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19 Oct. 1959
Hennesey and Peyton Place
Ruth Thomas becomes part of the WAVES intending to write a novel on her experiences. Chick and Martha become concerned it will be a lurid expose based on the questions Ruth is asking.
2 Nov. 1959
Pork Chops and Apple Sauce
Dr Hennesey not only has to prescribe diet and exercise for an Admiral, he has to deal with a Mess Chief, who has served with the Admiral for years, and who takes the change in his skipper's diet personally.
16 Nov. 1959
Harvey Blair Returns
Chick's friend Harvey returns to San Diego and is up to his usual hijinks. But his stunts drive Captain Shafer to distraction and he decides Blair should be stationed in Guam. Chick works to keep it from happening.
23 Nov. 1959
Hennesey Meets Mrs. Horatio Grief
Hennessy "volunteers" for the Navy relief show.
7 Dec. 1959
Hennesey and the Lady Doctor
The base is busy with a lady magazine writer who proceeds to interview many of the personnel including Max and Martha, using loaded questions and hostile psychoanalyzing. She tries to corner the Captain, who keeps dodging her, but really wants to get to the Admiral. Hennesey confronts her about her bitter attitude toward the Navy.
14 Dec. 1959
The Baby Sitter
Hennesey is treating one of Seaman Walkers's children and asked to stay with it until a babysitter arrives.
21 Dec. 1959
The Christmas Show
Hennesey doesn't get holiday leave and to avoid feeling homesick decides to organize a musical program. But Commander Wilkes finds out and refuses to approve any performances. Chick must persuade him to change his mind.
18 Jan. 1960
Hennesey Joins the Marines
Hennesey is assigned to a three day duty with a tough Marine unit.
25 Jan. 1960
Hennesey Meets Fuji
Seaman Peabody's mother's letters to her Congressman mean trouble for Chick. Max convinces Hennesey to best way to combat the treatment aimed at the Seaman is to teach him self confidence by having Fuji instruct him in Judo.
22 Feb. 1960
The Annapolis Man
After a crushing defeat at baseball, Captain Shafer orders Hennesey to find a genius on the base who can beat the Marines in applying to the Naval Academy.
28 Mar. 1960
Angel Face
Seaman Davies arrives very angry over his fate after being burned extensively. Dr. King performs successful plastic surgery on the young man but his attitude remains unpleasant so Chick acts to remedy the situation.
9 May 1960
Bonjour, Mr. Hennesey
Hennesey competes for an assignment to France.

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