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Corrie on regardless
Dodger-930 November 2000
TV is a fickle business and never more so than in one of its dramatic mainstays - the humble soap.

Getting the balance between comedy and drama can be a tricky affair, not to mention having (and keeping) a cast of likeable characters who make you want to tune in for more week after week.

While Eldorado and Albion Market failed to capture the imagination of the nation, there are others that manage to shrug off the birth pangs, cope with a difficult adolesence and settle down while seizing the heart of the nation.

In case you didn't know it, Corrie is 40 this year and as one of the world's longest running soaps it has earned its place in the record books.

It began not with a bang but with a whimper.

The opening scenes are still etched in the mind of creator Tony Warren, who developed the show while still a mere slip of a lad. Mrs Lappin slipped a coin into a bubblegum machine outside her corner shop, and Ena Sharples, scowling like a bulldog beneath THAT hairnet, demanded: "Are those fancies today's? I'll take half a dozen - and no eclairs. NO eclairs."

Lest we forget, the show gave rise to some of the best actors and writers in the business, including Joanna Lumley, Ben Kingsley and The Royle Family's much loved mate, Twiggy (Geoffrey Hughes).

Scriptwriters like Jack Rosenthal (Yentl, London's Burning) and Frank Cottrell Boyce (Jude, Hillary and Jackie) gave us dialogue and scenes that went above and beyond the realms of most shows while it enlivened many a dull night's TV by its very presence alone.

Over the years, we have relished the clashes between Ena (Violet Carson) and Elsie (Pat Phoenix), thrown soft furnishings at the TV while dithery Derek (Peter Baldwin) and Mavis (Thelma Barlow) tested the patience of saints and wept buckets as Judy Mallett (Gaynor Faye), Des Barnes (Phil Middlemiss) and most of Ken Barlow's (William Roache) wives became another statistic in the suspiciously high list of Weatherfield residents who met their maker far too early.

This year has been as unmissable as any in its four decade history with the Tony Horrocks murder and the 'Martn' (Sean Wilson) and Rebecca (Jill Halfpenny) affair coming to a head, not to mention Jez (the excellent Lee Boardman) and Alison (Naomi Radcliffe) reaching a sticky end as polar opposite characters both cut short by some brutal scripting.

The Street has become so ingrained in people's hearts that, over the years, many have lost sight of that thin line between fact and fiction.

When Elsie Tanner was lying unidentified in a London hospital after being knocked down by a taxi, viewers wrote to her husband to tell him where she was.

Dozens of women took up their knitting needles to make dustman Eddie Yates a new woolly hat when his own was shredded in the washing machine, and when Ena lost her post as secretary of the Glad Tidings mission, the job offers flooded in.

People have even tried to book Christmas parties at the Rovers Return and rent the houses which become vacant in Britain's most celebrated terraced street. Former producer Bill Podmore once said: 'All over the country, old terraces like Coronation Street are disappearing, but a change in the Street could destroy the roots of the programme, because the architecture is as much a part of its character as the people.'

But it was regular script writer Harry Kershaw who summed up it's enduring popularity and extraordinary success both at home and abroad. 'Coronation Street is about life,' he said, 'and life has its universal situations, its problems and laughter; therefore it has an international appeal.'

We have laughed, cried and run screaming by the sight of hamster-faced Gail (Helen Worth) and the haircut from Hell, poodle-haired Liz (Beverley Callard) dressing like a woman half her age and Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) working his way through the Street's female residents. How long can all this go on?

Well, as long as Granada keep hiring some of the best cast and crew in the business while putting a fresh spin on age old stories of love, lust, infidelity and, in Fred Elliott's case, fine meat products, let's hope it never ends.
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A television classic! The best television soap ever
richardclarke1316 February 2007
I was four years old when i first viewed Coronation Street (the episode being Stan and Hilda's second honeymoon in 1977) and immediately (even at such a young age) I hoped that this show would run forever (and by the looks of it, it will!). Im 33 now and during the past nearly 3 decades I have witnessed many changes to the soap. characters have gone (Annie Walker, Elsie Tanner and Hilda and Stan Ogden to name but few) but despite many more adult story lines one key thing remains the same and thats that essentially this is a programme about a huge nucleus of people living in the same community dealing with their own problems and being there for each other (a good example of this is the relationship between the Barlow's and Emily Bishop who is always there for them).

