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3 Jan. 1961
The Passing of Kuba Smith
Slim and Jess collect a $2000 bounty on a man they killed after stealing their horse. After collecting the bounty, they learn the dead man is really a sheriff chasing the man they thought they killed who returns to steal the money.
10 Jan. 1961
Man from Kansas
Clay Jackson, the Robin Hood of the west, saves Jess from three Sioux braves and then holds up the stage. He robs the banker but gives money to an elderly couple. Only the banker will testify against him, pitting Slim against the town.
24 Jan. 1961
Killer Without Cause
Slim's new hand Joe Cloud, an Indian, is killed by neighbor Carl Vail when he finds Joe skinning his cow with a broken leg. He kills Joe using an Indian method. Slim presses charges against Vail but finds himself ostracized by Laramie.
31 Jan. 1961
Stolen Tribute
Jess is forced by a released convict Clint Wade to take him to Utah where Jess killed Clint's brother who hid $80,000 there. Clint thinks Slim is following them to rescue Jess but the it turns out an old cell mate wants the money, too.
14 Feb. 1961
The Lost Dutchman
Slim and Jess are to meet George Lake in Jackson City to buy cattle but Lake has sold his herd infuriating Slim. When Lake is shot on the street and Slim is found by the body, he is arrested. It is up to Jess to clear in a strange case.
21 Feb. 1961
Cactus Lady
When a sick passenger arrives on the stage, Slim and Jess try to help him but are surprised when he is a she. On top of that she is looking for Jess who wants nothing to do with her as her family are all outlaws but Slim thinks otherwise.
7 Mar. 1961
Riders of the Night
A wounded outlaw sends his brother for a doctor who mistakes the vet Slim has gone for, for a doctor when Slim calls him doc. He kidnaps the pair along with a female dealer being run out of town taking them to the gang's hideout.
14 Mar. 1961
Mark of the Manhunters
An injured marshal is taking a prisoner to Cheyenne to testify at a trial. The wife of the man on trial wants the prisoner as does the man's gang but for different purposes. They all end up at the Sherman ranch when the marshal needs help.
21 Mar. 1961
After one man is killed and Slim is wounded, Jess goes after the shooter who was riding a pinto. He loses the trail but rides to Rimrock where he finds the pinto. He confronts the owner who happens to be the sheriff of Rimrock.
4 Apr. 1961
Run of the Hunted
Slim's neighbor Cory who is half Cheyenne is thinking about inviting some of his tribe to move to the ranch he inherited from his white father. However, his uncle and cousins have other ideas. Slim wants to help him but Cory is wary.
11 Apr. 1961
Two for the Gallows
Slim is asked by an eastern professor to guide him to a gold strike a friend found a decade earlier. Two of Slim's mischievous neighbors follow them hoping to make a killing but everyone has been mislead as the professor is a killer.
18 Apr. 1961
The Debt
Jess as acting deputy frees a bounty hunter's prisoner who had cut down Jess during a lynching five years earlier saving his life. Having paid his debt, he decides to see if the prisoner was truly innocent himself or should be recaptured.
25 Apr. 1961
Killers' Odds
Jess finds a starved drifter who thinks Jess wants to shoot him. Slim and Jess offer him a job as he turns out to be a good worker but very reclusive. The father of a man he killed in a fair fight is sending hired guns after him.
2 May 1961
Bitter Glory
A test of friendship is brought to the forefront when Jess learns that an old friend has stolen an Army payroll. He is asked by Major Stanton to find and return veteran Sgt. Billy Jacobs who has gone AWOL but once saved Jess' life.
9 May 1961
The Tumbleweed Wagon
A prisoner is killed by the son of a broke farmer as they transport him to the tumbleweed wagon for pickup. Needing the $100 for the job the farmer decides to substitute Slim when they find him alone on the road putting Slim in danger.
16 May 1961
Trigger Point
Jess is riding shotgun with a $30,000 Army payroll on a stage with three passengers using a special route. It is still held up as he learns the driver tipped off the robbers who decide to leave them all stranded in the desert.
