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Season 1

3 Oct. 1961
No Fat Cops
An elite unit of the Los Angeles Police Department attempts to rescue a young girl and bring her kidnappers to justice.
24 Oct. 1961
To None a Deadly Drug
Karl Lippert has two problems, on the lam after a robbery that resulted in murder, he's brought his wife with him, and the police are trying to locate her because she is taking medicine that has accidentally been switched with a deadly poison.
31 Oct. 1961
The Compulsion to Confess
Key men at an electronics firm are being murdered, but no motive can be discerned. Lt. Adams enlists the help of psychiatrist Buel Reed, who explains the killer may actually want to be caught, and can be, if only the clues present can be understood.
7 Nov. 1961
Till Death Do Us Part
After a woman's body is found in a fish pond on an industrialist's estate, Adams and his men investigate and discover a complex case involving blackmail and a pair of suspicious suicides.
21 Nov. 1961
Wave Goodbye to Grandpa
At an old folks home, a woman working undercover for the police is murdered, and the owners of the home are the prime suspects, as they have scammed their residents in the past. When they try to run away, it seems all but certain they're guilty, but Adams believes the killer is one of the home's residents.
12 Dec. 1961
Lady Killer
The Metropolitan Squad pursues a man who killed a housewife. The killer tricked the housewife to letting him in her house, making her believe he was a friend of her husband. The killer selects his victims after picking up information from people who have given a ride while he hitchhikes. Now, a woman who was assaulted by the killer earlier comes forward as new clues emerge about his M.O. Adams and his men race to find the killer before he can strike again.
9 Jan. 1962
Cross the Little Line
A drug-addicted girl has a Mexican boyfriend that wants to somehow get her off heroin, and away from the vicious pusher who runs a shabby office in a run down neighborhood. Adams and his squad have a plan to bust the traffickers that involves them both, but The problem for the man is that since he's in America illegally, he fears involvement with the police.
23 Jan. 1962
Care Is No Cure
The Met Squad is saddled with the almost impossible task of tracking down a Native American man who unknowingly is a typhoid carrier.
6 Mar. 1962
The Torch
An outbreak of disastrous fires might be the random work of a pyromaniac, but Adams can't be sure until clues prove that valuable, insured merchandise was somehow spared. It's the work of a professional firebug, decimating stores and property to order for a well organized arson ring.
13 Mar. 1962
All the Dead Faces
An old friend of Adams, Floyd Blaylock, who was his sergeant from the Korean War, is in town and making trouble. Though he is a decorated hero for saving Adams's life, he's deeply scarred from his experiences psychologically and seeks to assuage imagined guilt by committing dangerous acts.
20 Mar. 1962
The Deadlier Sex
Several women are suspects when the body of a notorious bank robber is discovered behind the wheel of his getaway car.
3 Apr. 1962
Echoes of Hate
A German refugee runs a Hofbräu near the waterfront, but he's harassed by a Norwegian family of fisherman who accuse him of Nazi war guilt. Things come to a violent head when one of them is murdered-with a swastika-marked dagger in his back. Lt. Adams doubts such an obvious clue.
15 May 1962
Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?
An erudite murderer has been luring lonely spinsters to their deaths with tales of love and romantic destinations. He knows about traveling, he's left a string of such killings across the country-now he's in Los Angeles, where his latest victim-to-be is warned in time, yet she refuses to believe the police, no matter what.

 Season 1 

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