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Season 3

9 Jan. 1960
Mike takes on the dangerous task of rescuing a political refugee, who is in an embassy and hiding from a Latin American dictator.
16 Jan. 1960
Water Nymphs
Mike battles a murderous style pirate, while working in the Bahamas as an underwater photographer for a famous bathing suit designer.
23 Jan. 1960
Mr. Big
With the use of an underwater camera fitted with a periscope lens, Mike helps agents round up members of an organized crime syndicate.
30 Jan. 1960
Hot Cargo
Mike takes command of the first underwater flotilla of the United States Coast Guard Auxillary in search of sunken radioactive cargo.
6 Feb. 1960
Underwater Drop
Mike helps the US Coast Guard in trapping enemy agents that are dropping microfilm canisters in an underwater cave.
13 Feb. 1960
Cobalt Bomb
Mike's assignment: Retrieve a deadly radioactive capsule and restore it to a lead container without exposing himself to gamma radiation that could take his life.
20 Feb. 1960
Mike's vacation in The Bahamas is interrupted by the US Secret Service. They need him to search for two-million counterfeit dollars stashed at the bottom of the ocean.
27 Feb. 1960
Missile Watch
Mike tangles with enemy frogmen, while participating in a US Navy inspection of an underwater camera cable.
5 Mar. 1960
Jade Cavern
Mike rescues a girl diver who is trying to trace the origin of a jade statue she owns. He joins the search and is rewarded with an attack on his life.
12 Mar. 1960
Expatriate's Return
While on patrol with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Mike becomes entangled with an exiled crime boss, who is trying to slip back into the country.
19 Mar. 1960
Strong Box
A thief endangers lives to secure a fortune in gems buried in the safe of a sunken ship.
26 Mar. 1960
The Fearmakers
When a dictator visiting the United States decides to land at a small harbor with almost no advance notice, Mike is called in by the Coast Guard for an underwater security check.
2 Apr. 1960
Revolutionary Spoils
Mike gets involved with helping foreign revolutionaries overthrow their dictator.
9 Apr. 1960
Pirate Gold
Mike races against time to rescue a 12-year-old boy trapped in an underwater grotto, rigged with explosives.
16 Apr. 1960
The Living Fossil
Mike joins a diving expedition in search of a prehistoric fish thought to be extinct for millions of years.
23 Apr. 1960
Submarine Explosion
Things go terribly wrong for Mike, while he is involved in planting underwater explosives in the ocean's floor.
30 Apr. 1960
Sacred Pool
Mike travels deep into the jungle areas of a small Latin-American country in search of a sacred pool of water and its secrets held within.
7 May 1960
Mike attempts a risky rescue of a young girl trapped inside an underwater mine.
14 May 1960
Cross Current
Mike searches underwater for a missing female scientist friend.
21 May 1960
Synthetic Hero
Mike investigates the wreck of a sunken Navy ship.
28 May 1960
The Cellini Vase
Mike becomes suspicious of his employer, whom has hired him to search a three-century-old sunken Spanish galleon.
4 Jun. 1960
After a mysterious radioactive object crashes into the ocean floor, Mike must dive to discover just what it is.
11 Jun. 1960
Ghost Light
While performing experimental underwater research utilizing infra-red light, a diver goes missing.
18 Jun. 1960
Mike takes on a dangerous spy mission while vacationing in the Caribbean.
25 Jun. 1960
Blind Spot
The US Coast Guard enlists Mike's help in determining the cause of sabotage to the radar of the coastal warning system.
2 Jul. 1960
The Replacement
Mike Nelson decides to teach two shark-killing juvenile delinquents a lesson - in catching a live shark.
9 Jul. 1960
Underwater Beacon
Mike investigates a mysterious signal emanating from the ocean's floor.
16 Jul. 1960
Time Fuse
Sabbateurs have rigged a sunken ship with 50 tons of dynamite, and it's Mike's job to diffuse the monstrous time-bomb before it blows up an entire foreign nation's capital.
23 Jul. 1960
Storm Drain
Mike attempts a risky rescue of a young criminal trapped in a storm drain.
30 Jul. 1960
The Invader
Mike is retained by a small Latin American country to train a cadre of underwater demolition experts. Mike and his team spring into action when the country's president is kidnapped.
6 Aug. 1960
Changing Patterns
Mike comes to the aid of his old diving instructor, whom is now getting too old to make dangerous dives.
13 Aug. 1960
The Catalyst
Mike investigates the mysterious drowning death of the inventor of an advanced rebreather device.
20 Aug. 1960
The Missing Link
Mike gets mixed up with two scientists trying to examine fossils from the sea.
27 Aug. 1960
Underwater Narcotics
Mike tangles with divers growing a hybrid form of marijuana under water.
3 Sep. 1960
The Sound of Nothing
Mike searches underwater for enemy scanning devices being utilized to jam American satellite signals.
10 Sep. 1960
Prima Donna
Mike attempts to rescue a movie starlet trapped underwater aboard a ship, which is flooded after a special effects dynamite blast.
17 Sep. 1960
Beyond Limits
The US Coast Guard recruits Mike to search for a missing missile on the ocean floor.
24 Sep. 1960
Diplomatic Pouch
Mike attempts to recover a Top Secret diplomatic pouch lost in hostile foreign waters.
1 Oct. 1960
Man Overboard
Mike investigates the mysterious disappearance of a man gone overboard only a half-mile from shore.

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