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3 Jan. 1962
A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Game
Jack Bowen(basically Jack Benny playing himself) is Grand Marshal of the Pioneer Bowl.after he finds a time bomb in his briefcase,he calls Checkmate to help him.*SPOILER ALERT*Midwest wins the Pioneer Bowl 42-0.
24 Jan. 1962
A Very Rough Sketch
A young man who has just won an art contest learns that his father has been arrested for embezzling from his company. Now Checkmate must find a good influence who can stop him from turning violent.
28 Feb. 1962
Remembrance of Crimes Past
Checkmate tries to prevent a woman who was convicted and jailed for treason from returning to her former crimes.
7 Mar. 1962
The Heart Is a Handout
Jed goes undercover at a hobo camp to prevent the leader from being murdered.
28 Mar. 1962
Trial by Midnight
Judge Leland McIntyre, teaching a night class in advanced criminal law, announces that several sessions of the class will be devoted to the review of a controversial capital murder case over which he presided years ago. Upon that announcement, someone begins trying to kill him. Checkmate suspects that it is one of the students in the course, which includes a holdout juror from that trial and the daughter of the defendant.

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