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4 Jan. 1966
The Mockingbird
Lt. Hanley, Caje, Kirby, and Pvt. Banning are sent behind German lines to find an American intelligence officer, Capt. Thorpe, who has important intelligence to get back to American G2. A German spy masquerades as a downed American flyer, Lt. Asher, with the intention of infiltrating and destroying the local French underground. He bails out of his American Mustang, but instead of getting picked up by the French underground, he is met by Hanley and his men. Asher initially feigns a sprained ankle and wants to wait for the French instead of going with Hanley. Then he ...
11 Jan. 1966
The Good Samaritan
The survivor of a squad that Sauders refused to help volunteers to lead the sergeant on a patrol to the same deadly area.
18 Jan. 1966
Kirby embarks on a personal vendetta against an SS colonel who killed his sister's fiancé.
25 Jan. 1966
Saunders' squad is sent behind enemy lines to find and destroy a German radar installation. Sgt. Rawlings, a radar specialist, is sent along to learn all he can about the German radar before it is destroyed, and a French resistance fighter, Marchand, is also sent along to guide them. From the time they leave their lines, they are under constant surveillance by the Germans, and Rawlings is killed on the way there. Little do they know that Marchand is really a German officer who has killed the real Marchand and has taken his place with the intent of taking Saunders to a...
1 Feb. 1966
Nothing to Lose
Privates Vinnick (Sal Mineo) and Burke (Tom Skerritt) have been together since basic training and are assigned to Hanley's platoon. Vinnick is a street wise city kid who is fearless in battle. Burke, on the other hand, is paralyzed by fear when a firefight begins. Vinnick's contempt for Burke is obvious as is Burke's hatred for Vinnick. The episode opens with a firefight where Burke is frozen in fear. Vinnick charges a German MG-42 emplacement, and Hanley tells them he will recommend Vinnick for a Bronze Star. Later, Hanley receives a message that Vinnick is wanted ...
8 Feb. 1966
Ask Me No Questions
Saunders is imprisoned in a German compound where an enemy soldier is posing as a GI.
15 Feb. 1966
The Ringer
A cowardly deserter slaps some dirt on his suspiciously-clean uniform and joins Saunders' squad, whose wrath and distrust he proceeds to earn by repeatedly disregarding orders.
22 Feb. 1966
The Flying Machine
Lt. Hanley acquires intelligence which could save hundreds of lives, but his plane is shot down speeding back to HQ. The bridge Hanley re-conned is much more heavily defended than U.S. Army Intelligence suspected. The old single engine monoplane will be tough to repair, especially with Brannigan the pilot, a daredevil stunt flyer, having a busted leg. But the odds of Hanley slicing through 20 miles of Boche occupied countryside alone on foot are bad too.
1 Mar. 1966
Hills Are for Heroes: Part 1
This two part Combat! episode is the quintessential story of the futility of war as viewed through the eyes of surviving infantrymen. An American division of troops is making an assault all along their lines. At the platoon level, Lt. Hanley is ordered to take a strategic hill that overlooks a needed road, and the hill is protected by two concrete bunkers with German machine guns and infantry in each bunker. Saunders gets hit in his thigh in the first assault on the bunkers while several other GIs are killed. Hanley asks for artillery support, but his company ...
8 Mar. 1966
Hills Are for Heroes: Part 2
Lt. Hanley has the support of a tank to help his platoon to take the hill. However, the tank is destroyed by a German bazooka. Now Hanley plans to use the shield of the tank to attack the German bunker also with a bazooka.
15 Mar. 1966
Establishing an observation post in a deserted church, Saunders meets the daughter of a German soldier.
22 Mar. 1966
One at a Time
After losing his entire squad to Saunders' men, a wounded German sergeant vows to kill the Americans, saving Saunders for last.
29 Mar. 1966
A Sudden Terror
A failed night mission leaves Hanley wounded in the shoulder, and the rest of his squad dead...except for Private Wilder, a nervous young replacement, who is now trapped in a bog and ready to signal their German pursuers for help. It's up to the lieutenant to free him before Wilder drowns, or panics.
5 Apr. 1966
Run, Sheep, Run
Guilt-stricken when he causes the death of a fellow GI, Private Corey panics when he captures a German.
12 Apr. 1966
The Leader
Kirby, who is given command of the squad in Saunders's absence, learns a lesson in leadership.
13 Sep. 1966
The Gun
To knock out a German bunker, the squad must drag a cannon over a mile of rough, enemy-infested terrain.
20 Sep. 1966
The Losers
Saunders and Littlejohn are ordered to destroy an enemy bridge--with the help of four GIs being held for court-martial.
27 Sep. 1966
Ollie Joe
Saunders's squad is disrupted by Ollie Joe Brown, a young soldier determined to be "GI Perfect."
4 Oct. 1966
The Brothers
A reconnaissance patrol is jeopardized by two Frenchman vital to the mission: a veteran Resistance fighter and his frightened brother.
11 Oct. 1966
The Chapel at Able-Five
Alone and blinded, Saunders is at the mercy of a German chaplain.
18 Oct. 1966
A Child's Game
Saunders' men are ordered to take a farmhouse that is defended by a determined group of teenage German soldiers.
25 Oct. 1966
The Letter
Saunders rankles his squad members by showing too much concern for a young replacement who bears a disquieting resemblance to the Sergeant's recently-enlisted kid brother.
1 Nov. 1966
Ordered to escort an important group of German prisoners to the rear, Saunders faces heavy odds; the POWs outnumber the GIs 18 to 5.
15 Nov. 1966
Saunders is uneasy about Charles Harris, a doctor turned demolitions expert.
22 Nov. 1966
The Outsider
A GI bitterly recalls the events that put him in the hospital.
29 Nov. 1966
A vital mission is jeopardized by Saunders' own short-tempered squad members, who suffer from raw nerves caused by lack of sleep. Surprisingly, the worst case of this ISN'T Kirby...It's Caje and Littlejohn!
6 Dec. 1966
Wounded Littlejohn becomes a modern Gulliver.
13 Dec. 1966
The Bankroll
Kirby starts questioning his own principles when he finds himself risking his neck for a deadbeat.
20 Dec. 1966
Cry for Help
A captured German medic is forced to choose between duty to his country and his compassion for humanity.
27 Dec. 1966
The Furlough
In a bomb-scarred London suburb, Saunders spends a furlough helping an orphanage director.

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