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2 Jan. 1963
Which Man Will Die?
The governor asks Bassett to determine if a convicted murderer scheduled to be executed soon has exhibited any signs of rehabilitation, but Bassett finds it hard to get the man to cooperate.
9 Jan. 1963
Where Have You Been, Lord Randall, My Son?
Bassett is asked by a judge to sit on a panel to determine whether a young man, institutionalized since a vicious assault several years ago, is now competent enough to be released. Complicating matters is the man's overprotective and possessive mother, whose behavior toward her son borders on seductiveness.
16 Jan. 1963
My Name Is Judith, I'm Lost, You See
A little girl shows up at Graham's office, claiming to have been abandoned, and exhibiting obvious signs of delusion and schizophrenia. Bassett has her placed in a child psychiatric ward while he searches for her parents. But will finding them improve her situation or only make it worse?
23 Jan. 1963
Where Ignorant Armies Clash
A woman runs out on her appointment with Bassett, and is later found dazed in the night on a park bench. Despite the fact that she shows signs of severe psychological disturbance, her husband demands that Bassett stop treating her, because of his hatred of psychiatrists. The woman claims that she is responsible for a man's death, and Bassett tries to find out if there is any truth to her claim.
23 Jan. 1963
Advice to the Lovelorn and Shopworn
Dr. Bassett may be in a conflict of interest, as he is unaware that the married man one of his young patients is seeing is a longtime friend of his, who he has been trying to encourage to start counseling as his life's pressures mount.
6 Feb. 1963
Why Am I Grown So Cold?
Bassett is ordered by the court to examine a woman who has been arrested several times for violent behavior. He learns that she has been seeing a therapist who has never been licensed to practice, and believes his treatment may be a major part of her problem.
13 Feb. 1963
Like a Diamond in the Sky
A popular singer/actress is found dead in her home from an overdose, and Dr. Graham is asked to perform a psychological post-mortem on her to help determine if her death was a suicide or accident, or perhaps even murder.
20 Feb. 1963
Beauty Playing a Mandolin Underneath a Willow Tree
The father of an actress Bassett was once in love with invites him and Graham to visit them at his house, ostensibly to see his new hospital but also to test whether the romance can be rekindled with his daughter. Bassett does feel attracted to her once again, but he learns things he wishes he hadn't.
27 Feb. 1963
A Tumble from a High White House
A man cold-bloodedly kills the pusher who was supplying his teenage son with drugs, but insists on going to trial for first degree murder totally defending his action and refusing to accept a lesser plea. His lawyer asks Graham to examine him, but he appears to be totally sane.
6 Mar. 1963
Five Moments Out of Time
Dr. Graham conducts a group therapy experiment with five different people of diverse lifestyles and personal problems. The first step, he believes, is getting them to make contact and freely discuss their troubles with each other, but that's not as easy as it may seem.
20 Mar. 1963
The Wings of the Morning
Two teenagers elope and get married without telling their parents, and the parents of the girl ask Bassett and Graham to examine her. The teens are determined to go ahead, even by leaving town and starting from scratch, but they soon find out it will not be as easy as they think.
27 Mar. 1963
Hang by One Hand
Graham treats a young architect who is plagued by bouts of nerves and recurring dreams of hanging on to woman while holding on to the high ledge of a building with one hand. His wife is also in need of psychiatric help, as she constantly berates and humiliates her husband in public only to apologize afterward and beg forgiveness, which he always gives.
3 Apr. 1963
Something Crazy's Going on in the Back Room
To root out the causes of a deeply troubled teenager's frustrations, Graham has the boy's entire family---mother, father, brother, and sister---join him in family therapy. He soon sees that the entire family is highly dysfunctional and needs help.
10 Apr. 1963
Everybody Knows You Left Me
Rita Hall has been totally dependent on her husband ever since their marriage. When he asks her for a divorce, she has no sense of how to adjust and finds that the easiest way of handling it is through denial, insisting that her husband will return to her. Bassett tries to help her take steps to start her life anew.
17 Apr. 1963
Try to Keep Alive Until Next Tuesday
A college sophomore attempts suicide due to his feeling that he is not living up to his parents' expectations. Bassett works with the student while Graham works with the parents in order to resolve the escalating crisis.
24 Apr. 1963
I Feel Like a Rutabaga
After an accident from his machine injures a coworker, a skilled machinist with a flawless record for 23 years seeks out Graham's help as he experiences sudden headaches and losses of balance. Is it physical or psychological?
1 May 1963
A Medicine Man in This Day and Age?
An Indian regarded as a healer by his tribe is arrested while trying to heal a young boy according to tribal customs. Released on condition that he enroll in college, he finds himself torn between his traditions and his effort to succeed in the white man's world. But his community still wants him as a healer.
8 May 1963
The Man Who Came Home Late
An old friend of Graham's hopes that he can somehow help her husband overcome his compulsive gambling and job hopping.
15 May 1963
Pressure Breakdown
Bassett's nephew, a hospital intern, is showing signs of a mental breakdown and has himself committed to an institution. While there, he meets another patient, a girl who is regressing to a childlike state.
22 May 1963
The Middle Child Gets All the Aches
Esther and Ken Miller's marriage is coming apart due to Esther's inability to have children, though her doctor can find no physiological reason for it. Esther decides to see Dr. Bassett to find out if he can discover a psychological reason.
13 Nov. 1963
What Did She Mean by Good Luck?
Dr. Starke (Ralph Bellamy) treats an unstable actress, Hallie Lambert (Kathryn Hays), whose lesbian tendencies are caused by her overbearing mother (Doris Dowling).

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