ it. And you'll see roses in the snow, joie de vivre will make them grow. Voila, that's life, enjoy it! Since I must do the cooking, I'll enjoy it. This ombu tree smells gorgeous, you'll enjoy it. A hurricane comes your way, enjoy the breeze! You're stranded in the jungle, hah!, enjoy the trees! If there's a complication, enjoy it!

    Lord Glenarvan : Ha ha ha!

    Jacques Paganel : You've got imagination, employ it. This tree's a - cornucopia, why it could be...

    Mary Grant : Utopia!

    Jacques Paganel : Voila! That's right! Enjoy it!

    Mary Grant : Why cry about bad weather? Enjoy it!

    Jacques Paganel : No, enjoy.

    Mary Grant : Oh, each moment is a treasure, enjoy it!

    Jacques Paganel : That's better, enjoy it.

    Mary Grant : We're traveler's on life's highway, enjoy the trip.

    Jacques Paganel : Ha ha ha!

    Mary Grant : Each lovely twist and byway, each bump and dip.

    Jacques Paganel : Good!

    Jacques Paganel , Mary Grant : If there's a complication, enjoy it, enjoy it. You've got imagination, employ it, employ it. From eggs and herbs au naturel,

    Mary Grant : Omelette Ombu a la Paganel.

    Jacques Paganel : Pour vous, milord,

    Jacques Paganel , Mary Grant : Enjoy it!

  • Jacques Paganel : Merci merci merci beaucoup, merci milord Glenarvan!

    [the group starts to dance around Glenarvan] 

    Jacques Paganel , Mary Grant , Robert Grant , John Glenarvan : Merci merci merci beaucoup, merci milord Glenarvan!

    Jacques Paganel : Hooray!

  • Mary Grant : Anyway, I can't stand people who look at me like that. "*Delightful* child!" "*Gallant* father!"

  • John Glenarvan : Wait! I want to make a wish on that star.

    Mary Grant : What could *you* wish for that you haven't got?

    John Glenarvan : That my father would go somewhere and get lost. Just for a little while, you understand.

  • Mary Grant : [sees an upcoming wall of ice]  Oh!

    Lord Glenarvan : Abandon ship!

    Mary Grant : No, wait! There's a hole in the ice!

    Lord Glenarvan : But we don't know where it goes!

    Mary Grant : We'll soon find out!

  • Mary Grant : But Thalcave's different. He said "I bring help," and he will.

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