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5 Jan. 1965
The Enemy
Lt. Hanley comes across three German soldiers in a deserted French town. Two are killed and he captures the third...a demolition expert. He tells Hanley that the entire town is mined and booby trapped to kill American soldiers. When Hanley finds out there is no way to prevent the returning French population from reentering the town he forces the German to disarm the mines and traps at gunpoint. Hanley must be on constant guard because the German is very clever and always thinking of escape.
12 Jan. 1965
The Cassock
King company is quickly overrunning a French Village, and the German withdrawal is in complete chaos. Most of the German troops are killed, wounded, or captured in the action, but one German officer, Hertzbrun, tries to blow a bridge before he leaves the village. Unable to blow the bridge during the attack, he takes refuge in a Catholic church where he exchanges his uniform for the vestments a priest and becomes "Father Hertzbrun." His intention is to impersonate a priest long enough for him to finish setting his charges, blow the bridge, and make his escape. Much to ...
19 Jan. 1965
Losers Cry Deal
A loudmouthed cardsharp holds an ace in reserve over a young recruit, who volunteers for a dangerous recon in his stead. Corporal Jackson the older man, bitterly resents Caje being named temporary leader of Jackson's squad, after Sgt. Saunders sees how the Corporal lords it over the young Private Tommy. While Tommy slogs through a heavy downpour toward a German machine gun nest, Jackson in the comfort of a château, tries to wipe out the other poker players, plus sway them to his jaundiced view of the situation.
26 Jan. 1965
More Than a Soldier
Out of ammo, Saunders is holed up with terrified young Private Carey ('Tommy Sands'): a pacifistic draftee who can't bring himself to fire on their pursuer, a relentless German sergeant.
2 Feb. 1965
Brother, Brother
Frankie Avalon plays Pvt. Eddie Cain, the kid brother of an old hometown friend of Kirby's. Cain has somehow finagled his way to be assigned to Kirby's squad, and he immediately gloms onto his old buddy, "Wild Man" Kirby, and begins making demands of him. The cutesy little Avalon does a fine job of making his Cain character into an exasperating little twerp you cannot help but detest. Cain believes his brother, Tony, and Kirby were best of friends and that Tony was killed in their old hometown while saving Kirby's life. Accordingly, Cain also believes Kirby owes him a...
9 Feb. 1965
The Steeple
Saunders, Caje, and Kirby are on a night mission moving through an abandoned French village when they notice an American paratrooper hanging from the church steeple in his entangled parachute - and the paratrooper is still alive. Immediately after they enter the church to rescue the paratrooper, two German trucks full of troops enter the village, stop just outside the church, and set up an armed perimeter with the apparent intention of establishing a command post. Saunders and his men ascend the steeple steps with the hope of rescuing the paratrooper under the cover ...
9 Feb. 1965
The Convict
A escape convict sees a Resistance leader killed, steals his papers and tricks Sgt. Saunders in escorting him where he hopes to flee to Switzerland.
23 Feb. 1965
Sgt. Saunders and his squad are on patrol with a Captain from G-2 Intelligence. He informs them he intends to be captured by the Germans, allowing himself to be taken to a POW camp where an important writer for Stars and Stripes is being held. The Captain must get the writer out of the POW camp before he can talk, through a hidden tunnel he knows to be there. When the Captain steps on a mine and is killed, Sgt. Saunders and his squad are captured, but they intend to complete the mission.
2 Mar. 1965
A Walk with an Eagle
Hanley, leads some squad members to recover a flying ace when he is shot down behind enemy territory.
9 Mar. 1965
The Long Wait
After opening the episode with a short firefight in a French village, Saunders' squad is in a GI 2 ½ ton truck along with four GIs in need of surgery and a load of ammo needed for the front lines. Along the way, they get pinned down by a German machine gun crew and supporting infantry who are all well protected in an escarpment of large boulders. With a front tire shot out, Archie the truck driver backs the truck a short ways where it is protected by a large rock wall, but they cannot go forward or backward without being exposed to the German firepower. The conflict ...
16 Mar. 1965
The Tree of Moray
Lt. Hanley leads the squad on a mission to find and bring back a French collaborator named Duval. The American intelligence folks want to interrogate him for the valuable information he has concerning the Germans, but the French Underground want Duval to hang him from the Tree of Moray for his treasonous activities. Robert Loggia guest stars as Etienne, the leader of the local underground forces. As the episode progresses, Hanley and Etienne jockey back and forth to gain possession of Duval. First the underground has Duval, and then Hanley's men get him, but his fate ...
23 Mar. 1965
Cry in the Ruins
Unearthing a French baby buried under ruins, unites Hanley's men and a Nazi squad. All the troops' hearts go out to the desperate young mother, but as the German lieutenant warns "distrust is a crippling thing." Laying down their arms in an unauthorized truce proves challenging to the frayed nerves of both squads in the village devastated by both sides' heavy artillery. Hanley's squad needs to get out for a rendezvous, the Germans are hustling to re-occupy the ville.
