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Up — The Starlog Review

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How do the people at Pixar keep doing it? How do they keep on creating such superb work and then topping themselves with every new production?

At the heart(break) of this tale, Up is about the love story between Ellie and Carl—and his lifelong memories of the adventures they shared together.

It’s a question that I began personally examining almost a decade ago when I took over the Pixar “beat” at Starlog. Subsequently, I traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area and Pixar’s Emeryville headquarters to cover Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Wall+E. Starlog animation expert Bob Miller spelled me on Cars—since I have zero interest in autos—and Ratatouille—because of my intense fear of French cuisine (rats, I’m just kidding). I’ve met and/or interviewed many of Pixar’s key creative people and written about 20 articles on their
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