Sure it shows the negative side of life as there have been many baddies walk the weatherfield cobbles (Alan Bradley, Charlie Stubbs and of course Richard Hillman amongst others) but mixed with that is plenty of humour like when Jack (Vera's husband) tried dating several years ago only for Vera's to find out of bet lynch and use her handbag to clobber him out of the rovers return.

The rovers return is the focal point of the programme. Everybody meets here and it is here that some of Corrie's finest acting moments have took place. There have been many fights in the rovers but the best ones have to be the fights between Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin. Mike had an affair with Ken's wife Deidrie in 1983 and right up to Mikes death last year Ken never really forgave him. Story lines like this are what keeps Corrie firmly stuck in reality and may it be part of our reality for many years to come. God bless Corrie.
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British TV at it's Best
EJNutz9 August 2003
If you want to see British TV at it's best then look no further, This is a high class soap opera which has won many awards, The performances in this show sometimes outshine those that have won Oscars. The premise of the series is the following of lives in an old terraced street in Manchester. Each resident is different, it would be boring if they were. The Street is famous for it's comic humour, in the midst of a dramatic scene you are always guaranteed a laugh. It is a must see programme. It is the top rated programme in the UK.
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PC Street
thm-1753313 November 2018
The new writer has taken it to the top of the politically correct spectrum. I'm all for gay rights but this is a touch too much - where a good amount of the main characters and storylines are gay.

I just watched this weeks episodes and saw two characters arrested and charged without any due process. i feel the way they portray the over-reach of the justice system would be laughable if it wasnt so dangerous to perpetuate. The amount of times someone has been arrested without any investigation, questioning, or representation in the last year couldn't be counted on both hands.

Unfortunately this show is in a rut. The last group of great characters were introduced over ten years ago; Carla, Michele, Becky, New Nick, Lloyd and not a heck of a lot of new blood of any note with the possible exception of Tim and Beth.

I do love this show but less and less over the last few years. Time for a shake up at HQ.
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Storyline is Stuck on Stupid
klouchance10 January 2018
I started watching Coronation Street years ago because of the writing and the acting. I rated it anywhere between 7 and 9 back then, but no more. The writing is haphazard, as if the writers have waited until the last minute and just have to throw something up there. As a viewer I find it insulting and I'm not alone, as evidenced by Corrie's social media page.

The main offense is Corrie's absolute refusal to get rid of a third class villain, who for years has gotten away with multiple counts of sexual assault, fraud, kidnapping, thievery and murder in incidents that would have resulted in solid arrests by the Keystone Cops. Not only is he playing Corrie, he's playing its viewers. That's unforgivable.

I stopped watching with the hope that Corrie would see sense and get rid of Pat Phelan, but he doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon. At this point I am so disgusted I don't know that I'd ever want to return. Corrie's viewers deserve better.
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Can't miss it
gmb_99623 May 2004
My mother was Scottish and my dad was British, so I was raised on watching Coronation Street. For the last 35 years (at least) not a week has gone by with catching up at the Rover's return. Unfortunately, here in Canada we seem to be quite behind the times, we are at the stage where Peter is revealed as a bigamist, Martin admits to the affair with Katie etc...etc... But I will continue to watch C.S.loyally. I'm addicted, and so is my wife of 10 years. She wasn't to fussy at the beginning but after watching now, it would be instant death if I didn't get her up at 8 a.m. for our 2 hour Sunday constitutional.

Our next trip to England we hope maybe for a tour of the set. It would be the icing on the cake, if I could surprise her with this holiday treat. Thanks for allowing me this moment to reflect on the great time we've had watching and will continue to watch our favorite show
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As far as soaps go this is by far my all time favorite
mulhollandman21 September 2006
Coronation Street is now nearing its 50th birthday and even today it remains one of Britain's most popular series. The reason for its continuous popularity is very simple. It has good story lines, humor and wit, drama and tension, colorful characters, excellent lightning and direction, simple locations and it evokes the majority's emotions on a weekly basis.

