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2 Oct. 1962
Forgotten Front
Searching for a Nazi gun emplacement, the GIs try to pump information from a German deserter who is unsure of his loyalties.
9 Oct. 1962
Rear Echelon Commandos
Sgt. Saunders has to search a deserted town for Germans with 3 very inexperienced soldiers, in which one may be a coward.
16 Oct. 1962
Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd
A bitterly disturbed tank Sgt. escorts Lt. Hanley's men to a French town that seems to have been abruptly abandoned.
23 Oct. 1962
Any Second Now
A time bomb dropped during by the Germans crashes into a French church pining Hanley down, and only an American hating British Lt. can defuse it.
30 Oct. 1962
Far from the Brave
Sgt. Saunders takes a great risk by giving a new private a Browning Automatic Rifle, when he knows he has other men better qualified with it.
13 Nov. 1962
Missing in Action
The French Resistance helps Lt. Hanley find a downed American Col. living with a beautiful woman, but leaks are getting their people killed.
20 Nov. 1962
Escape to Nowhere
Lt. Hanley is captured and forced by a Nazi general to help him and his daughter escape, after an attempt on Hitler's life.
27 Nov. 1962
The Celebrity
A top professional baseball player joins the squad and becomes a liability when he freezes up during combat, and a member is shot.
4 Dec. 1962
Cat and Mouse
Saunders is ordered to join a reconnaissance patrol whose Sergeant doesn't like him or want him along.
11 Dec. 1962
I Swear by Apollo
Behind enemy lines, Saunders and his men struggle to keep a critically wounded French partisan alive.
18 Dec. 1962
A Day in June
In a flashback story told as the men rest on a rainy night, Sgt. Saunders recalls the experiences of himself and several other men on the day of the D-Day invasion, including tales about Braddock, who won the platoon pool for when the invasion would take place; Doc Walton, who was reluctant to go into battle; Caje (called "Caddie" in this episode), who is accompanied by another Cajun; and Lt. Hanley, who at the time was still a sergeant, and had little battle experience compared to Saunders. Following the landing, the men move inland and come upon a farmstead held by ...
25 Dec. 1962
The Prisoner
A private captured by the Nazis hilariously tries to impersonate his colonel for better treatment of GI POW's , but they want him to continue the playact for an officer trade.

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