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Season 2

2 Oct. 1961
The Hoarder and the Boarder
Gladys can't quite bring herself to part with the items in the garage that Pete insists she dispose of, so she hides them in an unused room in the house.
9 Oct. 1961
Second Car
Gladys and Peggy get more than they bargained for when they purchase a small foreign car together and try to keep it a secret from their husbands.
30 Oct. 1961
Uncle Paul's Insurance
Pete is afraid to ask Uncle Paul (Gale Gordon) to buy insurance from him, so Bruce tries to hypnotize him into finding out why.
20 Nov. 1961
Three Loves of Gladys
Bruce is blackballed from the fraternity he wishes to join, so Gladys sets out to find the reason why.
27 Nov. 1961
Sick, Sick, Sick
Gladys goes on a TV giveaway program and tells a lie to win the prize.
25 Dec. 1961
Lover Go Away
The Porter's new teenage gardener develops a crush on Gladys.
1 Jan. 1962
Hero in the House
Tonight Pete and Gladys are at the theater but things go awry when a fellow starts abusing Gladys. Brave but not reckless, Pete decides the man is too big to fight with.
15 Jan. 1962
Who Was That Man?
Gladys meets up with an old boyfriend and lies about it to jealous Pete.
22 Jan. 1962
Garden Wedding
Pete and Gladys find they are not legally married. Gladys sees this as the perfect opportunity for a big garden wedding.
29 Jan. 1962
Follow That Skeleton
Uncle Paul has been feuding with his business partner. Gladys jumps to a conclusion when she spots a skeleton in the trunk of his car.
5 Feb. 1962
Will the Real Michele Tabour Please Stand Up?
Gladys is the exact double for a visiting French dancing star.
12 Feb. 1962
The Prize
Gladys tries out a hair dryer that uses a vacuum cleaner for power that turns out to be a disaster. Later she wins a contest, and surprise prize is another of those dryers. She refuses, causing Pete's employers to insist she keep it and endorse it too.
26 Feb. 1962
Never Forget a Friend
Old friends Newton and Wilma move back to town but Newton still holds a grudge against Pete for a long ago incident. Gladys invites them to dinner to make amends yet makes matters worse by forgetting their names.

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