These things are very simple and most soap operas incorporate them but Coronation Street has the upper hand continuously because they juggle all them in every episode and there is never central focus on any particular theme it is all dealt with equality of division.

The star of the show is not the actors or the story lines but the characters. When people tune in they do not do so to watch Bruce Jones who plays Les Battersby but they do so to watch Les Battersby. Les Battersby and the other characters have become as real as the actors that are playing them and in most cases more famous. The characters are wonderfully written and in most cases portrayed by very talented individuals who seldom over act but are willing. They successfully cover a wide spectrum of human emotions and their acting ability should be honored considering that being an actor on Coronation Street could sometimes mean story lines that require 24:7 attendances on the set.

The story lines are very good also and they always have two to three separate story lines going at all times. But there will always be a major theme covered over a pro-longed period. At the moment they are dealing with Post-Natal Depression a topic that has been touched upon before in many soaps but not as vividly as it has been done in Coronation Street. Not only is it a hooking storyline but also it is very educational on it can manifest itself in different people and the adverse effect it can have on the families and friends that are involved.

Coronation Street has consistently been the publics favorite for many years because of it's down to earth approach to characters and story lines but it only loses out to other soaps because it has a reluctance to over do it with crime or natural disaster stories. It does from time to time have larger than life story lines consisting of serial killers or murders but these are few and far between. Unfortunately it's attempts to keep with up with rival soaps means that it is transmitted four times a week also means that this provides me with my only fault and this is viewers can be over exposed to heavy story lines and this can be quite daunting even for the most hardcore fan. Other than this I would say you could do a lot worse.
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Down the Rovers
studioAT24 September 2015
Corrie really is the nations soap and is so ingrained in our minds that everyone probably has a favourite character, moment of line.

Yes, it's probably on too many days of the week and the plots at times verge of ridiculous but what I love about Corrie is that of all the soaps it maintains that balance between humour and drama and that is what makes it so endearing.

While Eastenders may win more awards I think Corrie is loved more by the public and that is why the characters remain in our hearts so long after they have left.

With another good live episode out of the way recently the only way for Corrie seems to be up.
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Comfort Television
kiwi4328 February 2008
I have watched this, irregularly for the first ten years , but for the last 30 years have rarely missed an episode. It is part of Tuesdays & Thursdays. I usually have a crossword or sudoku at the same time, but it is something to look forward to. Nobody phones at that time.

I admit that Coronation Street does vary in quality from time to time. There are far more unlikeable characters now - Charlie, Tracy, Cilla and David for example, & some of the story lines drag on and on, but there are so many moments of brilliant dialogue, such as Rita's put downs of Norris, and some of the discussion between Kirk & the lovely Fizz. We are a year behind in New Zealand but it doesn't seem to matter if you read of what's happening in English magazines or the Internet. Here's to another 30 years!
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adders34515 March 2015
This show has gone steeply downhill the past few years. What was once a classic British soap is now an utter joke. The producer's idea of 'sensationalising' each story just doesn't work. A show which was once realistic is now unrealistic. A show which once provided perfect comedy now tries to hard. The show has no element of drama to it anymore, it doesn't feel like a soap, but instead more like a joke which isn't funny.

Watching paint dry is more interesting than watching this tripe as paint drying actually does something. The coach crash which aired in January 2015 was appalling to watch It didn't peak my interest at all. The ratings on the show have dropped significantly too, which has given rival soap EastEnders a chance to become number one soap again.
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A coronation of awful TV
richardcumiskey1 June 2017
Just for clarification, I used to watch Corronation street every time it was when I was younger, I adored the mystery in who could have attacked who? why would she cheat on him?, I related the characters in my teen years and the writing and acting wasn't unbearable.

Now it is showing its age.

Corronation street is painful to watch even for your average person. I understand that the show is tailored towards people who don't really care for triple A acting or top notch writing, but the fact is it doesn't even feel like there is any effort put in from anyone.

Let me start by saying that the actors clearly don't understand most of the lines they are saying. They are said with odd delivery and it doesn't help that the writing isn't great either. The characters are one dimensional and hard to connect to now and the story lines are so so bad that it may as well be a comedy show.

