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1 Jan. 1963
Sgt. Saunders begins to suspect a Pvt.'s doctor father is really a collaborator, when the Germans let him live so well and he is out of Underground custody after being arrested.
8 Jan. 1963
The Medal
A GI private is killed after taking over an enemy machine gun and killing dozens of Nazis, but his best friend falsely claims he did the shooting.
15 Jan. 1963
Just for the Record
A goodhearted French woman reluctantly hides Saunders in her Paris home and tries to keep her German officer boyfriend from finding out.
22 Jan. 1963
The Volunteer
An exasperated Hanley finds himself saddled with a 13-year-old French orphan who wants to join the squad.
29 Jan. 1963
The Squad
A new replacement overanxious to capture or kill Germans during a recon mission, disobeys orders and makes surprising progress.
5 Feb. 1963
Next in Command
A battle-hardened corporal joins Sgt. Saunders squad, but remains distant and aloof from the other members, causing dissension in the ranks.
12 Feb. 1963
The Chateau
A French father and his lovely daughter make room for wounded GI's in their mansion , but Nazis capture it and they must try to notify Division.
19 Feb. 1963
Off Limits
A pretty female Lt. married to a corporal, has also fallen in love with her Capt., and the husband might be killed when he has to fill in for an AWOL private.
26 Feb. 1963
No Time for Pity
Command gives Lt. Hanley 3 hours to rescue an old man, pretty librarian, and 5 children from the Germans, or they will bomb the town they are in.
5 Mar. 1963
Night Patrol
While on a night patrol to bring in a prisoner, Sgt. Saunders and his squad discover an American GI in the woods waging a one-man war on his own.
12 Mar. 1963
In enemy territory, his hands badly burned, Saunders weaves a treacherous path back to his own lines.
19 Mar. 1963
No Hallelujahs for Glory
A coldhearted photo journalist accidentally causes a town to believe they are liberated and when the Nazis move in with their murderous torture methods, she learns the true meaning of human suffering during war.
26 Mar. 1963
The Quiet Warrior
While in the front, Lt. Hanley is surprisingly summoned to go to London. He goes to a hotel, where the journalist Ted Slocum unsuccessfully sounds him out in the bar. Then he receives a mysterious phone call and heads to the informed address. Hanley is interviewed by the British intelligence and asked to go to France to bring the French physicist Dr. Barole to Switzerland. Dr.Barole is an old acquaintance of Hanley, who studied with his son when he was teenager. Dr. Barole has unsuccessfully tried to flee from occupied France but lost his son. Now he does not trust ...
2 Apr. 1963
The Battle of the Roses
A young woman who cannot face the horrors of the war isolates herself in an idyllic garden which is unscathed by German bombs and refuses to leave. Saunders attempts to evacuate her before more Germans come.
9 Apr. 1963
Hill 256
Kirby is being tried in a military court for desertion under fire, and the penalty could be death. As the trial proceeds, Sgt. Saunders and Caje try to gather evidence to prove his innocence.
16 Apr. 1963
The Sniper
The squad enters a French village that was recently vacated by the Germans, and receives 48 hours of R&R. A German soldier has remained behind, and is killing the Americans one at a time.
23 Apr. 1963
One More for the Road
The squad discovers an orphaned baby in a barn, and must bring the infant with them as they traverse through enemy territory en route to their own lines.
30 Apr. 1963
The Walking Wounded
A slightly wounded Sgt. Saunders travels to the aid station in an ambulance with a beautiful nurse, a doctor who has lost his nerve and a driver who never had any nerve.
7 May 1963
High Named Today
Hanley, Saunders and their men are worried that the reckless bravery of a reputed one-man death-squad will get them all killed.
14 May 1963
No Trumpets, No Drums
Experiencing extreme guilt, Caje neglects his duties to spend time with a young French girl whose father he accidentally killed in an assault on their village.
17 Sep. 1963
The Bridge at Chalons
A bitter demolition Sgt. escorted by Saunder's squad to blow up a bridge, feels his men are bunch of incompetent fools, that will get him killed before reaching the target.
