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3 Jan. 1962
Where Did I Come From?
Rob recalls the hilarious events leading up to Ritchie's birth when Ritchie asks the inevitable question.
10 Jan. 1962
The Curious Thing About Women
Laura opens and reads Rob's mail, she giving him a Reader's Digest version of it, and even throwing away what she considers unimportant. Rob is not angry that Laura opened his mail, but he is angry that she read it before he did. Laura doesn't understand why Rob is so upset as he always lets her read his mail anyway. After apologies are made, the issue is resolved. Or is it? Out of general chit-chat, Rob tells Sally and Buddy about the event. Buddy thinks the situation is ripe for a comedy sketch for the show, to which Sally and Rob concur. Before the show airs, Laura...
17 Jan. 1962
Punch Thy Neighbor
Neighbor and friend Jerry Helper teases too much! Rob gets increasingly upset as Jerry jokes around the whole neighborhood that "The Alan Brady Show" was "rotten" this past week. Rob accidentally hits him in a restaurant, and hilarity ensues!
24 Jan. 1962
Who Owes Who What?
Rob remembers $25 he lent Buddy. Laura doesn't think he will collect. Rob is too embarrassed to remind Buddy and tries many ways to drop hints to Buddy. Buddy remembers something that Rob overlooked.
31 Jan. 1962
The Talented Neighborhood
"The Alan Brady Show" announces its annual search for the most gifted youngster, and parents are asked to send a picture of their child. All of the stage mothers in Rob's neighborhood want him to get their children private auditions. And all of Sally's neighbors. And all of Buddy's neighbors. The final straw is parents who have just moved into the neighborhood and Rob is uncharacteristically mean.
7 Feb. 1962
A Word a Day
Ritchie is starting to learn some new words. He says a bad word to Laura in the car. She thinks ignoring it is the best course, but Rob wants to have a "man-to-man" talk with Ritchie. Rob also wants to confront the family that he assumes is responsible for Ritchie learning the bad words, but that could prove embarrassing.
14 Feb. 1962
The Boarder Incident
Buddy's wife Pickles is away for 3 weeks to take care of her mother. Buddy can't stay at home because he's too lonely. Rob discovers that Buddy has been sleeping overnight at work and insists he move into his guest room. Sally warns against it. Either Buddy and his dog Larry are keeping Rob and Laura awake, or Rob and Laura aren't letting Buddy stay up late.
21 Feb. 1962
Father of the Week
Rob is Father of the Week at Ritchie's school. Ritchie is afraid that Rob will embarrass him. How can Rob show a class of first graders what a comedy writer does? (What's he gonna do - type?)
28 Feb. 1962
The Twizzle
Sally drags the entire gang to a bowling alley when she discovers a new dance sensation that's sure to sweep the nation.
7 Mar. 1962
One Angry Man
Rob gets called for jury duty; unbeknownst to him, Laura attends the trial. The defendant is an exotic dancer. Is she really innocent as only Rob believes? Will Rob be in major trouble when he gets home?
14 Mar. 1962
Where You Been, Fassbinder?
Sally doesn't have a date for her birthday, then an old friend from high school (Leo Fassbinder) calls. Sally invites Leo to her apartment for a quiet evening, but Rob, Laura, Buddy and Mel think Leo is just a made up friend and plan to bring a loud party to Sally's apartment.
21 Mar. 1962
I Am My Brother's Keeper
Rob's brother Stacey has a two week furlough and sends Rob a telegram that he's coming for a visit. Rob (whom Stacey calls "Burford") isn't thrilled. He explains to Laura that his shy brother has a problem.
28 Mar. 1962
The Sleeping Brother
Rob's shy brother Stacey has a problem. He's a somnambulist! And Stacey's a great performer when he's asleep. How can Rob get Stacey to perform a great audition for Alan Brady while Stacey is awake?
4 Apr. 1962
The Bad Old Days
Buddy laments the decline of the American male and yearns for the "good old days". Rob starts to feel he does too much housework. He has a nightmare about the bad circumstances of the "old days".
11 Apr. 1962
Sol and the Sponsor
Rob faces a dilemma when a rambunctious old army pal must be told he cannot attend a special dinner party that the Petries are throwing to make an impression with an Alan Brady Show sponsor.
18 Apr. 1962
The Return of Happy Spangler
Rob runs into Happy Spangler, the fellow who gave him his first break to get into show business. Learning that writing jobs have been a little lean of late for Spangler, Rob decides to repay the debt to his old mentor by agreeing to take him on temporarily as a writer for the Alan Brady Show. Rob soon comes to regret his act of kindness, however, as he realizes that Spangler is much more interested in telling stories that distract his writing staff, preventing them from getting their work done.
26 Sep. 1962
Never Name a Duck
Ritchie becomes very attached to two baby ducks that were left over from a show and adopts them. Rob faces the task of making Ritchie understand the consequence of trying to keep pets that may be happier living in the wild.
3 Oct. 1962
The Two Faces of Rob
Can a husband disguise his voice and fool his wife over the phone? Rob thinks he has, which could mean he's caught Laura flirting with a complete stranger - him.
10 Oct. 1962
The Attempted Marriage
Rob recalls his and Laura's attempts to get married when Ritchie brings up the subject.
17 Oct. 1962
Bank Book 6565696
Rob discovers Laura's secret bank account. Its mystery preoccupies his thoughts till he finally has to confront her and ask what it's for.
24 Oct. 1962
Hustling the Hustler
Rob doesn't know what he's in for when he invites Buddy's charming, pool hustling brother Blackie over for dinner and a friendly game of billiards.
31 Oct. 1962
My Husband Is Not a Drunk
A hypnotist visits a Petrie dinner party where Rob accidentally picks up a post-hypnotic suggestion.
7 Nov. 1962
What's in a Middle Name?
Ritchie finds his birth certificate and wants an explanation for his middle name being Rosebud.
14 Nov. 1962
Like a Sister
When handsome Ric Vallone is the guest star on the Alan Brady Show, Rob grows increasingly concerned that Sally is falling madly for the star, who is unaware of this complication.
21 Nov. 1962
The Night the Roof Fell In
Having each had a rough day, Laura and Rob argue, but only their goldfish can report the truth as Laura and Rob later tell colorful, self-aggrandizing versions to others of what happened.
28 Nov. 1962
The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally
Rob suspects that Buddy and Sally may be moonlighting for another comedy show (or worse - having an affair).
5 Dec. 1962
A Bird in the Head Hurts
Ritchie claims he keeps being attacked by a giant woodpecker.
12 Dec. 1962
Gesundheit, Darling
The Petries start quarreling after neighbor Jerry suggests Rob's recent sneezing fits are psychosomatic expressions of repressed rage at Laura. Worse yet, could Rob have become allergic to Laura?
19 Dec. 1962
A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own
Rob suffers pangs of guilt after a dental emergency arises while Jerry's out of town, forcing Rob to accept treatment from another dentist whom Rob finds superior.
26 Dec. 1962
Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra
While directing the annual variety show sponsored by his talented neighbors, Rob becomes frustrated by spousal jealousies as he tries to pair the perfect "Cleopatra" to "Mark Antony" for the lead roles.

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