The biggest issue is that the show attempt's to emulate real life, almost as if we can escape ours for half an hour when watching the show. However its so over the top that it fails in all aspects and honestly if I'm going to give a positive its that it could work as a melodramatic show that focuses on comedy.

Again I used to adore this show. I would look up the spoilers online and watch interviews etc. Its just lost my interest due to other shows like Hollyoaks improving week after week.

To give the show credit the fact its been going so long is a remarkable achievement and if the show was to put on episodes like the good old days to remind the current generation why they fell in love with it in the first place, they could revive this dying show.

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A shadow of it's former self
Aroura6425 March 2019
There was a time, when I used to look forward to watching Coronation Street, but those days are no more. There are a number of reasons for the decline in the show, to understand them you have to seperate the show into two eras - before and after Eastenders! The soap was significantly different before February 1985 - the year that Eastenders began. The characters were likable and you warmed to them, the stoylines were almost an issue free environment. In order to compete with the new kid on the block, the establshed characters, and their storylines became darker. New, more realistic characters were introduced, in the begining they worked quite well. We are talking about the period from 1989 to the early nineties. The episodes increased from twice a week, to the six we have in the modern era. The quality of the writing and acting has fallen dramatically. Many of the modern storylines are issue led, which can make for tedious viewing. I can't tell whether I am watching Eastenders or Brookside sometimes!. The show has become a shadow of it's former self,
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Been on way too long
glenn-aylett27 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly for the benefit of readers outside of Britain, although Coronation St has a cult following in Canada, Coronation St( often shortened to Corrie by its fans) is the longest running soap in Britain based on a fictional street in Manchester, which in its heyday in the late seventies had 17 million viewers. 8 million still watch now, but the overkill with episodes, spin off shows and omnibuses has wrecked to me what was once a great Northern institution with believable and likable characters.

Now I know dear old Corrie's fans hate criticism of their beloved soap, but the soap should have gone in the mid eighties when well loved characters like the Ogdens, Annie Walker and Albert Tatlock were written out and the soap's ratings took a dip. Instead it has lurched on, with now five episodes a week and omnibuses on ITV2, and become as miserable and far fetched Eastenders. Having watched part of an episode recently, I have never seen such cheap sets, hammy acting and an air of gloom and doom in my life, except maybe in Cell Block H. How 8 million people sit through this every week beats me as a once charming, entertaining show has become just like every other soap, depressing and boring. I really do think television would be better off without this show and other charmless soaps like Eastenders and Holby City.
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Coronation Street Fantastic!
harrybahls6 September 2004
I love Coronation street and have been watching it forever..I would watch it with me mam if I stayed home from school due to illness.

I remember when I first started watching, it was in black and white. I miss the old characters like Ena Sharples and Uncle Albert.

I do not care for the Sarah storyline much. Maybe it's because I don't like Sarah. Her mother, Gail, is an old shrew.

I love Blanche Hunt, doesn't everyone have a Blanche Hunt in their neighborhoods?

And lovely Rita...she's my very favourite. What a brilliant actress and a shining star.

I love when Les Battersby refers to Norris as "Doris"!

I hope this show runs for another 42 years so I can watch it when I'm in the IL' nursing home.
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Stan & Hilda - A Tribute
ShadeGrenade25 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
My 10/10 rating is for the sterling work that Jean Alexander and Bernard Youens put into 'Coronation Street'. For two decades, they played to perfection the warring Ogdens. So good were they in these roles that many became convinced they really existed. When Stan got into debt, for example, offers of financial help flooded into the Granada offices. You may think that amusing, but it shows how much the public took the Ogdens to heart.

The Ogdens were Stan, an obese layabout who cleaned windows for a living ( when he was not feeding his face with bacon sandwiches or swilling pints of Newton & Ridley's ), and Hilda, a head-scarved harridan with a fondness for gossip, not to say singing out of tune. They lived in less than opulent surroundings. Who can forget those plaster ducks on the 'muriel' ( mural )?

