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One of the first spin-offs
sandlot319 May 2006
December Bride had a neighbor Pete Porter played by Harry Morgan (later featured in Dragnet and M*A*S*H) but Gladys, his nagging and sloppy wife, was never seen. Here she was featured as well as some of the supporting cast from Bride, as that show had just ended. Gladys proved to be neither nagging nor a slob but was kind of wacky in the Lucy vein. This was probably Morgan's funniest role, as audiences loved his sarcastic humor on Bride that fueled the spin-off. Morgan and Cara Williams were veteran actors from TV and movies so they performed well together and the comedy chemistry clicked. Williams had a short-lived show of her own (The Cara Williams Show) after this one ended.
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A standard '60's situation comedy
fiascofilmsco5 May 2000
Pete (Harry Morgan) was a regular on the long running "December Bride" TV series playing a henpecked husband. On this series, Gladys was only mentioned and never seen. She was portrayed as a nagging terror by her husband Pete.

When this series debuted in 1960, we met Gladys for the first time. The only problem: Gladys is a totally likeable charactor and does not come across as a nag. She is a normal '60's housewife. They live in a modest home.

The only other December Bride regular is the wonderful Verna Felton as Hilda Crocker. She often has the best lines in the show.
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Lots of fun with ingenious Gladys
earlytalkie12 May 2008
This show is a real blast from the past. Not having seen this show since I was a little boy, I wondered if it would hold up to my memory of it. It did. Cara Williams was very funny playing a housewife not unlike Lucy Ricardo. Harry Morgan plays a sort-of Americanized version of Ricky in this. Why this series has been off the air for so many years remains a mystery to me. Cara Williams was a very talented actress who was not appreciated in her day.I would like to say to her "Thank you" for the wonderful performances she has given us, not only in television, but her film appearances as well. Pete and Gladys is a fun show that unfortunately has not been seen or heard of by the majority of today's television audience.
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A forgotten gem of television's golden years
juliafwilliams20 August 2003
Here's a blast from the past. This was one of television's earliest spin-offs before spin-offs became a dynamic commodity of television. This show was spun-off from another memorable comedy, December Bride, reruns of which were broadcast in the late 1950's to early 1960's, during the winds of change in American society.

Two of the players, Helen Kleeb and Shirley Mitchell, went on to play The Baldwin Sisters on The Waltons.
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Not Enough Pete and Too Much Gladys
dianerpessler-4616426 June 2015
The thing I remember most about this show is that the character I loved so much from December Bride, Pete Porter (played hilariously by Harry Morgan), was not featured enough in the spin off. "Pete and Gladys" was almost all Gladys (played by a very funny Cara Williams.) Sadly, when Pete did appear, he wasn't the same wacky guy from December Bride. He seemed frustrated, serious, somewhat somber. It was disappointing since the point of the show was not only to reveal Gladys but to capitalize on Harry Morgan's wonderfully comic Pete. Not necessarily a bad situation comedy from the era but disappointing and a letdown to Pete fans.
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The Cycle Had Run Its Course
bkoganbing27 February 2008
Pete and Gladys gave the American public finally a look at just what Harry Morgan had been complaining about lo these past five years. On December Bride where Morgan was a regular, we never got to see Gladys, all we knew about her is Morgan's regular one liners about her. She was the distaff equivalent of Phyllis Diller's never seen husband, Fang.

Anyway the Pete and Gladys show opened the year after December Bride shut down with Peter Porter moving away from the neighborhood where he lived next to Dean Miller, Frances Rafferty and Spring Byington. And we finally got to meet Gladys who was played by Cara Williams.

Desilu Productions had split the way Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had split, but creators Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskopf who wrote I Love Lucy and December Bride created another kookie wife to get into constant trouble to the annoyance of her harried husband.

Cara Williams was very funny as Gladys Porter, but the cycle had really run its course by the time Pete and Gladys made its debut. Harry Morgan was an Americanized version of Ricky Ricardo. Later on we saw how exasperated he could get with the 4077 MASH unit.

Still I wouldn't mind seeing some of those today.
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Daytime Portion
bhallumsro27 June 2000
"Pete & Gladys" was also seen on reruns on CBS-TV Daytime on Weekdays from October 1, 1962 to October 4, 1964. The Daily portion was joined with "The Real McCoys" that same day as well as "The Lucille Ball Show" and later "The Lucy Show" was debuted on prime time.
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The day Kennedy was shot...
Eric-122613 August 2004 mom and little sister were watching a rerun of "Pete and Gladys" when the local news announcer interrupted the program to deliver the grim news about Kennedy's assassination.

Even today, some 40 years after the event, I can't get my mom to make a comment about the day Kennedy was shot without her prefacing her recollections by first mentioning that she and my little sis were at home watching "Pete and Gladys".

I don't remember too clearly what I was doing that day. I know I was in second grade, and they put the news on the school intercom and we listened to it non-stop until school let out. Then I went home. But I've always wondered what it must have been like to have been watching "Pete and Gladys" only to have the show interrupted by news of the president's assassination.
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Whoa! Can this be the same show I remembered so warmly?
GoUSN21 November 2012
Some memories should be left that way. I was born in the mid-fifties, and this is one of the very first shows I remember watching as a very small child. My mom must have liked it, we must have watched it routinely, and it became etched in my memory. I was surprised to learn it was only on for two seasons.

I hadn't seen it until learning on this very site that a full episode had been uploaded to YouTube, titled Garden Wedding.

The show opened with two couples driving, men in front - Pete/Harry Morgan was driving with Bob Hastings, lka "Lt. Carpenter" in McHale's Navy, as passenger - and the women in back - Gladys and a friend, wife of the Bob Hastings character.

You couldn't help but compare the visual of that foursome to the foursome in I Love Lucy and the "California Here We Come" episode. Fifties cars, fifties couples, black and white presentation.

But there the similarities ended. I was astonished at how boring and predictable the Pete and Gladys show was. Bad writing (though I believe written by two of Lucy's former writers), absurd story line, wooden acting, and completely predictable outcome. Clearly not as timeless as Lucy. I can see why this show is no longer shown.
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