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3 Oct. 1962
Ann Costigan: A Duel on a Field of White
Ann Costigan, accused of murdering her husband, is remanded to Dr. Bassett for evaluating the legitimacy of her insanity plea.
10 Oct. 1962
There Are Dragons in This Forest
Mark Tyner has been brought back to America seventeen years after deserting in the closing days of the war in Germany. Bassett and Graham try to determine if he was sane at the time he deserted. To do this, they have Tyner and his German wife re-enact just what happened at the time, though this may bring out unpleasant truths.
17 Oct. 1962
Make Me a Place
A man seeks psychiatric treatment for his ex-wife, who has custody of their daughter and is engaged to another man. He fears she is showing signs of being suicidal.
24 Oct. 1962
I Don't Belong in a White-Painted House
An FBI agent calls on Dr. Bassett to uncover the reason why a former Communist agent, living in sanctuary in the US, seeks to return to the Soviet Union to live.
31 Oct. 1962
The Seventh Day of Creation
A mentally retarded teenager is evaluated by Bassett and Graham to determine if he needs to be placed in an institution. They and a judge conclude he does not, but the boy's neighbors feel differently due to his unusual habits.
7 Nov. 1962
Of Roses and Nightingales and Other Lovely Things
Laura Hunter, a 15-year-old girl, is pregnant. The school refers her to Dr. Bassett to evaluate if she is psychologically capable of carrying the child, and if not, she could have the child aborted. Bassett's opinion is that the parents are excessively permissive. Laura's mother is determined to see that Laura gets an abortion, despite Bassett's opinion that Laura is emotionally mature enough to have the child, and Laura wants to have the baby.
14 Nov. 1962
Angie, You Made My Heart Stop
A woman claims to have killed her husband, but then is discovered to have been covering for the real killer. Graham tries to determine if she is legally sane.
21 Nov. 1962
Hooray, Hooray the Circus Is Coming to Town
A millionaire railroad magnate leaves most of his entire fortune to his eldest son, a man who long ago turned away from the business world in favor of an eccentric bohemian lifestyle. Dr. Bassett is called in by the man's younger brother in the hope of proving him mentally incompetent.
28 Nov. 1962
Cry a Little for Mary Too
A young man is found at the scene of a teenage girl's murder, but protests his innocence. Graham is called by the defense to conduct a psychiatric evaluation of the youth. In response, the prosecution calls in another psychiatrist for a second opinion, Bassett. Graham feels that the young man is incapable of violence, but Bassett notices disturbing signs.
5 Dec. 1962
Eat Little Fishie Eat
An up-and-coming playwright asks Graham to help his sister, an actress whom he believes is suffering emotional problems. It doesn't take long for Graham to see that the problem lies in the highly symbiotic relationship the two have developed.
12 Dec. 1962
The Blues My Babe Gave to Me
A young mother's postpartum depression progresses to a total psychotic breakdown, and Bassett and Graham try to discover the roots of it.
26 Dec. 1962
Along About Late in the Afternoon
Two men wind up in the same psychiatric ward: an apparently paranoid murderer and former organizer whose sanity Bassett is to evaluate; and a veteran city editor whose newspaper just went under before he attempted suicide. The murderer blames the editor for crusading to have him convicted and executed.

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