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8 Oct. 1961
Success Story
When former local Victor returns to town with the intent of staying, tongues are wagging to know why. Confiding his scheme to old pal Grace, the super wealthy man buys an estate where he was once a laborer, before making a deal to split up a young couple to complete his life's goal.
12 Nov. 1961
A naive and over-confident cowboy determines to woo a somewhat blowzy showgirl.
3 Dec. 1961
A Lion Walks Among Us
D.A. Glenn Wagner's wife Sally gives a young drifter a lift into town, but drops him off at the outskirts after he makes a pass at her. He kills the proprietor of a general store, then goes on a rampage at the local dance hall. After his arrest, he comes under suspicion for the murder. Sally is the only one who can place him at the scene at the time the murder was committed, but has her own dark secrets she doesn't want coming to light.
7 Jan. 1962
Summer Lightning
A stranger comes to Sunrise, soon making a play for a hard-boiled waitress, but also for shy, mousy spinster who works in an office. He sweeps both off their feet, in different fashions, asking the typist to marry him. The waitress finds out and forces him to explain he only intends to stay married until she gets an inheritance she has yet to find out about.
25 Feb. 1962
The Ordeal of Kevin Brooke
When the impecunious Kevin Brooke finds a suitcase full of money, his problems seem to be over - but they're just beginning.
25 Mar. 1962
I Kiss Your Shadow
The series finale "I Kiss Your Shadow", with Joanne Linville and George Grizzard as guest stars, is a story of a man crushed by the memory of his wife's death in an automobile accident. In his book Danse Macabre, Stephen King nominated this episode as "...the single most frightening story ever done on TV." King wrote that Bus Stop was "...a straight drama show,... The final episode, however, deviated wildly into the supernatural, and for me, Robert Bloch's adaptation of his own short story "I Kiss Your Shadow" has never been beaten on TV - and rarely any where else - ...

 Season 1 

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