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7 Jan. 1964
The Pillbox
While falling back under intense pressure from the attacking Germans, Lt. Hanley stops to help one of his men who is severely wounded. The Germans are advancing rapidly, so Hanley and his man take refuge in a vacant pillbox. As the rains begin to fall, Hanley attempts to head for his own lines, but is stopped when three German soldiers also enter the pillbox, making for a dramatic standoff. Hanley must make a decision to save his man and kill the Germans, or surrender himself.
14 Jan. 1964
The General and the Sergeant
Hanley refuses to let an elderly French ex-general lead Sgt. Saunder's squad in their search for an observation post, but he follows them anyway to prove his usefulness.
21 Jan. 1964
The Eyes of the Hunter
A soldier is assigned to guide Sgt. Saunder's squad to a hidden German artillery post, because he knows where they are located. Saunders is warned to keep a close watch on the soldier, but he doesn't know the reason why.
28 Jan. 1964
The Hostages
While in their own rear area, Saunders, Doc, and Caje get the opportunity to get showers and clean clothes. While taking showers, they are taken hostage by a German Captain and a German NCO who have been trapped behind American lines and are trying to get back to their own lines. The German Captain holds Saunders and Caje hostage while he frees Doc to get an ambulance to transport them out of the village and back to German territory. Doc becomes the central character in this episode as he goes about getting an ambulance for which he has no authorization. The German ...
4 Feb. 1964
Mail Call
Sgt. Saunders' squad blames his bad treatment of likable new member Trenton on his foul mood caused by a letter he has just received but actually Saunders believes Trenton is a coward who fakes injuries to avoid battle.
11 Feb. 1964
Chaos ensues as the Germans make a breakthrough, and all rear-echelon troops are ordered to get their weapons. Never able to form up into any sort of fighting force, they become stragglers separated from any cohesive unit. Saunders and Caje are also separated from their unit, and they pick up several of the rear-echelon stragglers as they discover they are all now many miles deep in German territory. While the rear-echelon guys have no combat experience, they each contribute in their own way in their effort to get back to their own forces. During their trek back, ...
18 Feb. 1964
A Silent Cry
Sgt. Saunders must deliver radios to the French underground, and a radio-expert named Sgt. Perkins goes with him. It's Perkin's first combat mission, and he is very anxious and displeased.
25 Feb. 1964
The Hunter
Saunders and Kirby are searching the buildings of an abandoned French winery when they are spotted by two Germans who are using the tower for an observation post. A firefight ensues, and one of the Germans and Kirby are both badly wounded. The German officer, Heismann, snatches Kirby and takes him into the tower building. The wounded German attacks Saunders with a knife, but Saunders finishes him. Saunders has seen the Germans are setting up a large artillery position nearby, and Heismann uses the wounded Kirby to convince Saunders to surrender before he can report ...
3 Mar. 1964
What Are the Bugles Blowin' For?: Part 1
A British unit holding a depot doesn't know that Allied units around them are retreating from a Nazi offensive, because the Brits' radio is broken. Sgt. Saunders' squad can't join the pullback, because Lt. Hanley orders Saunders' crew to march to the railhead in France, to let the Brits know they are being surrounded.
10 Mar. 1964
What Are the Bugles Blowin' For?: Part 2
A British captain refuses Allied orders to retreat, delivered by Sgt. Saunders. Instead, Capt. Johns commands Sgt. Saunders' battle-fatigued U.S. squad to dig in at the besieged railhead and help repulse a German advance. Saunders fears it's suicide for all, but the imperial Capt. Johns, a Sandowner and son of a general, insists they can hold the depot against a Nazi offensive.
17 Mar. 1964
Weep No More
Squad members, lead by Hanley, run into a young woman. She is, however, mentally scarred, and seeks to return to where she feels safe. She runs back there, and when Hanley goes to get her he finds out the place is now in German hands.
24 Mar. 1964
The Short Day of Private Putnam
A new squad member is aggressive and naive - because he's really only 15. Orville Putnam's actual age is discovered by a knowing French bartender he puts his unsubtle moves on, to impress his fellow infantrymen. Orville swears Fauvette to secrecy, but then the squad is ordered to recon a treacherous hill whose treetops are stuffed with German snipers. Sgt. Saunders understands that Orville is covering up for his lack of combat experience, but doesn't know the whole truth about the orphaned teen.
31 Mar. 1964
This episode is all Lt. Hanley and a bunch of twists along the way. Concussed during an artillery barrage and separated from his platoon, Hanley starts to come out of his daze only to find he is being taken prisoner by an SS soldier. The first twist is when the SS soldier is shot by another SS soldier who frees Hanley. Then we learn the second SS soldier is really a GI corporal who just escaped from a holding area, but his wounded Colonel is still being held by the Germans and has information valuable to the Germans. As Hanley's head clears, he decides they must ...
7 Apr. 1964
A wounded Hanley is replaced in the field by Lieutenant Douglas ('Joseph Campanella'), who proves to be surly and opinionated even by Saunders' standards.
14 Apr. 1964
Infant of Prague
The squad discovers a group of nuns in a convent, and they travel together through enemy territory. Nearly surrounded by Germans, Lt. Hanley must call in artillery, placing them in great danger.
21 Apr. 1964
The Glory Among Men
A bitter, antagonistic replacement whom none of Saunders' men can stand (with good reason) is wounded and pinned down by German snipers...who use him to try and lure his fellow Americans into their ambush.
15 Sep. 1964
Mountain Man
A belligerent hermit is the only one who can guide Saunders through a treacherous mountain route, so Hanley's company can follow. The Frenchman claims his family was ripped apart in World War I, so he's sitting World War II out at the top of a mountain. The huge Francois is very itchy on the trigger toward Saunders and his troops. Is Francois a Nazi collaborator leading the dog-faces into a trap, or a dangerous misanthrope ?