23 May 1961
Badge of the Outsider
When Slim holds off outlaws from a gang run by Doc Longley who saved him when he was six, Doc calls on Slim to help clear his name. A deputy shot in the back was planted on his ranch. Slim reluctantly tries to help but there is no proof.
30 May 1961
Men in Shadows
Jess is asked for help by old partner Dixie Howard, who once saved Jess' life, after being wounded and killing a friend of Jess. Dixie is with his beautiful girlfriend but she and Jess soon realize the old Dixie is no more.
6 Jun. 1961
Strange Company
With the Sioux attacking the stage, Slim suggests they repair an old road the Sioux will not attack. He has stage driver Lon MacRae gather a work crew which seems to be an odd group of men. When they die one by one, no one knows why.
13 Jun. 1961
Widow in White
Slim is sent to renew a lease right of way for the stage line but finds the woman owning the ranch in financial trouble. Her husband was killed and suspected of robbing a $30,000 payroll. Slim decides to help but may be in too deep.
26 Sep. 1961
Dragon at the Door
Slim and Jess help a family group of entertainers from Japan traveling east when their wagon breaks down. They have found a boy Mike whose parents were killed my Indians. A trio of men are following the troupe thinking they have opium.
3 Oct. 1961
Ladies' Day
Slim and Jess need to present a good image to a visiting judge to keep Mike. However, when a saloon girl looking for a job, a woman who has been conned, a bounty hunter, and a doctor who is really an outlaw appear it doesn't look good.
10 Oct. 1961
Siege at Jubilee
Daisy escorts Jess to Cheyenne for a bad tooth where Jess catches a member of a gang who robbed the Laramie bank. Jess is asked to escort him to Laramie for trial but the rest of the gang is after him as he had the money and hid it.
17 Oct. 1961
The Mountain Men
John Sanford, a mountain man, along with his sons wants revenge for the killing of his son. The man convicted is going to prison but they decide to capture him at the Sherman Relay Station and lynch him from the nearest cottonwood tree.
24 Oct. 1961
The Fatal Step
Jess is riding shotgun on a stage that was wrecked by two men to steal a $20,000 payroll. He rides after the men chasing them to Montana where he learns one of them is a close friend he helped but there are unexpected dangers.
31 Oct. 1961
The Last Journey
A felon who framed Slim rides in with a wounded marshal after fives years in prison. Slim doesn't trust him but the marshal wants Slim to go with the felon to return the $20,000 he stole but there are issues including his step-daughter.
7 Nov. 1961
Deadly Is the Night
Jess due to a lame horse is forced to stop over at the Tolliver place which used to be a relay station at the same time the Dyer gang is in the area after a bank holdup. They are to meet someone there resulting in Jess being a hostage.
14 Nov. 1961
The Accusers
While staying at the Laramie hotel, Mrs. Cooper sees a man leave the room of a murdered woman. Due to a mix-up at the sheriff's office the wrong man is identified by her. The correct man is Slim's boss causing pain for everyone.
21 Nov. 1961
Wolf Cub
Jess rescues a crippled Blackfoot boy from a scalp hunter. Several of the Blackfoot have escaped the reservation with the Army rounding up most of them. With tensions high Mike and the boy leave putting both into danger from both sides.
5 Dec. 1961
Handful of Fire
Slim is a civilian scout for an Army officer who blames Slim for his ordering his men to massacre a Sioux village although Slim was not at fault. The tribes threaten war if the officer is not punished when he escapes to continue the fight.
12 Dec. 1961
The Killer Legend
Jess is acting deputy when he catches a man breaking into the sheriff's office. He is a released felon who was a gunfighter that says he was framed for a robbery by Sheriff Mort Cory who is out of town. He wants revenge for being framed.
19 Dec. 1961
The Jailbreakers
Gil Martin is accused of murder in Cheyenne, but he's innocent. He was released from prison on parole. His girlfriend is killed by a controlling marshal. He comes to see Slim who had offered a job, but Slim wants him to turn himself in.
26 Dec. 1961
The Lawless Seven
Jess is framed for a murder after threatening a rancher who reneged on the sale of horses. Fearing he is going to be lynched, Jess escapes a posse only to land in an isolated outlaw hideout with outlaws he must join to stay alive.

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