In spite of their constant quarrelling, there was genuine affection between the couple. They brought humour, warmth and pathos to the show.

To celebrate the Silver Jubilee in 1977, the Street's residents decided to ride around on a lorry dressed as characters from British history - Annie Walker as Queen Elisabeth 1, Len Fairclough as Sir Francis Drake, and Ena Sharples as Queen Victoria, and so on. Only Stan would be so stupid as to leave the lorry's lights on all night, hence the next morning the battery was dead!

In one lovely episode, the Ogdens won a weekend at a luxury hotel, and to see them living the high life was an absolute joy. The deflated look on Hilda's face as they returned home spoke volumes about the sort of humdrum lives they led.

The Ogdens helped make 'Coronation Street' ( I refuse to refer to it as 'Corrie' ) one of the best programmes of the '60's and '70's. Youens died on 27/8/84. Of course Stan had to die too. It presented the writers with a problem as Albert Tatlock had recently been written out because of the sad demise of Jack Howarth. Not wishing to kill Stan off so soon after, they pretended he was still alive but confined to bed. Several weeks later, Hilda discovered his lifeless body. An icon of 'Coronation Street' was no more.

I do not watch 'Coronation Street' these days. It is a different programme now, aimed at a much younger audience. I doubt whether Stan and Hilda would feel at home in the Street these days. As Granada Plus's repeats showed, the Ogdens were simply irreplaceable.
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Constipation Street!
toucansam38 July 2005
This might be the worst show of all time. Every time I go to England I'm forced to watch this pile of sludge and without failure I come away depressed and bewildered at what I've just seen every time. Killing off a main character on Christmas Day? I thought people watched TV to escape, not to be more depressed than when they turned it on. Who are you people that like this show? Are you the same people that like "Home and Away" for its deep plot lines or "Crinkly Bottom" for its witty humor and zany gags? This show is why some people should be prevented from owning a television. Its depressing enough to be in England with all the rain and bad food and poor dental care, do you really need television to make it worse? Go see a shrink and keep away from Constipation Street!
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Dull as ditchwater
DavidYZ17 April 2017
This ITV soap opera is one of the most boring shows on British television. I've no idea why it has very high viewing figures - millions of people watch it.

None of the characters are interesting or likable, so I don't understand how anyone can find this miserable show in the slightest bit entertaining.
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Lost it's way
walfordqueen3 December 2005
Coronation Street was very good last year and lucky because EastEnders which was usually the no.1 soap in the UK was having a bit of bad luck, this gave Coronation Street the chance to shine and be noticed and they did use this chance. We had some excellent story lines, some very strong writing and the right balance between comedy and drama which is what the show usually does best. However they have totally lost the plot this year, the writing is no longer good it's amateurish and often lazy and the plot lines are so bizarre especially the comedy ones which have been pure panto. Too much comedy and not enough action as forced this show to take a back seat whilst EastEnders bounces back. I have no doubt Coronation Street will be able to pull itself back soon, they always do but the stuff they're churning out now leaves a lot to be desired. Stupid larger than life panto characters like Diggory the baker and the notoriously unrealistic Cilla are what has dragged the show down. The main storyline of the year was the Shelley/Charlie fiasco which to an extent was good but there was just not enough interest in the storyline and it dragged on too long. They tried to play it for realism rather than conforming to the soap code and it didn't work for them. Soap viewers today aren't interested in such tosh and especially when it's tedious and repetitive, I can't count how many times the same scenes occurred with practically the same dialogue. I'm yawning just thinking about it and the scriptwriters probably didn't pen anything new they probably just made slight edits to existing scripts for the pair. Bad continuity, scripts, story lines together with rubbish characters and appalling acting from some of their "stars" has resulted in 2005 being one of Corrie's worst years ever in my opinion. ITV haven't helped the show either they churn out far too many episodes which has affected the show enough yet they still add extra episodes when they feel like it or to prop up their other shows which don't need propping up well except in the case of Celebrity Love Island. Corrie will never be as good as it once was when more of it's big stars were there but it proved last year that it can still be great but I'm really disappointed this year. Awful I expect more from Corrie afterall it's probably the second longest running soap behind The Guiding Light.
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Beyond abysmal.
davideo-26 January 2000

STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead *Avoid At All Costs

Excuse me,here I'm really going to complain,because I'm really fed up,as a really dedicated Coronation Street fan of sometime ,of being treated with this sort of pathetic drivel for entertainment.There was not a single redeaming feature about this unspeakable travesty,everyone and everything involved in it made me want to cry out loud even more.The acting was pathetic,the story was woeful and the execution and pace was utterly diabolical.

