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25 Sep. 1962
Among the Missing
Jess and Sheriff Cory find two of the three men who held up the Laramie bank and shot Mike. Before he dies one tells them they may find the third man Mitch in Chloride. Jess must go alone but the reception in Chloride is icy at best.
2 Oct. 1962
War Hero
Slim's old CO is on a stage to Laramie with Jess riding shotgun. When he is wounded, he decides to stay at the Sherman ranch to rest and to size up political supporters who want him to run for President - expressing their views, however.
9 Oct. 1962
The Fortune Hunter
Slim's lack of attention opens his beautiful girlfriend Kitty to Vince Jackson who is a handsome, charming, fast gunman who has his sights set on her with extortion in mind from her father who owns the stage line and is Slim's boss.
16 Oct. 1962
Shadow of the Past
Jess is acting deputy sheriff when he receives a note from his sister Francie who he thought was dead. He finds her in Laramie trying to get permission to bury her husband who is a well known outlaw but the townspeople won't allow it.
23 Oct. 1962
The Long Road Back
Young Virg Walker is being escorted back to Laramine by Slim when he's found using money from a stage robbery and murder. Although he puts up a fight on the return, something about him makes it seem unlikely he was part of the robbery.
30 Oct. 1962
Lost Allegiance
Jess, injured by a falling tree in a dust storm, is nursed back to health by Sharon, daughter of a rancher plagued by rustlers. Sharon remains sympathetic to Jess even when the leader of the rustlers proves to be one of Jess's old friends.
13 Nov. 1962
The Sunday Shoot
With a $1000 prize there is stiff competition at the annual shooting contest in Laramie. Slim and Jess compete along with Slim's nemesis Rafe Seton and the young mountain man Hobie Carson. When Hobie wins, Rafe still wants the prize money.
20 Nov. 1962
Double Eagles
Outlaw Al Denning, and his gang, are being chased by a posse led by Sheriff Cory and Jess, so he starts leaving behind some of the $25,000 in gold eagle coins behind to tempt the pursuing lawmen into a fight among themselves.
27 Nov. 1962
Beyond Justice
Slim is deputized to protect Stephen Collier, a murder suspect with a killer on his trail- and his lawyer, who's behaving very strangely. At same time a group of suffragettes arrives and the two events are related to everyone's surprise.
4 Dec. 1962
Bad Blood
Jess is escorting a young boy to his father not knowing his mother wanted him with his aunt in Denver if she died. Once he tells Jess the truth he is determined to break away and go see his father, who is a cold blooded, murderous, outlaw.
11 Dec. 1962
Time of the Traitor
When the son of neighbor is severely injured, a doctor at the Sherman Ranch is forced to help. However, the father wants revenge when the son's arm is amputated and he learns who the doctor is as he once arrested him.
25 Dec. 1962
Gun Duel
Jess is deputy sheriff for the weekend while Sheriff Cory delivers some papers. Jess hopes to have a quiet weekend with only Parson Hawks as a prisoner and Mort's nephew Johnny who wants to be a deputy watching but things don't work out.
1 Jan. 1963
Naked Steel
After returning to Laramie from leading a cattle drive to Riverton, Slim learns a neighbor's son was killed when he stayed behind. Slim decides to return to Riverton to learn what happened to the money the son had and why he was killed.
8 Jan. 1963
After being attacked, Jess shoots a man wanted by the law in the back due to their movement. When the outlaw's friends including his girlfriend learn about it, they contact the outlaw's two brothers who come to Laramie looking for revenge.
15 Jan. 1963
Protective Custody
Walt Douglas stops at the ranch on the way to Laramie. He is looking for his run away daughter. Later, Jess tells Slim she is now a saloon girl. Slim decides to intervene but she is involved with nasty outlaws who want to rob.the stage.
22 Jan. 1963
The Betrayers
While in Ironwood Jess is meets an old friend who tries to implicate Jess as an outlaw, hoping the irritated Jess might join his gang. Jess declines to join but finds himself arrested, charged with murder, and facing a hangman's noose.
