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Season 2

18 Oct. 1962
Aerial Backfire
McKeever and Buckley are asked to help fight a massive forest fire by parachuting in behind the fire, and creating a fire break -- and find a young boy and his dog.
25 Oct. 1962
Among Those Missing
A prisoner downs a police plane, and McKeever and Beckley are asked to jump into the wilderness and clear a landing strip for the police manhunt.
Chute to Kill
When Jill Kelly, an old flame of Jim's, comes into his life again, she asks his help in testing a new kind of parachute she feels will be worth much money if perfected. Ted, however, feels the chute is impractical and unsafe, and tries to keep Jim from falling prey to Jill's persuasions, who ultimately cares more for her money plans than for Jim's life.
Ted goes undercover to break up a drug trafficking scheme that finds the drugs being parachuted in by gang members.
Jump or Die
When Charlie Kern, Ripcord's pilot, begins giving flying lessons, his first client turns out to be an accomplice in a bank robbery who kidnaps him and his plane in order to escape the law.
Jump to a Blind Alley
When Ripcord unknowingly assists an escaped convict to elude pursuit, Jim, feeling responsible, tries to follow him, and ends up jumping into a dangerous situation, with Ted close behind him.
Jump to Freedom
At an international sky diving competition, a Russian wants help to defect.
Man on a Mountain
Ted jumps to a remote area to free up a mountain land slide -- and finds a wanted man who's sick with Small Pox.
15 Jan. 1963
The Last Chapter
While instructing their pretty client Tanya Rovag, Ted and Jim become involved in trying to save her father's life from assassination by Communists, who are unwilling to let him publish the political exposé he has been secretly writing in the mountains.
The Lost Ones
Jim nearly dies in an aerial trick, and doesn't want to jump again. Ted's on a job, and ends up hanging on the edge of a cliff, and Jim needs to come to his rescue.
Panic at 10,000
While at an air show, Ted and Jim become involved in the rescue of two politicians who are on their way to the same show, but in a plane with no landing gear and no parachutes.
Where Do Elephants Go to Die?
After a recent health scare, Nobel-Prize-winning author and former Korean War correspondent Aaron Sparks asks his friends and comrades-in-arms Ted and Jim to teach him how to skydive, for research for a new novel. But is that the real reason for his interest in this dangerous sport?
26 Mar. 1963
A parachute club picks a road construction worker to teach how to skydive after a bet is placed between the head of the club and a reckless skydiver.The bet is that anybody can learn to skydive in 30 days.

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