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2 Jan. 1962
The Perfect Gift
After saving the life of an Arapaho girl in a fire and helping acquit her in a trial for killing a man, Slim finds her his possession due to Arapaho law. When she won't leave him, he takes her in but soon finds he has feelings for her.
9 Jan. 1962
The Barefoot Kid
When Jess' horse is stolen, he tracks it and the thief, a young Mexican boy, to a town. The sheriff arrests the boy and Jess is forced to stay to testify only to learn the Judge is vindictive due to the murder of his son by a Mexican.
16 Jan. 1962
Shadows in the Dust
Slim is working as a range detective looking into cattle rustling after his ranch was hit. He finds out who may be doing the rustling. He catches one of them, a pretty girl, but not before she wounds him putting him in mortal danger.
23 Jan. 1962
The Runaway
Illiterate teenager Billy is caught between two drifters who want him to aid them in crime and Daisy along with Slim and reluctant Jess who try to teach and reform him. His only relative is a crusty uncle who wants nothing to do with him.
30 Jan. 1962
The Confederate Express
The husband of Slim's neighbor returns saying he has reformed and has a bank draft he wants to deposit but three men are chasing him for it. After saving Jess' life while working on a stage, they decide to help him but is all as it seems.
6 Feb. 1962
The High Country
While looking for mustangs, Slim finds a small but somewhat tame one for Mike. That night someone steals the horse. Slim tracks it to a girl who owned the horse but also the middle of a potential range war between two groups over land.
13 Feb. 1962
A Grave for Cully Brown
Jess returning from a cattle sale helps a stranger caught in a gun battle who later trades identities with Jess when he is nearly killed in a saloon. Jess recovers but is mistaken for the stranger who is an outlaw but no one believes him.
20 Feb. 1962
The Runt
Slim is acting sheriff when his neighbor's three outlaw step-brothers return looking for a place to rest and collect funds for their planned escape to Canada. Using his wife as a hostage they force him to help them with their plans.
6 Mar. 1962
The Dynamiters
Jess is in charge of a stage taking $50,000 from Laramie to Denver. A couple of outlaws develop a novel way of robbing the stage by blowing it up. Jess must track one of the outlaws who is wounded with the money to a strange setting.
13 Mar. 1962
Day of the Savage
Slim and Jess decide to go with Glen Colton to track a stage carrying his fiancé after the Sioux attack the relay station and go on the warpath. In their encounters Colton is never killed but almost captured raising questions with them.
20 Mar. 1962
Justice in a Hurry
Slim can provide an alibi for a man on trial for murder but when he returns at the request of the daughter to testify, they find him already hung. After being shot at he returns to find the daughter arrested for the murder of a witness.
27 Mar. 1962
The Replacement
Old memories surface when the officer in charge of Jess' POW camp turns up as the new deputy in Laramie. He tries to overcome the issue until other POWs arrive with revenge on their mind resulting in Slim and Jess against each other.
3 Apr. 1962
The Turn of the Wheel
Old feelings revive when a woman Slim wanted to marry once returns to Laramie. She is there to sing in the casino her boyfriend is reopening after finishing a trip to prison. Her, her boyfriend and Sheriff Cory all have plans for Slim.
10 Apr. 1962
Trial by Fire
Jess finds himself in the middle of a potential marriage when he goes to help an older neighbor fight a range fire. He is asked to pick up the man's intended bride in Laramie but he soon determines she is not who she says she is.
17 Apr. 1962
Fall into Darkness
Slim along with Daisy and Mike try to help a girl rescue her mother from a well when the woman's husband and two partners arrive. They have robbed the stage. The partners want to leave but Slim tosses the money in with the woman.
25 Sep. 1962
Among the Missing
Jess and Sheriff Cory find two of the three men who held up the Laramie bank and shot Mike. Before he dies one tells them they may find the third man Mitch in Chloride. Jess must go alone but the reception in Chloride is icy at best.
2 Oct. 1962
War Hero
Slim's old CO is on a stage to Laramie with Jess riding shotgun. When he is wounded, he decides to stay at the Sherman ranch to rest and to size up political supporters who want him to run for President - expressing their views, however.
9 Oct. 1962
The Fortune Hunter
Slim's lack of attention opens his beautiful girlfriend Kitty to Vince Jackson who is a handsome, charming, fast gunman who has his sights set on her with extortion in mind from her father who owns the stage line and is Slim's boss.
16 Oct. 1962
Shadow of the Past
Jess is acting deputy sheriff when he receives a note from his sister Francie who he thought was dead. He finds her in Laramie trying to get permission to bury her husband who is a well known outlaw but the townspeople won't allow it.
23 Oct. 1962
The Long Road Back
Young Virg Walker is being escorted back to Laramine by Slim when he's found using money from a stage robbery and murder. Although he puts up a fight on the return, something about him makes it seem unlikely he was part of the robbery.
30 Oct. 1962
Lost Allegiance
Jess, injured by a falling tree in a dust storm, is nursed back to health by Sharon, daughter of a rancher plagued by rustlers. Sharon remains sympathetic to Jess even when the leader of the rustlers proves to be one of Jess's old friends.
13 Nov. 1962
The Sunday Shoot
With a $1000 prize there is stiff competition at the annual shooting contest in Laramie. Slim and Jess compete along with Slim's nemesis Rafe Seton and the young mountain man Hobie Carson. When Hobie wins, Rafe still wants the prize money.
20 Nov. 1962
Double Eagles
Outlaw Al Denning, and his gang, are being chased by a posse led by Sheriff Cory and Jess, so he starts leaving behind some of the $25,000 in gold eagle coins behind to tempt the pursuing lawmen into a fight among themselves.
27 Nov. 1962
Beyond Justice
Slim is deputized to protect Stephen Collier, a murder suspect with a killer on his trail- and his lawyer, who's behaving very strangely. At same time a group of suffragettes arrives and the two events are related to everyone's surprise.
4 Dec. 1962
Bad Blood
Jess is escorting a young boy to his father not knowing his mother wanted him with his aunt in Denver if she died. Once he tells Jess the truth he is determined to break away and go see his father, who is a cold blooded, murderous, outlaw.
11 Dec. 1962
Time of the Traitor
When the son of neighbor is severely injured, a doctor at the Sherman Ranch is forced to help. However, the father wants revenge when the son's arm is amputated and he learns who the doctor is as he once arrested him.
25 Dec. 1962
Gun Duel
Jess is deputy sheriff for the weekend while Sheriff Cory delivers some papers. Jess hopes to have a quiet weekend with only Parson Hawks as a prisoner and Mort's nephew Johnny who wants to be a deputy watching but things don't work out.

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