29 Jan. 1963
The Wedding Party
Slim and Daisy are invited to Stacey Bishop's wedding. Jealous outlaw gang leader and war time friend of Slim, Gil Harrison, is determined to stop the wedding of his ex-wife, despite plans to have it at her fathers well fortified ranch.
5 Feb. 1963
No Place to Run
Jess befriends a man with an outlaw past trying to go straight but who is forced into helping with a bank robbery when an outlaw gang frames him for a robbery and murder. Jess in trying to help is forced to join the outlaw gang.
12 Feb. 1963
The Fugitives
When Slim is shot and left to die by an outlaw after a robbery, it is up to Jess to find him. He catches the shooter who refuses to talk to the law or his sister. With the law's hands tied, Jess takes it upon himself to take action.
19 Feb. 1963
The Dispossessed
Slim and Jess meet an unfriendly family on their way to the Belden ranch to buy horses. At the Belden ranch they find the barn on fire from an apparent Indian attack. When Jess mentions the family, the Beldens think they are Comancheros.
26 Feb. 1963
The Renegade Brand
Slim with Daisy and Mike return to the ranch to find Jess and a stage executive shot. Slim goes after the three robbers. After they split up, he is forced to kill one of them who turns out to be the son of a wealthy ranch owner.
5 Mar. 1963
The Violent Ones
The sons of Bob Blayne want revenge against Jess for maiming him five years earlier. After the eldest son kills a man, he and his friends turn their attention to Jess who is trying to avoid a shootout but injuring Slim forces the issue.
12 Mar. 1963
The Unvanquished
When a ranch hand on Slim's ranch is killed after a fight, he catches an Arapaho chief dragging the body away. However, neither Slim nor the sheriff believe he killed the man. The man's brothers want revenge but not for the expected reason.
19 Mar. 1963
The Sometime Gambler
Slim and Jess have to be jailers at home to an ex-con from Laramie severely shot by outlaws. They tried to force him to help rob the payroll money in the bank. Slim and Jess must protect the man whom they distrust but has a dying wish.
2 Apr. 1963
Edge of Evil
Jess and a couple he is helping find a mule loaded down with gold. The husband decides to keep the gold against the wishes of his wife and Jess. When they meet the rightful owner, they don't realize he stole it from his two partners.
9 Apr. 1963
Broken Honor
When Jess reports an attempt to bribe him by old friends to not ride shotgun, the crusty stage line manager won't believe him and even believes a wanted poster on Jess. Against orders Jess rides with the stage upsetting the robbers plans.
16 Apr. 1963
The Last Battleground
When Jess is attacked on the ranch and finds part of an old wagon, it opens an old wound for Slim about his dad and the war. His dad was involved with a theft of $60,000 from the Army during the war but which side did he help?
23 Apr. 1963
The Stranger
A mountain climber from Europe convicted of murder wanted by a Colorado posse is hiding in the rough country near the Sherman ranch. Slim, Jess, and Sheriff Cory are leery of Madox who leads the posse and they soon learn why.
30 Apr. 1963
The Marshals
Jess is critically wounded when he rides to warn Marshal McGary who is transporting a prisoner to hang that his brother plans to attack the tumbleweed wagon. The only close doctor is in the gang's hangout, Ironwood, where there is no law.
7 May 1963
Badge of Glory
When ex-bounty hunter, turned preacher, John Holby is asked by a dying outlaw friend shot by Jess to cash his body in for a $5,000 reward to build a new church, he accepts but it brings serious trouble from the rest of outlaw's gang.
14 May 1963
Slim finding an injured girl sends Mike for help. She has escaped her kidnappers. Two of her them find her and believe they killed Slim. Slim tracks them down to stop them but soon finds himself ready to be lynched by her father's posse.
21 May 1963
The Road to Helena
When Slim is saved from a robbery by a woman, he returns the favor by agreeing to take her and her wanted father to Helena to return the $50,000 he stole. However, they chased by several men who want the money for themselves.

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