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4 Jan. 1963
Incident of the Buryin' Man
The drive first encounters "The Buryin' Man" with his fancy wagon and then a banker and school teacher in Cheyenne territory. The number of Cheyenne keeps increasing while they learn the newcomers are not who they appear to be.
11 Jan. 1963
Incident of the Trail's End
Harry Maxton is told he is going blind and only has a year or two. Broke he runs into Favor who started with Maxton. Favor offers Maxton a job riding drag. Maxton has a rough reputation and one of the drovers, Frank Slade wants revenge.
18 Jan. 1963
Incident at Spider Rock
The drovers go to town for supplies and some relaxation. When they see that the saloon and storekeepers are ripping them off with crooked games and bad supplies, they take the saloon apart and get new supplies - plus a saloon singer.
25 Jan. 1963
Incident of the Mountain Man
Rowdy and men stop a lynching of mountain man Josh Green by a wagon train. Rowdy agrees to take him, his daughter and the Father of the victim to a town for a proper trial. When Green escapes with his daughter, Rowdy goes after him.
1 Feb. 1963
Incident at Crooked Hat
A rider comes in and picks a gunfight with a man he believes to be gunfighter. When he is shot, Favor and the shooter take him to the doctor trapping themselves in town waiting for the Sheriff. A renewed relationship adds fuel to the fire.
8 Feb. 1963
Incident of Judgment Day
During Rowdy's birthday party, two ex-Confederate POW's arrive to take Rowdy to settle an old issue. Expecting to discuss the old conflict, Rowdy finds himself on trial for his life in front of a drunk judge in a ghost town.
22 Feb. 1963
Incident of the Gallows Tree
Quince wakes up in the livery stable drunk after a night on the town with some of the drovers. After he leaves, the body of the leading citizen is found behind the stable door shot. Quince is arrested the next day but remembers nothing.
1 Mar. 1963
Incident of the Married Widow
While in town the men stop at the "salon" owned by enchanting Abigail Fletcher. A picture hangs on the wall of her late husband Gil Favor. Favor comes in to see for himself. He finds a friend needing help with Gil as her husband.
15 Mar. 1963
Incident of the Pale Rider
Rowdy, Hey Soos, and Calhoun go to town for supplies and money at Wells Fargo. After collecting the money, Rowdy is held up but when Calhoun interrupts the robbery, he is wounded while Rowdy kills the robber. Or does he?
22 Mar. 1963
Incident of the Comanchero
The drovers find two stranded nuns who rescued a Comanchero near death from a torture apparatus. As the man slowly heals, the new Comanchero leader tells the drovers he wants the man back. Rowdy has to decide whether to protect him.
29 Mar. 1963
Incident of the Clown
A clumsy philologist (and former circus clown) stumbles into the trail camp. The man is hoping to compile a dictionary of the Comanche language so that they and the whites can better understand each other. It's a critical time for understanding, as the local Comanche chief is threatening war against the whites if his young son, who became ill while studying under a government education plan, fails to recover.
12 Apr. 1963
Incident of the Black Ace
A gypsy convinces Wishbone that he is going to die, so Wishbone becomes very kind to the drovers so he can have mourners at his funeral. Meanwhile, a wealthy man has paid $500 for the gypsy's daughter, and comes to collect his bride.
19 Apr. 1963
Incident of the Hostages
Taking in three White children kidnapped by passing Arapahos puts the fatherly drovers in peril. Longing to return to the Apaches who raised them after white men killed their settler parents, Yellow Sky and her younger siblings resist the drovers' every step toward turning them over to authorities in the next town. Arapahos seized the children from the Apaches during tribal warfare. Widower Gil, who misses his two daughters, expects gratitude for a noble act, but the Apache chief, Ulzana, wants the children back and will fight the drovers for them, if necessary.
3 May 1963
Incident of White Eyes
Favor and Hey Soos stop a runaway stagecoach with a dying driver and several passengers after an Indian attack. Favor leads the coach to the next station. Apaches are waiting and Favor soon learns why along with the other passengers.
