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Season 2

2 Oct. 1959
The Freebooters
The corrupt Maj. Pryor takes over the town, and kills Nora's father.
9 Oct. 1959
The Saddle
Culhane aids Marshal Scott in capturing three escaped convicts. He is stunned to discover that one of them is the son of Judge McKinney, the man who originally encouraged him to become a lawyer.
16 Oct. 1959
The Long Rider
On his way to Albuquerque, Marshal Scott's horse goes lame, and he gets a ride in a passing wagon train. The train son comes across a woman and two men, one of whom is injured, traveling on foot. The wagon train master, Pa Scales, informs Scott that one of the men is a wanted criminal.
23 Oct. 1959
The Hotel
Nora returns from San Francisco and announces she plans to sell the hotel and move to San Francisco for good. Clay and Marshal Scott set out to change her mind.
30 Oct. 1959
Client: Peter Warren
Peter Warren is arrested for the murder of his wife's aunt. He's found not guilty by the law, but the town - and his estranged wife - still think he's guilty.
6 Nov. 1959
The Freight Line
After her partner dies, Nora becomes the sole owner of the freight line. Unfortunately, her partner was murdered by someone who didn't want the freight line in Latigo. Clay and Marshal Scott both work at convincing her to give it up before more people are murdered.
13 Nov. 1959
After Murdock is found not guilty for the murder of a couple in Latigo, his step-son admits that he is terrified because he knows Murdock did commit the murders. Unfortunately, it's a case of double jeopardy and Marshal Scott is very, very upset about the injustice that has been done.
20 Nov. 1959
Apache Trail
Apache chief Ulzana comes looking for Sam King, whom he claims whipped his wife. He holds Clay and Nora as hostages until King arrives.
27 Nov. 1959
Four from Stillwater
En route to the town of Stillwater, Clay finds that one of his friends, an ex-gunfighter, has been lynched by four local men. When he gets to town to report it he discovers that the town has no lawman and that no one wants to talk about the hanging. He discovers that the townsmen know who did it and also found that they had hanged an innocent man and are covering it up. Clay sets out to find the men who lynched his friend and bring them to justice, one way or another.
4 Dec. 1959
The Deal
After his brother is arrested for bank robbery and murder, Pete shows up in town and assures the marshal they are good boys. But things soon take a turn for the worst when Nora is held captive until Joey Hooker is released.
11 Dec. 1959
Change of Venue
Carla Doyle is looking for revenge against Tom Brandon, whom she believes was responsible for the murder of her sister, Maria.
1 Dec. 1959
Blood Money
George Baker, a rancher who is a respected pillar of the community, turns out to have been a wanted man before he settled down in Latigo, as the town discovers when a bounty hunter shoots him for the reward. Marshal Scott arrests him, but George's wife, wanting revenge, sends for George's brother, a vicious outlaw who heads a gang of killers. Gib tries to raise a posse to defend the bounty hunter from the approaching gang, but no one in town wants to risk his life for the man who killed their friend.
1 Jan. 1960
The Killer
The townspeople are in a constant state of fear after four men and a dog are found dead, and they can find no explanation as to who--or what--killed them.
8 Jan. 1960
Letter of Death
Brad Pickard made a deal with Clyde Dawson who was dying in prison. If he confesses to Pickard's crime, Pickard would sue the prison when he got out and give Dawson's family half the money. It's a robbery plot made behind bars, but can they pull it off?
22 Jan. 1960
Mr. Simpson
President Grant is due into Latigo and the pressure is on Clay and Marshal Scott to see that he gets there safely. Unfortunately, there are many who don't want to see this happen.
29 Jan. 1960
Means to an End
A dispute between two business partners over the books results in one of them winding up dead. Clay sets out to help the dead man's widow find out exactly what happened.
19 Feb. 1960
The Indian Tree
Marshal Scott sees Clay talking to his prisoner just before his hanging and is convinced the prisoner tells Clay where he hid the $10,000.00. However, Clay has more trouble when the southern belle of a girlfriend arrives in town hoping to find the money as well.
11 Mar. 1960
The Apprentice
The man who taught Clay everything he knew about being a gunfighter is coming to town. And he's coming to face down his former student.
18 Mar. 1960
Burden of Guilt
After a dying man admits the wrong man was arrested ten years ago for murder, Clayt gets involved in a ten-year old mystery as he unravels a web of questions. Then when another murder occurs, he knows the truth is closer than he thought.
1 Apr. 1960
The Cabin
Clay finds himself trapped in a cabin with Laurie Wicks, her new husband and their sick child, who may die unless they can get help. Outside the cabin is Laurie's ex-husband Frank, a violent ex-convict who wants revenge against his ex-wife and has brought along his gang. Laure's husband is a coward who's concerned only with saving himself, so Clay has to figure a way to get rid of Frank and his gang in time to get help for Laure's dying child.
8 Apr. 1960
The Return
When Marshal Scott arrest's Chance Crawford, he discovers that his brother is right in the middle of the it. His brother claims he was kidnapped and held against his will. Crawford claims Jamie Scott is the mastermind. Who's right?
15 Apr. 1960
A Case of Slow
Before dying, Mary Forrest tells the doctor that her husband tried to kill her. She believes he's in love with Nora, and longs to see Mary dead so he can go after the woman he loves.
22 Apr. 1960
The Penalty
Trouble brews between some of Nora's freight line employees. After Marshal Scott witnesses one of the men shot during an attempted rattlesnake killing, he wonders if the shooter is guilty or innocent.
6 May 1960
End of the Line
Clay escorts Nora to the town of Chloride, where she has invested money in a nearby mine. When they get to town they find themselves in the middle of a feud between the miners and the saloon owners, the notorious Castleberry brothers, who have a history of gypping the miners and extorting money from them. Marshal Scott has been after the Castleberrys and wants them arrested, but the mining company won't do anything about the situation. Gib and Clay try to figure out a way to settle the feud, arrest the Castleberry brothers and get out of town alive.

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