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7 Jan. 1963
Gold-Plated Maverick
After E.J. is injured, rancher Byron Latimer pays his medical bills. To pay back the debt, Latimer asks Stoney to shape up his spoiled and rebellious teenage son.
14 Jan. 1963
Death Rides a Pale Horse
Stoney's main challenger in the championship tournament is not only battling him over the rodeo, but a woman as well. Stoney discovers that the man is hiding deep emotional issues which make him unpredictable and possibly dangerous.
21 Jan. 1963
The King of the Hill
A rodeo champion who Stoney idolizes still feels the need to prove himself by challenging others in Indian wrestling and other feats, which leads to a disastrous encounter.
28 Jan. 1963
A Matter of Percentage
Two gamblers bet heavily on Stoney's upcoming rodeo contest. But one of the gamblers is determined not to lose, and so hopes to insure that Stoney does.
4 Feb. 1963
Image of Glory
Sam Hagen is determined that his son Jess win the rodeo championship. But Stoney learns that Jess has a bad knee, and that even a slight injury could permanently cripple him, a fact which Jess doesn't want his father to know.
11 Feb. 1963
Cat's Eyes
A fellow rodeo rider and friend of Stoney's is killed during a ride. Before he dies, he asks Stoney to take care of his girlfriend. But the dead man's brother blames her for his death and calls her a jinx, as this is the second time a man she cared for has died. She comes to believe she is a jinx herself.
18 Feb. 1963
Web of Fear
A series of mishaps convinces Ves that someone is out to kill Stoney. Stoney at first dismisses it as coincidence, but soon he too agrees.
4 Mar. 1963
Point of Entry
Stoney gets involved in a murder in a city on the Mexican border and runs afoul of both the Mexican and American police investigating the crime.
11 Mar. 1963
To Catch the Kaiser
A former champion horsewoman hires Stoney to capture the stallion that went wild after an accident which left her in a wheelchair for life. She wants him to tame the horse, but her father offers Stoney double the amount if he kills him.
18 Mar. 1963
After a simple-minded stable boy helps Stoney and Ves by subduing two men trying to rob the rodeo office, he begs Stoney not to tell the press his name. But an ambitious and unscrupulous reporter uncovers it anyway and tries to hound the young man into another act of violence.
25 Mar. 1963
Forget No More
Stacy Morgan tells Stoney she has been following the rodeo circuit looking for her father. But Stoney learns that her father was actually killed in a riding accident four years ago, and that Stacy witnessed it.
1 Apr. 1963
Color Him Lucky
A rodeo rider wants to get back on the circuit after being found innocent and pardoned of the murder he had been convicted of. But the town's organizers of the rodeo still don't want him to participate. When he insists on it, some take more drastic measures.
8 Apr. 1963
The Weapons Man
A weapons expert investigates the death of an international dignitary who was killed by an arrow fired by an Indian during a rodeo pre-game act. Though the film of the incident appears to show the death was accidental, the expert believes it was murder.
15 Apr. 1963
Kelly's Place
Stoney becomes close friends with Kelly, the half-owner of a bistro, upsetting her business partner, who has trouble telling her how he feels about her.
22 Apr. 1963
Dick Clark plays a police sergeant who runs a community center for city juveniles. He works with Stoney and the rodeo's fundraiser to get the center's boys to try to sell tickets for the rodeo. But not all of them are cooperating.
29 Apr. 1963
A Girl Named Amy
Stoney is invited by a friend to judge a college rodeo, but soon becomes aware that the friend's 18-year-old daughter believes she is in love with him, and thinks that Stoney feels the same way toward her.
6 May 1963
Tigress by the Tail
Stoney feels obligated to help out the reckless daughter of his late old friend and mentor by agreeing to pay her debts. But she takes total advantage of his generosity.
13 May 1963
The Test
After falling from a horse in a stall due to a stuck gate, Stoney finds himself unable to move his legs. But the doctors can find no medical explanation for it, and thus conclude that the paralysis is psychosomatic.
20 May 1963
The Journey
A hand injury forces Stoney to drop out of competition, and he is then offered a new job helping to purchase and deliver horses to take to the slaughterhouse. Very reluctantly, he accepts, but soon wishes he hadn't.

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