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Episode List


Season 5

13 Sep. 1965
Behold the Great Man
The arrogant Dr. Becker treats his wife cruelly and becomes vindictive when Kildare dares to disagree openly with him. First of four parts.
14 Sep. 1965
A Life for a Life
Dr. Becker is involved in a serious car accident and finds himself in the care of his opponent, Kildare.
20 Sep. 1965
Web of Hate
The rivalry between Kildare and Becker intensifies when the latter attempts suicide.
21 Sep. 1965
Horizontal Hero
Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Dr. Becker decides to operate on his severely burned patient Charles Shannon, but he still resists reconciling with his long-suffering wife. Conclusion of four-part story.
27 Sep. 1965
The Bell in the Schoolhouse Tolls for Thee, Kildare
Kildare finds himself in the role of teacher to three difficult third-year medical students. First of six parts.
28 Sep. 1965
Life in the Dance Hall
As he becomes more closely involved in the personal problems of his three med school protégés, Kildare unwittingly gains the enmity of his teaching assistant.
5 Oct. 1965
Some Doors Are Slamming
Kildare and Gillespie are increasingly concerned about the three trainees as well as Kildare's teaching assistant. Hartwood is making too many mistakes, and is dealing with an unsupportive wife. Warren is underconfident, and having a hard time dealing with sexism from patients and doctors. And Devereaux and teaching assistant Helvick are displaying bad attitudes.
11 Oct. 1965
Enough La Boheme for Everybody
Gillespie is forced to dismiss Helvick, Hartwood stands up to his wife, Frankie has had it with Krantz's sexism, and Devereaux needs to make a decision about his personal life.
12 Oct. 1965
Now the Mummy
Devereaux organizes a demonstration protesting Helvick's dismissal, only to find out Helvick lied to him about the real reason for why he was let go. Frankie gets a new patient.
18 Oct. 1965
A Pyrotechnic Display
After a patient dies unexpectedly, Frankie decides to drop out of training, but Kildare does not accept it. Conclusion of six part story.
19 Oct. 1965
With Hellfire and Thunder
An arrogant actor is unreasonably convinced that he is dying of cancer, when in fact he has cirrhosis but refuses to stop drinking. First of two parts.
25 Oct. 1965
Daily Flights to Olympus
Conclusion. Bannion is severely injured in a fight at a bar, but still shows no sign of facing up to his condition.
26 Oct. 1965
The Life Machine
A potentially life-saving new treatment is available at Blair General, but only for a small number of people; Kildare and Giollespie must choose from dozens of possible patients. First of seven parts.
1 Nov. 1965
Toast the Golden Couple
Kildare finds that the spouses of five patients who are candidates for the new kidney dialysis treatment are having a more difficult time than the patients themselves. As is Nurse Fain, whose husband is also suffering from kidney disease but is too old for consideration.
2 Nov. 1965
Wives and Losers
Steve Perrona becomes angry with Kildare after he learns about the new kidney treatment; Morrison leaves the hospital without permission.
8 Nov. 1965
Welcome Home, Dear Anna
Kildare learns that Morrison's wife has become an alcoholic, a fact he may have to report to the committee deciding who gets the treatment. Anna tells her husband she knows the truth about her condition.
9 Nov. 1965
A Little Child Shall Lead
Steve tries to bribe Gillespie into getting Anna accepted for the new treatment; Kirsh's daughter comes to the hospital to visit him; Kleber is behaving irresponsibly after his treatment.
15 Nov. 1965
Hour of Decision
The committee meets to make its final decision on which four of eleven patients will receive the new kidney dialysis treatment, without which their prognosis is terminal.
16 Nov. 1965
The four patients chosen begin the new treatment, while those not chosen have to deal with the rejection. Conclusion of seven-part story.
22 Nov. 1965
Fathers and Daughters
A nun, seriously ill, is reunited with her roguish pool-hustler father. First of four parts.
23 Nov. 1965
A Gift of Love
Still unaware of the seriousness of his daughter Sister Benjamin's condition, pool hustler Joe Quinlen is admitted to Blair due to his heart problem and roomed with a brain-damaged prizefighter.
29 Nov. 1965
The Tent Dwellers
Quinlan risks his health by going down to the recreation room to play pool with another patient, which disturbs the nurses, as well as his disapproving sister.
30 Nov. 1965
Going Home
Despite his condition, Joe Quinlan leaves the hospital to participate in a championship pool tournament. Meanwhile, Gillespie receives news regarding Sister Benjamin. Conclusion of four-part story.
6 Dec. 1965
Something Old, Something New
A young woman is injured in a car accident in which her boyfriend is killed. Upon examination it is discovered that she is pregnant and terminally ill. The girl doesn't want her mother to know about the pregnancy, and the mother does not want her daughter to know about her prognosis. First of two parts.
7 Dec. 1965
To Visit One More Spring
Conclusion. Rachel tells Kildare that she wants to stop her treatments, even though that will mean the death of her baby as well as herself, because she thinks the baby will have no hope of a good life.
13 Dec. 1965
From Nigeria with Love
Flying all the way from Nigeria, stubborn anthropologist and author Felix Holman is admitted to Blair suffering from an undetermined pulmonary infection which is proving strangely difficult to treat. First of four parts.