The standard of regular Coranation Street at the moment is pretty dire,but thats not to say I think anymore of this complete and utter garbage.It's on retail in UK video stores,and I would'nt urge you to spend one penny on it,whatever you do.*
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great soap
clairelouise-ridgway20 December 2009
I like Coronation street I have watched it since I was five back in 1979 and really like it, and its been going nearly 50 years its a shame they never get best soap anymore.. as its the longest running soap, and they seem to get knocked out of the running in the national TV awards, its about time they changed that as eastenders who have not been going near as long seem to win every time.. so it would be nice for coronation street to be best, soap or longest running to win for a change..the soap has had good story lines in the past and present and they put some humour into it as well not like some other soaps I could mention, and do not keep brining back more and more old characters as well..
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'Constipation Street' more like!
RaspberryLucozade15 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
'Coronation Street' ( referred to these days as 'Corrie' ) is Britain's longest running soap opera. In two and a half years it will celebrate its diamond anniversary. Lord knows what sort of jollification will be in store to mark this occasion. Whatever it may be, I shall not be tuning in to find out. I cannot be doing with the show, not anymore anyway. A number of years ago, like was the case with the later 'Emmerdale Farm', I used not to be averse to tuning into the show in my schooldays, but its reliance on violence and adultery to get viewers hooked has started to leave me cold.

The fault of the show's downfall therefore lies on the production team's shoulders, who evidently hire cheap scriptwriters to flesh out their story lines. Back in the golden days of the soap, there were a fine ensemble of actors in the show such as Barbara Knox ( who played Rita Sullivan ), Geoffrey Hughes ( the incompetent bin man Eddie Yeats ), Sarah Lancashire ( who played Raquel Watts ), Johnny Briggs as heart throb Mike Baldwin and Bill Roache as Ken Barlow, the only actor to have remained in the soap since the show's inception. Like 'Eastenders', the area in which the show is set ( which is named Weatherfield ) has a main attraction in the shape of a pub, which in this case is The Rovers' Return, where the regulars drink, fight, argue and other such uninteresting acts of behaviour.

Not surprisingly, many comedians have poked fun at 'Coronation Street' in comedy shows. For instance, Les Dennis and the much missed Dustin Gee famously lampooned Mavis Wilton and Vera Duckworth in 'Russ Abott's Madhouse', Victoria Wood took off Ena Sharples in her BBC sketch show 'Victoria Wood - As Seen On TV' while Kate Robbins spoofed many of the show's characters on her Granada shows.

To conclude. 'Coronation Street' is so depressing to watch now that Prozac should be issued out to its viewers by its creators.
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Beyond Bad
kirkir-179203 September 2016
This show has just surpassed awful in my opinion. Unfortunately, this repetitive soap opera takes 30 minutes of CBC television daily, and for a while, this is the only thing on. In every episode, two characters have an argument in an abnormal whispery tone until one says something VERY offensive. :O. Then the other one breaks out into tears and they make up at the end. It seems the writers just realized that flat out ear-wrenching crying was the only way they could make the audience feel for the characters. And now that the characters are so similar in attitudes, you can't tell them apart! I cannot remember a single character's name. Not once have I ever felt any pity for these dull characters. Also, the constant arguing is just irritating. I get it, it's a soap opera, they need to include sobbing and arguing, but the arguments sound exactly the same every time you hear them. They all fit into the same mould. The only excusable part of this show is the acting. It goes a bit over the top sometimes, but it's pretty reasonable. Besides that, the story is non-existent at this point, and it has just become a sad excuse for the audience to 'relate' to the characters who are sobbing through %50 of the show's runtime.
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People who watch this show are just killing time till they die....
levon-822 December 2006
This is by far the worst TV show ever made. The budget and quality is so horrific and represents such cheapness that simply watching paint dry would afford you a much more entertaining experience. Don't waste your time watching this - there are many more things to do in life that is more satisfying and up-lifting.