22 Sep. 1964
When it appears Lt. Hanley and his men are about to be overrun by attacking Germans, they are miraculously saved by a squadron of fast moving jeeps with mounted machine guns. The squadron of jeeps is commanded by a Greek Colonel named Kapsalis, a gung-ho, no-holds-barred soldier fighting a personal vendetta against the Germans. He orders Lt. Hanley and his men to join him and they attack a heavily-guarded German depot.
24 Sep. 1964
Point of View
Sergeant Saunders faces court martial, charged with a reckless decision costing two machine gunner's lives. The gunners' NCO O'Neill accuses Saunders of forgetting to check if the combined squads had ammo for their bazooka, just before a panzer attack. Instead of retreating prudently, Saunders ran down the hill they were defending to not only lug the ammo back up, but drag his wounded squad member who carried it, to safety. That allowed the tank time to get close, and blow up the 2 machine gunners. As the protagonists' commanding officers square off, Caje and Kirby ...
6 Oct. 1964
The Duel
Sgt. Saunders tries to harass a Nazi tank with small arms fire before it discovers a GI trying fix a large supply truck.
13 Oct. 1964
Silver Service
While Mickey Rooney and Claudine Longet are the guest stars, this is Jack Hogan's chance to shine as Kirby. It begins with Kirby being sent back to town to recuperate from some minor injury. While there, he meets GI Harry White who is a truck driver who uses dirty dice to cheat other GIs. Harry has been running his dirty dice game when Kirby spots the dirty dice and tells the other players. Harry manages to skip out just as the town is hit with an artillery barrage. A shell shocked Kirby manages to get out of town and later comes across Harry White whose truck has run...
20 Oct. 1964
The Hard Way Back
The Germans are entering a French Village, driving the Americans out before them. The squad is in retreat as Sgt. Saunders enters a building and discovers a member of his squad, a private named Kogan, cowering in a corner. As he drives Kogan out of the building, an artillery shell lands nearby and a roof-beam falls on Saunder's legs, pinning him to the floor. Pvt. Kogan flees from the town in terror, and informs Lt. Hanley that Saunders was killed. As the squad marches on, Kogan has an attack of conscience and returns to the village to free Saunders, as the Germans ...
27 Oct. 1964
Operation Fly Trap
A German captain warns Saunders that "a reckless hunter who sets a trap often becomes its first victim" when Saunders uses him as bait to attract a deadly Nazi Colonel. The infantry NCO battles not only the wily captain, but a cynical, fellow Sergeant, on loan for his German capability. Sgt. Maider doubts Saunders' every move, needling Saunders that his improvisation risks their lives, especially their wounded medic, solely for his own glory.
10 Nov. 1964
The Little Carousel
The Americans liberate a French village, and a young French girl follows Sgt. Saunders squad. She wants to be a nurse, but Saunders tells her to go away. However, her bravery wins even Saunders hardened heart.
17 Nov. 1964
Fly Away Home
Sgt. Saunders and his squad have been ordered to escort a Sgt. Keeley behind enemy lines with his trained pigeons. The birds have small cameras on their legs to photograph the enemy, but Keeley is belligerent and surly.
24 Nov. 1964
The Impostor
Lt. Hanley must flush out a Nazi spy among the soldiers he's leading on a dangerous intelligence mission, before the German sabotages the plan. Hanley's thrust into the unfamiliar leadership role when the G-2 Captain heading the mission is accidentally shot by another infantry unit, who are hunting a deadly hauptmann who speaks perfect English. Because it's a top secret infiltration of a German planning HQ, none of the MI men know each other, nor does the novice Hanley know them. Another suspect wanders into the mission's rendezvous point, an Army minefield specialist...
1 Dec. 1964
A Gift of Hope
Kirby claims a civilian he assaulted is a deserter, but Saunders maintains the MIA Sergeant was killed. With his dying words, Kirby's pal gasped that his Sgt. dropped his carbine and abandoned his men, but Saunders can't imagine the RA tough infantry vet would panic. Then Sgt. Avery shows up in civilian clothes, with a strange tale, but instead of Saunders reporting Avery to the CO, he accompanies him to find a corroborating witness.
8 Dec. 1964
A Rare Vintage
Saunders' squad is checking out a winery when a squadron of Germans enter carrying a badly wounded Lt. Hanley. Saunders and his men stay hidden until they can find a way to rescue Hanley.
15 Dec. 1964
The Long Walk
Sgt. Saunder's squad captures an apparent GI who was firing on them, claiming he thought they were being impersonated by Nazis, but a shocking secret is behind it all.
22 Dec. 1964
The Town That Went Away
Like "The Party," this is another episode strictly for laughs. The squad is sent to evacuate the French village of Bonaire, but the villagers do not want to evacuate. The village's main industry is the production of cognac, and they do not want any "foreigners" to interfere. They disguise the distillery as a monastery, and they proceed to hide the cognac in a nearby cave without the squad members finding out. It's all tongue in cheek instead of the usual drama of firefights and terror. Like "The Party," three good looking gals are featured in this episode, and ...
29 Dec. 1964
Birthday Cake
The squad is anxious to open Littlejohn's birthday cake he received from home, but Littlejohn refuses since his mother has a note attached telling him not to open the package until his birthday which is a day away. They are sent on a mission to tap into a German phone line to gather information, and Pvt. Cantrell is sent along because he speaks German. Cantrell, due to be rotated out of action and placed on leave, is sore and does nothing but constantly complain on the patrol. While Cantrell worries about surviving the mission to go on leave, Littlejohn's attention is...

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