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1 Oct. 1962
The Contender
In his striving to be a rodeo champion, Stoney Burke must contend with a self-serving friend, an unscrupulous promoter, a young punk itching for a fight, a beautiful woman betrothed to a rival, and the meanest bronc on the circuit--Megaton.
8 Oct. 1962
Fight Night
Political rivals in Kate City use the rodeo and a prizefighter as pawns in their grudge match. When the boxing interests attempt to bully the rodeo into postponing its event, Stoney sets out to fight city hall.
15 Oct. 1962
Child of Luxury
Hell's fury is unleashed when Stoney scorns the affections of a spoiled rich girl whose daddy is the town's power broker.
22 Oct. 1962
Point of Honor
Soames Hewitt, the idle son of a judge in a traditional Southern community, fancies himself a bull rider. Stoney, E.J., and Cody become the targets of Soames' vicious temper when he believes they have dishonored his family's name.
29 Oct. 1962
The Mob Riders
It's rodeo riders versus race car drivers when Stoney and company are hired to convert a community's racetrack into a rodeo arena over the violent objections of the local racing club.
5 Nov. 1962
A Matter of Pride
A bull rider is killed, which scares the town into canceling the rodeo. Stoney's attempts to have the rodeo restored and to help the dead man's prideful but dirt poor family put him at odds with powerful city merchant Reese Ludlow.
12 Nov. 1962
Stoney rides a horse named Sidewinder who goes berserk. Stoney can't control the horse and they buck into the stands and woman is killed.
19 Nov. 1962
The Scavenger
Ves Painter steals the watch from the body of a man he had been drinking with and is accused of his murder. Stoney and the gang work to clear him of the charges.
26 Nov. 1962
Spin a Golden Web
Two men have a large bet, one man bets on Stoney and tries to buy his cooperation. The other one bets on a friend of Stoney's who is riding with a hurt leg.
3 Dec. 1962
The Wanderer
Stoney helps a pregnant old friend find her husband whom she thinks has been wandering with different rodeos for the last six months.
10 Dec. 1962
Five by Eight by Eight
Stoney enters a prison benefit rodeo. He has a friend who is incarcerated, who forces Stoney to help him escape by taking a teenage girl hostage.
17 Dec. 1962
Stoney joins a senate campaign and agrees to make speeches because he remembers how much the senator helped his family, only to be disillusioned later during the campaign.
24 Dec. 1962
Cousin Eunice
EJ's "Calamity Jane" like cousin Eunice comes to town. Stoney helps her to clean up and look pretty so that she can take a job as a trick rider. She develops a crush on Stoney.

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