24 Sep. 1963
Sgt. Saunders and his squad are assigned to take a strategic heavily protected bridgehead in fifty-five minutes since a convoy needs to cross with no delay. Sgt Sunders plots a suicidal plan while his men question the order. Will they succeed in his plan?
1 Oct. 1963
Sgt. Saunders suspects a GI Cpl. and Lt. with a Nazi Col. in custody, are really impostors who want to sabotage command, but he isn't believed by Lt. Hanley.
8 Oct. 1963
The Long Way Home: Part 1
Sgt. Saunder's squad is captured and placed in a temporary stockade, where they are interrogated by a cruel SS officer.
15 Oct. 1963
The Long Way Home: Part 2
Still interred in a German POW camp, Sgt. Saunders and his squad must find a way to escape before they are all killed.
22 Oct. 1963
The Wounded Don't Cry
The squad finds a German field hospital in a French village. Sgt. Saunders and a German soldier must travel together to get a truckload of plasma, but they have an uneasy alliance with each other.
29 Oct. 1963
While on patrol in the woods, Sgt. Saunders is taken prisoner by a slightly insane American soldier in a WWI uniform. He believes he is still fighting the First World War, and that Saunders is a German soldier.
5 Nov. 1963
Glow Against the Sky
Hiding in a bombed out town, Saunders and his squad leave a badly wounded, delirious Pvt. Nelson for the Germans to find and try to save.
12 Nov. 1963
The Little Jewel
Saunders' squad encounters a starving French boy gobbling rotted food in a bombed-out village. As PFC Caje doles K-rations to the boy Bijou (which means Little Jewel), the orphan swipes Caje's wallet, and claiming he found it, asks for a reward of chocolate from the Cajun soldier. While the squad races to bomb an oil depot, the cynical Kirby suspects the Little Jewel is following along to trade the infantry's attack plan to Heer troopers. Is Bijou an innocent child lost in war-torn France, or a Nazi informer ?
19 Nov. 1963
A Distant Drum
A wounded Lt. Hanley is pursued by a squad of Germans, and takes refuge in a French farmhouse at great peril to the mother and daughter living there.
26 Nov. 1963
Anatomy of a Patrol
Saunders' squad rescues a badly wounded pilot in the woods and his recon film, but then they are chased by a resourceful Nazi Sgt.
3 Dec. 1963
Losing her family in the war, a young French woman becomes embittered against both armies. She witness the Germans setting up their artillery, and Sgt. Saunders must convince her to reveal the Germans' location.
10 Dec. 1963
Lt. Hanley's squad is assigned to a suicide mission to locate the German artillery on a hill. Lt. Hanley, Caje and Kirby split from Sgt. Saunders and Private Clark looking for the hidden artillery. Saunders and Clark stumble upon a German machine gun nest and Clark is killed and Saunders is wounded before destroying the nest. He crawls into a cave and passes out. When he awakes, he meets the German deserter Hans that has treated his wound. Saunders summons Hans to move with him to the American lines and the German agrees. But when his Sergeant arrives in the cave with...
17 Dec. 1963
Thunder from the Hill
A cold blooded boss within a faction of the French Resistance, pressures Lt. Handley's squad to help raid a German ammo depot before he will take him to his leader.
24 Dec. 1963
The Party
This episode is strictly for laughs. The squad is left in a French village to wait for a ride to meet up with Saunders, and Kirby is placed in charge. Three good looking gals smile at our guys as they pass by, and Kirby, Caje, and Billy immediately want to come up with a plan to delay their ride so they can woo the three gals. Littlejohn wants no part in it and tells them, "It won't work." Three Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) sergeants already have dates with the gals, and our guys connive to beat the sergeants out of their dates. Their efforts do not quite ...
31 Dec. 1963
Gideon's Army
Saunders' squad happens upon a Nazi concentration camp, occupied only by a few starving Poles. SS overseers killed most prisoners, then fled with the strongest inmates, but in their hurry to flee left behind these men, mostly from the same village. The squad has orders to move on, but few of the liberated are able to walk with them. The men's leader, their former mayor, begs Saunders to stay and help, while their former kapo, also a Pole, wants out with the squad, before the furious prisoners kill him.

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