30 Mar. 1965
The Hell Machine
When their jeep hits a land mine, Saunders, a tank captain, and private Gavin attempt to maneuver an abandoned German tank through enemy territory.
6 Apr. 1965
Billy the Kid
A very large German railroad artillery gun is causing havoc with the American advance. When not firing, it is moved by rail from one secluded cave to another, and no one has been able to spot the gun so it can be targeted and eliminated. Artillery Lt. William Benton and Sgt. Stoner are sent to link up with Sgt. Saunders' squad which will serve as an escort to establish a forward observation post to find the German gun and report its location for targeting. When alone with Saunders' men, Sgt. Stoner is quick to tell everyone that Benton is the son of the famous Lt. ...
13 Apr. 1965
To clear the way for 5000 troops through a dangerous mountain pass, Hanley must blow up a German observation post. To succeed this time, a cocky sculptor who's now a demolition man is added to the stripped-down mission, in place of Hanley's sleep-deprived full squad. The all-business Lt. Hanley and the arty rock-hound Velasquez immediately clash, because the Corporal can't stop examining the local geology or expounding about the ancient rock fortress which became a famed museum, and is now the forbidding, mountain-top Heer post.
20 Apr. 1965
Sgt. Saunders is wounded and trapped behind enemy lines while trying to provide cover for Doc and Caje as they take a wounded Little John back to their lines. Saunders wakes in a German Field Hospital to find that a French worker has put him in German clothes to prevent him being shipped to a POW Camp. As a result he tries to escape by passing himself off as a shell shocked German soldier. Placed on a train going to the German rear with a German officer who considers many of the wounded as malingerers, Saunders and a captured American flyer manage to jump from the ...
27 Apr. 1965
Beneath the Ashes
Lt. Hanley receives a letter from the friend of the wife of one of his men, Steve Kovac [Chad Everett], advising that Kovac's wife is in hospital and dying. Unfortunately Kovac is on a patrol and Hanley decides not recall him until the news that his wife is dying is confirmed (at which time he will get an emergency leave). In the meantime the patrol lead by Sgt. Saunders enters a French town to gather information and runs into the Germans. They manage to kill the Germans but another group moves in to occupy the building they have been fighting from which appears to be...
14 Sep. 1965
Main Event
No one is happy about the addition of boxer Willy Kleve to Saunders's unit--especially Kleve's over-protective manager.
21 Sep. 1965
The First Day
Saunders and the squad break in four teenage replacements.
28 Sep. 1965
An already-controversial replacement adds to his reputation for cowardice by turning up with an apparent Self-Inflicted Wound.
5 Oct. 1965
The Linesman
Sgt. Barney McKlosky and his two Signal Corps men have to lay a telephone line cross-country from the company HQ to an outpost. Saunders' squad is assigned to provide protection and assist in laying the wire. Prior to the war, McKlosky was a linesman in Wyoming who broke his leg in a fall and nearly died because his co-worker did not come back with help. Since that incident, McKlosky trusts no one and holds everyone in contempt. While laying line across a bridge on the way to the outpost, McKlosky and Littlejohn drop a roll of wire in the river. Although both men ...
12 Oct. 1965
The Farmer
Iowa-bred Private Noah is troubled when the squad forcibly evacuates a French farm family.
19 Oct. 1965
Dressed in an Albanian uniform, Hanley escapes from a German prison camp.
26 Oct. 1965
Hear No Evil
During a heavy firefight and facing overwhelming numbers the Allies are being beaten back. One of the German's shot during the firefight detonates a grenade behind the Sarge who is deafened by the blast. Alone and lost Sgt. Saunders tries to make his way back to American lines. Unable to hear anything, he is almost shot by a German patrol, but manages to get away. He finds a small dog that becomes attached to him and acts as his ears until it is killed by a German that surprises them. Saunders manages to take the German prisoner and tries to use him to guide back to ...
2 Nov. 1965
Sauders accuses twice-decorated Private Stevens of disobeying an order and thereby getting two other GIs killed.
11 Nov. 1965
9 Place Vendee
In a German-held village, Hanley's search for a wounded OSS officer is hampered by a precocious French boy.
16 Dec. 1965
The Old Men
The squad has to cope with three 40-something replacements on a patrol to snatch a German captive.
23 Nov. 1965
Soldier of Fortune
Pinned under a beam, Pvt. Andy Marsh claims he has valuable intelligence--that will go back with him or not at all.
30 Nov. 1965
The Casket
An embittered French woman resists Saunders' efforts to commandeer her truck, needed to transport the wounded Kirby.
7 Dec. 1965
Luck with Rainbows
Hanley and Kirby join a swaggering British commando on a treacherous hunt for German V-2 launching sites.
14 Dec. 1965
The squad angers a Frenchman when they destroy machinery at his quarry.
21 Dec. 1965
Finest Hour
A French countess walks a dangerous tightrope as she entertains a château full of German soldiers--while sheltering a wounded Hanley.
28 Dec. 1965
The Raider
Hanley is captured by a brutal SS officer, Captain Reichhardt.

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