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Season 1

24 Feb. 1956
The Hostage
The Scarlet Pimpernel rescues a Baroness from Chauvelin, but she is reluctant to leave because Chauvelin has her son. The Scarlet Pimpernel must rescue the boy and not give away his identity as Sir Percy Blakeney.
30 Mar. 1956
Something Remembered
Answering an appeal from the Princess Melanie de Monsantes to bring her brother Jacques to safety from France, the Pimpernel finds his activities brought to a standstill when the lad refuses to leave his sweetheart.
27 Apr. 1956
Sir Andrew's Fate
While smuggling aristocrats out of France, Andrew and Richard are pursued by Chauvelin's agents. Andrew is shot and wounded, and Richard is forced to leave him behind. Sir Percy must return to France to find Andrew and get him out of the country, a task complicated by the fact that Percy doesn't know where Andrew is and Chauvelin has his agents out looking for Andrew, too.
11 May 1956
The Christmas Present
When Chauvelin captures an several important members of the French royalty, Sir Percy must forsake a quiet Christmas at home and attempt a rescue.
18 May 1956
The Flower Woman
The lovely Countess La Valliere, formerly a spy for Chauvelin, changes sides when she learns of the impending execution of dozens of moderate French revolutionaries. Teaming with the Scarlet Pimpernel and his men, the Countess plans to rescue the condemned men - from under Chauvelin's nose.
25 May 1956
The Imaginary Invalids
Sir Percy discovers that Chauvelin is blackmailing the banker Rothstein by holding his daughter captive.
9 Mar. 1956
The Princess
The pimpernel goes back into danger for a serving girl.
1 Jun. 1956
Antoine & Antoinette
Innocent newlyweds are falsely arrested and sentenced to death. The Scarlet Pimpernel comes to the rescue.
16 Mar. 1956
A Tale of Two Pigtails
Chauvelin's scheme to capture the Countess de Monsants before she can escape to England succeeds and she and her servant fall into his trap. Sir Percy hears about it and hatches his own scheme, rescuing the Countess and her servant from under Chauvelin's nose and smuggling them to England. Outraged, Chauvelin travels to England, planning to kidnap the countess and bring her back to France. Meanwhile, the Prince has hired a Chinese decorator to remodel a wing of the palace, and Sir Percy decides to use the man in his plan to thwart Chauvelin's plot.

 Season 1 

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