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Season 1

23 Sep. 1962
General McKeever
Cadet Gary McKeever wants to join his father, an U.S. Air Force major, who is stationed in Paris. Currently enrolled in a stateside military school, he schemes to be kicked out by amassing demerit and demerit. The school's headmaster, Colonel Blackwell, knows that Gary's leadership score is off the charts and refuses to dismiss him.
28 Oct. 1962
The Mascot
The cadets rescue a baby elephant and are determined to make him the school mascot.
4 Nov. 1962
The Cookie Crumbles
McKeever misinterprets a letter from Tubby's parents and thinks they will withdraw him from the academy because of financial difficulties. The boys decide to raise money but their use of school supplies to do so makes the Colonel suspicious.
18 Nov. 1962
The Bugle Sounds
Gary McKeever joins the Academy's yearbook staff and the editor gives him his first assignment - investigate Colonel Blackwell's background for this edition's dedication.
25 Nov. 1962
Blackwell's Stand
McKeever is assigned to write the school play honoring Blackwell, an ancestor of the Colonel. When Blackwell's army record reveals he was not a hero, McKeever doesn't know how to avoid upsetting the Colonel with the news.
2 Dec. 1962
McKeever and the Celestial Bells
McKeever and his fellow cadets are selected to take dance lessons. McKeever and his two closet friends scheme to avoid them.
16 Dec. 1962
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Thinking that Sergeant Barnes is unhappy because Miss Warner is ignoring him, the cadets decide to make him more attractive and buy him a toupee.
23 Dec. 1962
Happy Birthday, Colonel
Colonel Blackwell is depressed because everyone is too busy to remember his birthday. Meanwhile, his cadets and staff are working hard on a surprise birthday.
6 Jan. 1963
Too Many Sergeants
In an attempt to improve discipline at the Academy, the Colonel brings in Sergeant Max Gruber, unaware she is a woman. She proves to be too strict and it is up to McKeever and his friends to soften her up.
13 Jan. 1963
McKeever's Astronaut
Westfield Academy is preparing to celebrate the visit of one of America's astronaut, not realizing that the space traveler is a chimpanzee.
10 Feb. 1963
Love Comes to Westfield
When Andrea overhears her uncle, Colonel Blackwell, tell his aide to keep her from meeting Gary McKeever, the rebellious child tries to spend ever waking minute with the cadet. She even convinces him to play a prank on her uncle which backfires badly.

 Season 1 

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