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2 Jan. 1963
The Cat Burglar
A successive string of neighborhood cat burglaries makes the Petries and the Helpers jumpy, all of whom get victimized despite their hyper-vigilance over every little sound.
9 Jan. 1963
The Foul Weather Girl
Rob sneaks in and plants a big kiss on Laura only to find it isn't Laura at all but an old flame of his from high school who's in New York for an audition.
16 Jan. 1963
Will You Two Be My Wife?
Rob recounts the wrath and fury he encountered when he broke his engagement with his hometown sweetheart, Dorothy, after he and Laura became engaged.
23 Jan. 1963
Ray Murdock's X-Ray
Rob thinks he can be a guest on an infamously incendiary talk show without getting burned. Boy, was HE ever wrong. Now if he can just keep Laura from seeing the show, he might just save his marriage.
30 Jan. 1963
I Was a Teenage Head Writer
Facing off with Mel over a rejected script, Rob leaves the show, fuming when Buddy and Sally don't join him.
6 Feb. 1963
It May Look Like a Walnut
Rob enjoys a scary televised sci-fi movie while Laura cowers in fear from it, but the next day details of that movie, where Earthlings are being taken over, appear to be coming true.
13 Feb. 1963
My Husband Is a Check-Grabber
Laura's silence forces Rob to recount their evening out to determine what he did that made her infuriated over jeopardizing Ritchie's college future.
20 Feb. 1963
Don't Trip Over That Mountain
Rob promises Laura he won't get injured on his skiing trip with Jerry, but when he sustains a full-body bang-up, he does all he can to keep it from her rather than admit her woman's intuition was correct.
27 Feb. 1963
Give Me Your Walls
The Petries hire a painter for their living room who ends up doing a lot, other than what they hired him to do.
6 Mar. 1963
The Sam Pomerantz Scandals
The gang vacations at Rob's army buddy's new resort, but when Rob incapacitates its headlining comic, he gets the gang to help put on a show to make up for it.
20 Mar. 1963
The Square Triangle
Rob plans to make himself scarce when he hears French heartthrob Jacques Savon is Alan's guest star, a man whose marriage Rob feels responsible for breaking up. Oddly enough, Laura feels responsible, too.
27 Mar. 1963
I'm No Henry Walden
In answer to an invitation, the Petries attend a swank dinner party thrown by wealthy Mrs. Huntington, which later reveals itself to be a fund-raiser where Rob's compliant gesture turns into a donation far beyond his means.
3 Apr. 1963
Racy Tracy Rattigan
Tracy Rattigan, the show's guest host while Alan Brady's on vacation, is a charming but incorrigible flirt, the extent of which Laura and Rob discover to their discomfort.
10 Apr. 1963
Suspected infidelity puts Buddy's marriage to Pickles in jeopardy, and Rob, friends to both, finds himself situated between an enraged husband and an hysterical wife.
17 Apr. 1963
It's a Shame She Married Me
Laura's old beau re-enters the Petries' lives as Alan Brady's newest sponsor. His appearance coincides with Rob's agitation over personal finances, triggering insecurities.
24 Apr. 1963
A Surprise Surprise Is a Surprise
Rob drives himself beyond distraction trying to figure out whether Laura is going to throw him a surprise party for his birthday and, if she IS going to throw a surprise party, when and where it's going to happen.
1 May 1963
Jilting the Jilter
Marriage looms on Sally's horizon when she meets Freddy White, a rat fink comedian who's willing to become her husband in exchange for endless free comedy material.
8 May 1963
When a Bowling Pin Talks, Listen
Rob submits a sketch about a talking bowling pin which Alan Brady loves, but trouble arises when it is revealed that a rival comedian has already used that same material.
25 Sep. 1963
That's My Boy??
During a flashback about his early days as a parent, Rob recounts why he believed Laura and he brought home a baby belonging to someone else.
2 Oct. 1963
The Masterpiece
Rob's unguarded gestures at an auction have him unwittingly bidding on and winning an ugly clown painting that covers another work beneath, perhaps a masterpiece.
9 Oct. 1963
Laura's Little Lie
Rob would like to know why Laura disappears every time his insurance agent Ed Rubin comes over or calls.
16 Oct. 1963
Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice
Rob and Laura must remarry to maintain legal marital status, but a marital squabble before the judge may prevent it.
23 Oct. 1963
All About Eavesdropping
Having unintentionally eavesdropped on the Helpers, Rob and Laura become infuriated just prior to attending their dinner party, making for a seriously disquieting evening.
30 Oct. 1963
Too Many Stars
As director of the annual area variety show, Rob finds himself trapped between casting Laura as this year's leading woman (again) or a dazzlingly talented newcomer to the neighborhood.
6 Nov. 1963
Who and Where Was Antonio Stradivarius?
Following a concussion at the office, Rob winds up at a swinging party in New Jersey with no idea how he got there.
13 Nov. 1963
Uncle George
Rob's energetic Uncle George comes for a visit to eagerly pressure Rob into finding him a wife.
20 Nov. 1963
Big Max Calvada
A man with suspected underworld connections asks Rob, Sally and Buddy to write a comedy routine for his no-talent nephew - a favor they fear for their lives to either decline or accept.
27 Nov. 1963
The Ballad of the Betty Lou
Rob and Jerry's friendship is sorely tested when they buy a boat together.
4 Dec. 1963
Turtles, Ties, and Toreadors
Rob hires a maid through the classifieds and ends up with a woman fresh from Barcelona who speaks no English, has a broken arm, and expects to work as a live-in.
11 Dec. 1963
The Sound of the Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain That Holds Its Ears...
Rob struggles between his civic duty and fear for his family's safety when he believes he can identify the two robbers in a jewelry store holdup.
18 Dec. 1963
The Alan Brady Show Presents
It's the first Christmas presentation of The Alan Brady Show where he turns the spotlight upon his talented staff to entertain the TV public.

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