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3 Jan. 1967
A mine cave-in forces enemies into an uneasy truce.
17 Jan. 1967
Saunders tangles with Barbu, a wily gypsy.
24 Jan. 1967
Suffering from shock, a French Resistance fighter wages a one-man war against the Allies and the Germans.
31 Jan. 1967
Captain Cole [James Daly] is reunited with his son, Jack [James MacArthur], who he hasn't seen in years. Jack is now a reporter who is sent to the front to cover the war. Jack arrives at HQ just as Captain Cole returns from a patrol and it is evident right from the start that his relations with his son are strained. Jack is stopped from going on patrol by his father but eventually manages to join a patrol with Lt Hanley and Captain Cole. The patrol is ambushed by Germans and is pinned down in a farmhouse. Doc is wounded in the first rush and manages to break away into...
7 Feb. 1967
The Gauntlet
Saunders is wounded, hounded by dogs, and finally captured and drugged.
14 Feb. 1967
The Masquers
German soldiers are infiltrating the Allied lines dressed as Americans and Kirby is caught up in the action when he is involved in an ambush. He takes another soldier, Carl Driskoll [Roger Perry] prisoner not sure whether he is American or a German disguised as an American. They are both then captured by British Cpl. Tommy Behan [Gavin MacLeod], who is totally unsure who to trust. As they move along the road they come across a jeep that has been ambushed. The only survivor is Cpl. Marty Roberts [Nick Adams] who was a prisoner on the jeep. Now totally unsure who is who...
21 Feb. 1967
A Little Jazz
A group of USO entertainers are on the way to the front when their truck blows a tyre. As their driver is changing the tyre they decide to have a practice unaware that a German patrol is moving in on them. Fortunately, Sgt. Saunders and the squad have also heard them and move in behind the Germans. The driver and accompanying MP are killed in the attack so Saunders decides to take the USO group with him while they finish their job. They work their way forward and come across a mill house which they decide to use as a temporary base. The USO leader Bernie [Dan Duryea] ...
28 Feb. 1967
Nightmare on the Red Ball Run
A tyrannical sergeant, snipers and a dangerous cargo plague Kirby and Littlejohn as they drive trucks to the front lines.
7 Mar. 1967
While on patrol, Lt Hanley's newest replacement, Hank Dolan [Tom Simcox] is a man who believes he is cursed to cause the deaths of the men around him. A series of mishaps where those with him are killed whilst he is untouched leaves the other patrol members starting to believe he is right. During an attack on a German observation post Dolan is wounded and no one else is hurt making them realise he was not a Jonah.
14 Mar. 1967
The Partisan
Hanley sends Saunders' patrol to scout for 88s shelling the town they've been ordered to hold. Ambushed by a German squad, Saunders is separated and aided by what appear to be French partisans.

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