If I ever came into a large sum of money I would shut this show down and fire all the cast and hopefully black list them out of acting existence. The characters are pathetically weak in every dimension. They allow society to take a sh*t on them and don't fight back. If anything this series demonstrates how socialism weakens a society and makes it acceptable to not fight for your stake - to not work towards something productive and meaningful.

I know I will anger a lot of viewers who think that this show is acceptable entertainment, but I know their standards must be of a really low mark. I often wonder if they identify with the weakness of the characters.
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Worrying slide into pantomime
mark-15713 August 2005
Coronation Street has always had the edge over Eastenders in terms of its ability to marry comedy and tragedy, often in the same storyline. With Eastenders apparently in terminal decline, Corrie seemingly had the world at its feet, but there have been signs in recent months that the writers have seriously lost the plot. After the rather wonderful guest appearance by Sir Ian McKellen, which included his inspired exit scene, the producers seem to have opted for a series of increasingly bizarre and pantomime like comedy sub-plots. The Street has always had its share of broad, northern characters, but the latest introductions tend to be one-dimensional Dickensian grotesques, like the gurning Cilla, the roly-poly baker Diggory Compton and the so-camp-he's-off-the-scale Shaun. Hopefully these will develop depth as they progress as for example the character of Les Battersby has done over the years, but there seem to be too many of these cartoon-like characters at the moment. The nadir of this recent trend came with the ridiculously contrived fight between Fred Elliot's son Ashley and the son of a rival butcher, who turned out to be Ashley's doppleganger even down to his strangulated voice. Inevitably the boxing match between them was overshadowed by a full-scale comedy brawl involving the supporters of the two men which would not have been out of place in a Laurel and Hardy film or an episode of the Benny Hill show. There is danger of a serious mismatch between the serious plot lines, like the plight of agoraphobic Shelley and the slapstick elsewhere.
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I wished I'd live on Coronation Street
Sylviastel21 March 2005
In America, we get the depressing and unattractive grim EastEnders rather than the funny and tragic Coronation Street. I was watching the first five episodes of Coronation Street on DVD yesterday. It was worth it. I love watching the original episodes and I followed it by the documentary of its 40 year celebration. I love watching the great Violet Carson as Ena Sharples and Doris Speed as Annie Walker. I was born in the seventies. Sadly, early Coronation Street is very much like the early days of American soaps like As The World Turns and Guiding Light. Coronation Street should run another 40 years! It is well written, conceived, and thought about. I was wondering why they only get MBEs like Betty Driver, Doris Speed, Tony Warren, Julie Goodyear, William Roache, Elizabeth Dawn, Jack Howarth, etc. It is because the working class recipients are often awarded the MBEs too. I think people like Tony Warren would have gotten Knighthood for giving Coronation Street to the world. When it comes to the British honors system, they lump the soap stars into MBE's only. While Coronation Street outnumbers EastEnders Wendy Richard and Barbara Windsor with MBE recipients, there are more that should be honored for their contributions. Emmerdale has no recipients that I know of and that is a shame. When the prime ministers award them, they should get the royal treatment like everybody else. So Judi Dench is given damehood for playing Shakespearan roles, what about the marvelous Elizabeth Dawn who has done so much charitable work in Leeds and Manchester? There is even the class system of actors in America, soap stars are on the bottom of the awards ladder much like Coronation Street and EastEnders. They rarely get the recognition that they richly deserve. It would be nice to see someone to get a higher than an MBE which is a tremendous honor in itself anyway. But come on, William Roache has been on 45 years and he has only an MBE? Besides I think the British public would support them anyway and love them anyway. I think the entire cast should all get MBEs, anybody who has lived long enough on Coronation Street deserves recognition from their peers and from the community. So I wish Coronation Street and EastEnders and Emmerdale to receive the same honors that their alumni actors and actresses have received. Come on it's time to reward them.
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