14 Dec. 1965
In the Roman Candle's Bright Glare
Due to Holman's still delicate condition and their tendency to argue, his devoted missionary assistant is asked to not visit him until he recovers further. Meanwhile Kildare becomes concerned when he learns that a teenage hospital assistant is dating a much older doctor.
20 Dec. 1965
When Shadows Fall
Holman suffers a relapse, which baffles the doctors; Lydia confesses her feelings toward Holman to Lois, who insists she herself is in love with Kildare.
21 Dec. 1965
With This Ring
The cause of Holman's condition is determined, leading him to propose to Lydia; Lois admits her real motives to Kildare. Conclusion of four-part story.
27 Dec. 1965
Perfect Is Too Hard to Be
A famous musician is admitted to Blair Hospital and proves a very difficult patient. First of two parts.
28 Dec. 1965
Duet for One Hand
Conclusion. Dr. Martel and the irascible Foray finally become reconciled to each other, just as the secret Martel has been hiding comes to light.
3 Jan. 1966
The Atheist and the True Believer
An outspoken atheist is admitted to Blair Hospital at the same time as an evangelist. First of six parts.
4 Jan. 1966
A Quick Look at Glory
Militant atheist Justin Post has had a bad heart attack; it is suggested that this might be "divine retribution".
10 Jan. 1966
A Sort of Falling in Love
To everyone's surprise, militant atheist Justin Post becomes a believer in God.
11 Jan. 1966
The Last to Believe in Miracles
Is the religious conversion of former atheist Justin Post genuine, or is he simply afraid of dying?
17 Jan. 1966
The Next Thing to Murder
Justin Post plans to leave the hospital to appear on Reverend Webb's television show and testify to his conversion, despite the danger to his health. Kildare plans to stop him, even by declaring him mentally damaged, until he talks to another patient who has had his faith restored by Post.
18 Jan. 1966
Never So Happy
Justin Post appears on Webb's show to proclaim his conversion, despite the risk to his heart. Conclusion of six-part story.
24 Jan. 1966
A Cry from the Street
An inner city doctor, arriving at the scene of a riot, finds that his younger brother is one of the injured. First of four parts.
25 Jan. 1966
Gratitude Won't Pay the Bills
Kildare tells Dr. Lou Rush that a possible epidemic may be spreading in his neighborhood; Rush's sister wants her brother to quit his neighborhood practice and take a residency at Blair so they can move to a better area.
31 Jan. 1966
Adrift in a Sea of Confusion
Jerry refuses to move back with his brother and sister, preferring to stay with the elderly storekeeper he idolizes; Kildare and Dr. Lou Rush search for the source of the infection.
1 Feb. 1966
These Hands That Heal
Kildare and Dr. Rush discover the source of the poisoning. They also look for Jerry, who has run from them fearing they will turn him over to the police, which is also what Jerry's gang fears he will do to them.
7 Feb. 1966
A Few Hearts, a Few Flowers
Kildare must deal with a playboy author who attempts suicide and a woman about to give birth to a baby her hubby doesn't want. First of four parts.
8 Feb. 1966
Some Tales for Halloween
Gillespie is hospitalized after a heart attack; Kildare is worried about Nurse Lawton's growing attraction to a hospitalized author with a reputation as a playboy.
14 Feb. 1966
I Can Hear the Ice Melting
Kildare suspects the worse when he learns that Nurse Lawton is paying a visit to the apartment of a playboy author; Gillespie tells Kildare he plans to resign his position due to his heart attack.
15 Feb. 1966
No Other Road
Kildare thinks he's come up with a solution to the problems of a couple who are expecting their first child, and, at the same time, to Gillespie's plan to resign; Zoe and Damon West both come to realize the truth about each other and their feelings.
21 Feb. 1966
The Encroachment
Yvonne Barlow is seriously ill - but the only doctor she'll listen to is the genial Dr. Orloff - another patient. First of five parts.
22 Feb. 1966
A Patient Lost
Kildare catches a patient/doctor snooping on the interns and incurs the wrath of Dr. Carl Noyes.
28 Feb. 1966
What Happened to All the Sunshine and Roses?
A hospitalized doctor learns that his wife is pregnant, and searches to find someone to take over his practice.
7 Mar. 1966
The Taste of Crow
Kildare thinks he's finally diagnosed a dancer's mysterious malady but must persuade her to re-enter Blair Hospital for tests to prove his diagnosis.
8 Mar. 1966
Out of a Concrete Tower
The animosity between Dr. Noyes and Dr. Orloff reaches a boiling point after Yvonne's overdose. Conclusion of five-part story.
14 Mar. 1966
The Art of Taking a Powder
A movie actor comes to visit his old immigrant father.
15 Mar. 1966
Read the Book and Then See the Picture
Conclusion. Richard Ross is determined to show his father his new car, despite Kildare's insistence that the dying old man cannot leave his bed; Zoe wants to leave Blair, but Kildare and Gillespie are determined to talk her out of it.
21 Mar. 1966
A Sometimes Distant Spring
A nurse (Diane Varsi) must decide whether to risk surgery for her heart condition.
22 Mar. 1966
Travel a Crooked Road
Right before she's scheduled to undergo heart surgery, a nurse learns that her husband, reported MIA in Vietnam, is alive and returning home.