10 May 1963
Incident at Rio Doloroso
Rowdy and Wishbone are warned the herd is crossing private land but Rowdy neglects to give Favor the details. When the locals try to stampede the herd, their leader is killed by the cattle but Favor and Rowdy are sentenced to die for it.
24 May 1963
Incident at Alkali Sink
Rowdy, running the drive, returns to camp to find it in the midst of a wedding between Burt Harvey and Lorraine Stanton. After the wedding, Lorraine's father Cliff arrives calling Burt a coward and trying to break up the couple.
26 Sep. 1963
Incident of the Red Wind
Rowdy scouts for water as the herd moves into desert. He finds a man who signs on as a drover that says the direction they are headed has water but Rowdy doubts it. When Favor is hurt, Rowdy takes over but there is friction between them.
3 Oct. 1963
Incident of Iron Bull
Rowdy hires a Comanche who "supposedly" returns their remuda. Favor returns with Colonel Macklin who wiped out the Comanches. Macklin and Clanton, a drover, have problems with any Comanche leading to bigger issues for Favor and the drovers
10 Oct. 1963
Incident at El Crucero
With a barbed wire fence in their path, Rowdy learns the hard way that Rose Cornilius and her many brothers are a bigger problem. Events enable Rowdy to have Favor declared Sheriff to fight Rose but Favor prefers romance.
17 Oct. 1963
Incident of the Travellin' Man
Gil orders his drovers to haul Bolivar Jagger out of a river, even though the sick man's wearing leg irons. Despite the mush-mouthed Jagger's far-fetched story and the fact that he pulled an ax on the crew, Gil decides to take him along to the next town and let a Marshal sort out the truth. But then the Harger brothers show up, throwing down a rope to lynch Jagger, claiming he beat their father and killed a Sheriff.
24 Oct. 1963
Incident at Paradise
Rowdy rescues a nester from a rancher's men as the nester refuses to fight. The drovers are drawn into the conflict with the rancher deciding to block Favor's herd as well. However, high water threatens everyone in the valley.
31 Oct. 1963
Incident at Farragut Pass
Elizabeth Farragut forces Favor to take son Billy on as a drover hoping he can make a responsible man out of Billy. Billy is making no friends with the drovers but his attention to Mushy gains him one friend but will he learn anything.
7 Nov. 1963
Incident at Two Graves
Rowdy decides to help a prize fighter who threw a fight to him when the town decides to tar and feather him. He is carrying a heavy mystery package heading into dangerous Indian Territory where he leaves the drive with Rowdy following.
14 Nov. 1963
Incident of the Rawhiders
While scouting Rowdy stumbles on rawhiders. After Rowdy refuses to kill Brock in a fight, the leader forces Brock to give Rowdy his intended bride in return for his life. Rowdy is allowed to escape leading the rawhiders to the herd.
21 Nov. 1963
Incident of the Prophecy
Rowdy and Rabbit are shooting a school bell to make noise when a citizen notices a man is dead. He is a gunslinger while his brother is a preacher. The men are urged to leave town as the preacher puts a death curse on them.
28 Nov. 1963
Incident at Confidence Creek
A con artist and assistant steal the ownership papers for the herd at Confidence Creek and sell the herd to the local bank. The drovers are arrested but Rowdy is bailed out to recover the money by the assistant when she is scammed as well.
5 Dec. 1963
Incident of the Death Dancer
Quince and Mushy are returning from town when they hear what they think is a puma. Mushy wanders away and is knocked out by the cat and rescued by a stranger. The man tells them it is not a puma but an African lion he is hunting.
12 Dec. 1963
Incident of the Wild Deuces
While Rowdy and Wishbone buy supplies in town the ailing Mushy is persuaded to play poker. He chooses seven card stud deuces wild. He wins over $1500 in the game. People are after his money and the consequences cause everyone headaches.
19 Dec. 1963
Incident of the Geisha
Hey Soos makes a series of mistakes. When a limb knocks him off his horse and out, he is found by Nami, a Japanese servant girl. She surprises the drovers with her ideas and methods. The Kiowa think she is a mythical princess and want her.

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